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Good news


As we already explained, 24th July was a day to celebrate. Parma Calcio inaugurated English Twitter account and started – really – double communicating in Italian and English on website and Facebook. Did you notice that since some days you see english post on Facebook, right?

Today we can confirm that it is celebration time: 1000 followers on Parma Calcio English twitter account and, above all, “someone” with whom abroad fans can relate to asking ticket info or just kidding like we did today.

We all know how have been felt alone until now and that’s why this is a good news for all Parma fans abroad. Believe that today Parmagiani received official encoragement for a friendly match against an Indonesian Milan fans team: can you believe how they would play after that?! Com’on Parmagiani!

We also tried kidding linking yesterday post In a better world to a request to Hernan Crespo to go with us in Indonesia for Parmagiani National Gathering in November. Valdanito did not answered at the moment but if all of you and all the friends of your friends will tag him in the post maybe he will notice it. 🙂

INSTAGRAM LINK to post: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bl-JzBLDSb6/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

It doesn’t happen, but if it happens… 😉

This is a day to celebrate

Schermata 2018-07-24 alle 23.12.01
from Parma Calcio English twitter account

Today Parma officially opened English Twitter account.

This is something great, that means that what we kept saying in our Facebook Page and group since the beginning is true: Parma society cares about us. When we say “Us” we don’t refer to Parma Fans Worldwide community – even if we dream to start counting something one day – but to all Parma fans spread in the world.

Society is getting stronger and step by step is growing. Streaming are efficient, social communication growing, informations always by fans side even in this tough period, think about it. We tried to fill a gap when there was no translation for official statements but all the signals made us think that soon it will not be necessary and there will be a complete english website.

We have to made our part now.

Help us creating a big Worldwide Fans community, not in substitution to your country one but working as a network: helping each other, sharing experiences, giving new ideas… Maybe one day Parma Legends will organize a match in your town, Tardini will be open 7/7 even in august and summer friendly will be not just with Foggia or Sassuolo but with Dinamo Zagreb, PAS Giannina, Wolverhampton, citing some team I know you like.

If Worldwide Parma Fans community get stronger, Parma get stronger.

They are doing their part, let’s do our.

Here the complete list of Parma Calcio Official Channels.

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