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Less than 79 euro is a fake

Many of you contacted us about the limited edition “BluCrociati” shirt made for the 5th May match against Sampdoria because you discovered around internet some “supposed” trustable sellers that are boasting about the selling of this kit at special price.

To clarify for everybody, collectors and not, in Italy, UK, Hong Kong, wherever, after we talked directly with Parma Calcio marketing departement and Erreà in the person of Aris Briselli, owner of Erreà Play Store in Parma (the only official show room and shop of Erreà in town): the price for the jersey is 99 euro and it is available ONLY from two sellers: Parma Calcio – online and in Tardini store – and Erreà – online and in Erreà Play store in Parma in via Toscanini.

Only in shops in town there is the chance for personalization with players names and number. In the moment in which we write the only names available in Tardini store are Inglese, Gervinho, Bruno Alves and Kucka and the cost for the personalization is 15 euro. It is a limited edition jersey, even with special numbers, so the Club decided to limit the names available.

Only season ticket holders can buy the shirt in Parma with a 20% discount and the Club sent some 20% discount coupon code to some frequent buyer from the online store. This is the maximum discount possible.

So, the less you could pay for a BluCrociati jersey is 79 euro (65+22% VAT) in case you buy it online with a frequent buyer coupon code – if you are in a no vat country you could have duty discount on this tax due to local rules – or if you are a Parma season ticket holder.

As both, Parma Calcio and Erreà told us, don’t trust who sell at lower price even if he is saying that kits arrive directly from the factory or from some “mysterious” distributor: kits are produced in Europe and are all located in Parma at the moment of the sell opening.

The goalkeeper red jersey was produced just for the players and will not be for public sale: don’t trust who say it is available, otherwise Parma and Erreà would have it in their store, don’t you think?

Nuovo Inizio back at the helm of Parma Calcio

We are supporters, not journalists. Our mission is to bring Parma Calcio and Parma closer to abroad fans and, hopefully, vice versa, but we think all you outside Italy would like to know more about what happened yesterday: the Nuovo Inizio back at the helm of Parma Calcio.

Nuovo Inizio – a 7 parmesan businessmen group composed by Guido Barilla, Giampaolo Dallara, Capital B in the person of Mauro Del Rio, Marco Ferrari, Erreà in the person of Angelo Gandolfi, Giacomo Malmesi and Impresa Pizzarotti in the person of Pietro Pizzarotti – refounded together with Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, Parma Calcio 1913 after the failure. Nuovo Inizio had the intent to save Parma football team, restart football passion in Parma and entrust it in the hands of a reliable football specialized businessman that was found in Chinese Jihang Lizhang and Link International. Almost one year and an half ago they sold majority quote to the Chinese group, keeping the 30% (10% still in the hand of PPC, as you already know) and the promise of being the guarantee for Parma town and fans that they would intervene incase of need.

This happened yesterday. After Link International agreement non-fulfillment, due probably to Chinese government restriction on football investments, Nuovo Inizio exercised their rights and retook 60% of Parma Calcio. In their official statement and press conference they underlined intention of a capital increase and to keep being a guarantee for the Club future and, maybe future transfer to some real trustable investor, if there will be ever condition to. Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche will still have his role of citizenship representative and will keep having a member inside the board.

Just a quick overlook on who composes Nuovo Inizio. We will talk about them on WikiParma soon. A huge thank you to Facebook page Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria, for conceding us to use their pictures.

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Guido Barilla: Italian businessman and the chairman and CEO of Barilla Group, the world’s largest pasta company, which is 85% owned by Guido, his brothers Paolo and Luca, and a sister. (from Wikipedia)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Giampaolo Dallara: Italian businessman and motorsports engineer. He is the owner of Dallara Motorsports, a company that develops racing cars. (from Wikipedia)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Mauro Del Rio: founder and president of Buongiorno, a DOCOMO Company that develops apps and services for mobile devices. He is also, between other roles, chairman of DOCOMO Digital, the European holding of NTT DOCOMO. (from LinkedIn)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Marco Ferrari: former CEO and chairmen of Zodiak Active and founder of industrial holding NEXT 14. Former minority Parma FC owner from 2009 to 2013 when he left the board. (from ParmaLive)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Angelo Gandolfi: founder and president of Erreà, sport equipment company supplier.

