New ownership agreement for Parma Calcio (and something to look forward to)

After almost one year the dispute between Nuovo Inizio and Link International is definitely closed thanks to the recent agreement that reaffirms the current ownership (60% Nuovo Inizio, 30% Link International, 10% Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche)

Both parties have committed a finance pro-rata a 3 year business plan that will be the blueprint for Parma Calcio’s development. Parma Calcio will also have access to the international scouting network and knowledge developed by Link International thanks to the network with managed clubs as Granada FC (La Liga), Tondela FC (Primera Liga) and Chonqing Dangdai Lidan FC (China Superleague).

From Parma Calcio website: “We are glad to have found a final solution to the problems occurred last autumn – says Marco Ferrari, Vice President and spokesman for Nuovo Inizio – reaching an agreement that satisfies both parties and that is in the best interest of Parma Calcio. We deeply appreciate the investments made by Jiang Lizhang in Parma Calcio over the past few years that have been crucial for the immediate relaunch of the club. We are also pleased to count on the contribution of the management delegated by Hope Group, whose professionalism we have already appreciated in the past “.

“We are very excited to continue this beautiful journey that started in Serie C with our partners,” says Jiang Lizhang, President of Link International and Hope Group. “Both Nuovo Inizio and Link/ Hope have prioritize Parma’s interests above anything else. We are certain that the current agreement will ensure the best development of the Company, which we will continue to support in every way so we can take this historical Club where it belongs”.

This is not the only news: in last days an extraordinary shareholders meeting of Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche revealed that Nuovo Inizio has an option to buy 9% of PPC quotes due to the fact that Parma Calcio majority shareholder covered also PPC quote during past onerous capital injections. In this way PPC would low any future business risk and the quotes would be balanced with the real deposits. For next 10 years PPC, even if with a 1% quote, will still have a member into the Parma Calcio board.

In the close future the Parma Calcio ownership asset could change again: 69% Nuovo Inizio, 30% Link International, 1% Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche.

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