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Tickets for AC Milan vs Parma


Tickets for 2nd December 12:30 San Siro match against AC Milan are already for sale on AC Milan website.

Away fans area tickets – “terzo anello verde”, third ring green, 31 euro – are on sale with no need for Fidelity Card from this link:

As happened for all matches until now, police commissioner communicate his decision on match security almost 7/10 days before every match and there are high probability he will always remove the Fidelity Card need. This is what we suppose it will happen for all the away games for who wants to stay in away fans area.

The only match in which will be surely necessary the Fidelity Cardi is the match in Juventus stadium, as we already told you.

Contact us for any question or practical need in order to have help in ticket purchase or meet other Parma fans in Milan.

Advice to get a Juventus Stadium Ticket


In the moment in which we write it is still unknown when exactly will be return Serie A match against Juve in Juventus Allianz Stadium. The match is fixed for the first weekend of February week-end but can be fixed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or even Monday.  The exact date and time will be fixed probably during Christmas holidays.

Tickets for away fans area are not for sale at the moment and will be available almost a couple of weeks before the match BUT if you would like to buy it you have necessarily have a Parma Fidelity Card. This will be the only match in all the season in which Parma Fidelity Card will be necessary regardless police commissioner security decision.

So, if you don’t have one, organize on time: is possible to make Parma Fidelity Card on at the price of 8 euro + 1,50 commission + Shipping costs. These shipping costs are awfully high from 9,99 Euro in Italy to 49,99 euro for Europe extra EU. No possibility of combined shipping.

As an alternative, if you are coming to Parma, you can make it almost instantly and with no commission – paying just 8 euro – at Centro Coordinamento Office in front of the stadium, almost every working day from 3 pm to 7 pm. Contacting them in advance maybe also on home match day.

What we suggest you is to contact us to receive precise advices.

Remember that having the Parma Fidelity Card will not give you any preferential option on online ticket purchase but will be surely necessary for away fans area tickets in Juventus Stadium. If you already have one, control the expiration date.

Think about it on time.

Tickets for Parma vs Sassuolo



Parma Calcio official website just published instructions about Parma vs Sassuolo home match tickets. You can read it at this link:

We remember you to get in contact with us even before buying the tickets in order to get help in the purchase and supporters meeting or practical advices, from fans to fans.

Parma is a Family, join the network!


Tickets for Torino vs Parma


Since this morning it is officially open the sale for Torino vs Parma away fans area tickets with no need for fidelity card.

Match will be on Saturday 10th November at 3 pm in Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, via Filadelfia 96/b, Turin

You have to go to this link on Torino Football Club website:

Click on “buy online your ticket” and follow the steps. Parma supporters area is “OSPITI Block” that you see in light cyan color in the picture. You have to choose a seat but all away fans area blocks are linked and communicate.

Full price is 20 euro + commission, under 16 years concession 10 euro + commission.

Contact us for fans meeting and if you need any practical help from fans to fans.

PS: thanks to Torino ticket office for their kind availability


Tickets for next away matches


If you are looking for informations about next away Parma matches, here you find some updates. If you are coming, contact us for fans meeting and any kind of help other fans in the network can give you.

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy tickets with a lot of advance but we suggest to trust Parma Calcio and the will to support abroad fans. If you have to book a flight and need confirmations for ticket availability, write us. Tessera del Tifoso (Fidelity Card) should be not needed due to last matches instructions.

We remember to contact us directly for Tardini matches.

Our email for every communication is or you find us through your social channels

Next away matches are:

Genoa vs Parma (Sunday 7th October 2018 at 1230 pm)

On sell from starting from 2nd October 10am CEST

—> Parma fans in “SETTORE OSPITI”. Price for Adults 21 euros. Possibile to purchase one tickets per session. NO FIDELITY CARD NEEDED.

Atalanta vs Parma (Saturady 27th October 2018 at 3 pm)

On sell on 

Parma fans area on sell only in italian box-offices (not in Bergamo province): contact us in case of need.

Torino vs Parma ( Saturday 10 November 2018 at 3 pm)

On sell on almost one week before the match, price around 20/25 euros (high availability)

Ac Milan vs Parma (Sunday 2nd dicembre  at 1230 pm)

—> Big abroad Parma fans gathering, write us to know more.<—

On sell almost one week before the match. Parma fans area will be third ring green, price almost 25 euro (high availability)

Inter vs Parma tickets


credit to:

For anyone interested in tickets for Inter Milan vs Parma match at San Siro stadium, on 15th September 2018 at 3 PM CEST read here.

At the moment for away fans area – third ring blue, price 21,90 euro – it is requested Tessera del Tifoso (fidelity Card). We say “at the moment” because the commission who have to decide about it will probably deliberate on the week-end. Rumors says it won’t be necessary, but are just rumors.

It is possible to purchase this kind of tickets only on or, with our intermediation, through Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, that also organize bus service from Parma leaving at 10 am cest at total cost (ticket + bus) of 35 euros for who is a member of our Parma fans club (Parma Fans Worldwide) or another official Parma club. Otherwise cost will be 45 euros. Places on the buses are not unlimited.

If you want to watch the match from another area of the stadium you can buy tickets directly from Inter website at this link: . Tessera del Tifoso, at the moment, is required only for Parma province residents.

Remember that Inter Milan hottest fans area is second ring green and all the green area. It would be risky and not respectful to go there with our colors on.

Our suggestion is to contact us before purchasing the tickets. We can give you suggestions and maybe we can organize a fans meeting or make easier your coming to the stadium from the airport or the train station.

Write us an email at or look for us on social network, here the channels list.




Tardini tickets pricelist


Many people ask us so we publish also here the price list for Tardini tickets you can find also on Parma Calcio official page. We found Tardini map online – thanks to – it is not recent but it is the best available online. Maybe there can be some imperfections.

Remember that we will give you maximum help possible from fans to fans for ticket purchase. Mail us.

Tickets will be on sale almost 10 days before the day of the match.


  Standard Price ‘Big Game’ Price
Tribuna Centrale Petitot € 100 € 150
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Ridotto Concession € 70 NO
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Petitot € 60 € 100
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Ridotto Concession € 40 NO
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Ovest € 40 € 70
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Ridotto Concession € 30 NO
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Est € 30 € 60
Tribuna Est Ridotto Concession € 25 NO
Tribuna Est Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Est Under 8 Free Free
Curva Nord € 15 € 25
Curva Nord Under 14 € 5 € 5
Curva Nord Under 8 Free Free
Curva Ospiti € 20 € 30
    • There are five ‘big games’ in total: against Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli and Roma;
    • Concessions are available for Women, Under-18s (born after 01/01/2001), Over-65s (born before 31/12/1953) and disabled people;
    • Under-14s discount is for those born after 01/01/2005;
    • Under-8s tickets can only be picked up at the Stadio Tardini ticket offices the day before the game or on matchday.

Those who purchase tickets are bound to acknowledgement and acceptance of the Stadium Use Rules and the Programma Adesione Fruizione Eventi Sportivi-‘Sistema di Gradimento, as adopted by Parma Calcio 1913.