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Giacomo Malmesi: lawyer and former Parma Calcio vice-president.

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Pietro Pizzarotti: member of the Mipien board, the holding owner of 94,5 % of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A., the construction company founded by his family more than 100 years ago. (from Pizzarotti.it)

Parma won Treble!


As predictable, as all of us knew, also Home kit is amazing. We can without any doubt confirm Parma won treble of football jersey now and forever with these three stunning Erreà piece of art.

To see the new home kit and order it here is the link:


To recap other kits look here.

Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we have just to wait for serie A to begin.


Best kit ever


The poll ended yesterday and the winner is, as predictable, Parma season 1998-99 kit by Lotto.

The Gialloblu shirt, worn by Crusaders during winning UEFA Cup Final in Moscow against Marseille is the best Parma kit ever for you, Parma Fans Worldwide followers.

If now you can’t resist here is the link to full match because highlights is for boys, full match is for men. 😉



It is not a case that Erreà, in 20th anniversary of that glorious victory, get inspired by that jersey to design the new away kit we all admired last week.

Now we can’t do more than wait for home kit.

2018/19 Erreà away kit – http://www.parmacalcio1913.com


pic from http://www.classicfootballshop.com


Thank you again to Geo Edizioni and Makia.it, the editor and the graphic designer of book “La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, that gave us the right to use their pictures for this poll.

All the infos about the book here.




Parma Second Kit is WOW!


We are probably going straight to the best football kit trio ever made in history of football kits. Thank you to Erreà for their extraordinarywork and to Parma Calcio 1913 simply to exist.

After universally appreciated Black Phoenix, the third kit armor, perfect for Crusaders that have to defend Serie A category, second kit, as it happens in past years, reminds us the glory days. We know it is abroad fans favourite because we made a worldwide poll between 32 historical Parma jersey and 98-99 model is in Final. You have time until Sunday for vote the Facebook poll in collaboration with Geo Edizioni: here all the instructions.

To watch and order brand new second kit go to this link:


Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we impatiently wait for first kit. It will be white with black cross as all of us expect?

Meanwhile we strongly recommend you to have a look to Erreà kits that the brand realized for football teams worldwide. A part for well know Iceland National Team jersey, there are some important historical teams like QPR, FC United of Manchester, Granada, Pescara, and expecially great shirts!

HERE the complete list of Erreà sponsorship.





Second Kit is about to be announced

On 7th august at 6 pm CET second official Parma kit will be revealed.

Having a look to video presentation it will be horizontal stripped yellow and blue, one of our favorite kind.

On our Facebook Page is still going on the final poll to choose your favorite Parma jersey ever. One to two finalists is exactly this kind of shirt.

All the instruction about how to vote HERE.

You choose Parma Kit!




Appreciation to “Black Phoenix” new 3rd Parma kit just arrive worldwide… Well done, Erreà! If you lost it check this link out  and shame on you 🙂

We would like to suggest you a joke over first and second kits – that still have to be presented – in collaboration with Geo Edizioni, the editor of fundamental two volumes archival book on all Parma kits since beginning to restart in Serie D:

La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, Geo edizioni and graphics project by Studio Makia srl

If you are interested in the book you can find it here and on Geo edizioni page. The suggestion is to write directly to them to ordine@bibliotecadelcalcio.com for all the info or ask us, as usual, and will be your neutral intermediary.

On our Official Facebook page you will find in next hours a poll over historical kit to choose the two that you like to most. That ones will be Parma next official kits… of our heart 😛

Go to this link – www.facebook.com/parmafansworldwide–  like Geo Edizioni and Makia.it page and… VOTE!

We want to thank you so much Geo Edizioni, Studio Makia and authors Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini for the collaboration.

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New Parma third Kit (this is not a joke)

kit 3

We are sorry for joking on new kits before but we couldn’t find a better way to keep calm while anxiously waiting for new ones. 🙂

So Erreà and Parma Calcio finally presented at the moment just the the new third kit for 2018/2019 season that will represent out coming back to serie A… from dust, as a Phoenix.

To see in details, buy, preorder… http://shop.parmacalcio1913.com/black-phoenix/

First official match will be Parma – Sampdoria on 28th July in Trento…will Crusaders wear that?

We can’t wait!