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Parma vs Napoli tickets


Parma Calcio vs Napoli tickets  – Sunday 24th Februaryat 6pm CET – are now for sale.

Ticket sale is available only in Italian Ticketone box offices, so NO ONLINE SALE.

Curva Nord and Tribuna Est are sold out with seasonal tickets. Curva Sud tickets (25 euro, 5 euro for under 14) are available only in Parma province and for Parma province residents. Away fans area tickets (3800 seats, 40 euro, 5 for under 14) are for sale until 23rd February at 7 pm: for Napoli province residents is needed SSC Napoli Fidelity Card, otherwise no need for fidelity card.

Tribuna Centrale Petitot (150 euros, 5 for under 14), Tribuna Laterale Petitot (100 euro, 5 for under 14) and Tribuna Laterale Ovest (70 euro, 5 for under 14) will be possibly on sale later, and only in case of Parma Calcio official communication.

Tickets can’t be passed from a person to another, otherwise seasonal tickets can be borrowed, with the appropriate documentation.

Read below recommendations for next matches:

As Parma Calcio wrote on his website official tickets will not be for sale until at least 10 days before the match. This means to beware by who try to sell you tickets before that date.

We recently related with many abroad fans that bought tickets with large advance from some website, not trustable as said by Parma Calcio, that communicate to them few days before the match that tickets were not available. Since the low ticket availability Parma – unfortunately for abroad fans – lately put on sale tickets just in italian box offices.

Contact us or your local Parma fans club in order to receive fans-to-fans support.

Here the tickets pricelist, against Napoli will be a “big match” so check second column prices.

Beware when buying a ticket online



This is supposed to be not a necessary post since all of you should already know that online, for concert and football matches, there are tickets reseller that charge a lot tickets – we saw personally until 250% price rise – and that most of the time are not safe at all.

Regarding Parma Calcio tickets, as said on Parma Calcio website, the Club invite fans NOT TRUST ticket resellers that announce they can provide tickets or tickets reservation. Tickets are not for sale until at least 10 days before the match.

Secondary ticketing is the main reason why – unfortunately for abroad fans – for big matches tickets are usually not available online but just in local italian box offices.

In case you need for tickets, we suggest you to get in contact with your local Official Parma Fans Club or generic fan group – here the list – or directly with us – – in order to have the best support possible. For free. As it have to be, from fans to fans.

Tickets areas and pricelist here:


Parma VS Inter Milan tickets



Next Parma home match in Tardini will be against Inter Milan on 9th February at 830 PM.

Tickets will be for sale starting from Friday 1st February at 10 AM only in Italian Listicket circuit box offices, no online sale. Available tickets will be:

  • Tribuna Centrale Petitot 150 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Tribuna Laterale Petitot 100 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Tribuna Laterale Ovest 70 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Settore Ospiti 30 Euro (5 Euro Under 14) –> at the moment with need for Inter fidelity card
  • Curva Sud 25 Euro (5 Euro Under 14) –> only in Parma province Listickets box offices.

Curva Nord and Tribuna Est are sold out with seasonal tickets.

If you are planning to come, contact us for help with tickets, suggestions and fans meeting: there will be dozens abroad fans and it will be a great chance to join Parma family.

Tardini map and price info also here:

Parma vs SPAL tickets

parmaVSspal.jpgTickets for Parma VS SPAL on Sunday 27th at 3 PM CET are on sale online with no need for Fidelity Card on Ticket One:

There, you will not find Curva Nord tickets neither Tribuna Est.

We suggest you to contact us before buying for help and fans meeting.

More details here:

Juventus vs Parma tickets


Juventus vs Parma will be play on Saturday 2nd February at 830 PM CET

Tickets for away fans area in Turin Allianz Stadium will be on free sale since Saturday 26th January at 10 AM CET 

If you live outside Emilia Romagna region you have to be a Parma Fidelity Card holder to buy the away fans area ticket (almost 1500 seats,), that you will be allowed to purchase from this TicketOne link:

Price is 45 euro.

For help or fans meeting contact us as usual using our social channels or email.



Tickets and meeting for Udinese match



Since this morning tickets for away match in Udine are available also for Parma fans area with no need for fidelity card.

You have time until Friday evening to buy them.

This is the link where to choose the place “SETTORE OSPITI” (20 euro), register, and pay:

Remember to print the confirmation email with the bar code.

In Udine there will be a lot of fans from abroad (Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia…), if you need to contact them, organize a meeting or travel together, get in contact with the network by email – – or via social channels (Here the list)

Easy travel for Cagliari away match



On Saturday 16th February Parma will face Cagliari in Sardinia Arena at 6 PM CET.

For the access to away fans area Fidelity card will not be needed and tickets will cost 25 euros. It is possible to buy them – “TRIBUNA OSPITI” – online from this link:

So, consider a travel to Sardinia on time since Cagliari Airport is served by many international low-cost flights – mainly Ryanair and Vuelig – from and to: London, Barcelona, Krakow, Warsaw, Zurich, Malta, and many other destinations.

Schedule often allow to arrive on Saturday and leave on Sunday but, of course, if you have more time it can be the chance to discover a wonderful town.

Remember that you will never be alone because there will be other Parma supporters and because Parma Fans Worldwide will be there too in order to give you all possible advices for traveling, meeting other fans, getting a ticket, transfer to the airport.

Contact us at for any need.

Parma VS Bologna tickets


Tickets for Parma VS Bologna on saturday 22nd are on sale online with no need for Fidelity Card on Ticket One:

There you will not find Curva tickets neither Tribuna Est.

We suggest you to contact us before buying for help and fans meeting.

Some detail also on Parma Calcio website:


Sampdoria VS Parma tickets


Due to a special agreement between Sampdoria and Parma Calcio, tickets for the Sunday match (at 3 pm CET) for away fans area in Marassi, will cost only 10 euro (5 for kids)

Between the two clubs there is a long-standing friendship – you remember that we made the first official friendly after Serie A promotion this summer? – and an historical gemellaggio between Boys Parma 1977 and Sampdoria fans.

A part from the result it will be a great football day.

If you are planning to come and need some help with ticket purchase or fans meeting, contact us. We will be glad to help you, from fans to fans.

Tickets on sale online with no need for fidelity card at this link, Parma fans area is “Settore Ospiti”:


Tickets for AC Milan vs Parma


Tickets for 2nd December 12:30 San Siro match against AC Milan are already for sale on AC Milan website.

Away fans area tickets – “terzo anello verde”, third ring green, 31 euro – are on sale with no need for Fidelity Card from this link:

As happened for all matches until now, police commissioner communicate his decision on match security almost 7/10 days before every match and there are high probability he will always remove the Fidelity Card need. This is what we suppose it will happen for all the away games for who wants to stay in away fans area.

The only match in which will be surely necessary the Fidelity Cardi is the match in Juventus stadium, as we already told you.

Contact us for any question or practical need in order to have help in ticket purchase or meet other Parma fans in Milan.