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WikiParma: Boys Parma 1977

Boys Parma 1977 was founded on 3rd august 1977 in Osteria “Parma Rotta” by a group of fellows that used to go to Tardini Curva Sud and that would like to open a new way of supporting, different from the Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs one.

Since then, generations by generations, the tradition continued in Curva Nord, still remaining the only Ultras Group in Parma. Over 40 years of longevity means that the Group has been capable of surviving to generation turnover, both natural or forced.

The history of the Group can be divided into four main periods:

1977 to 1986: this era is characterized by the beginning of an Ultras movement in Parma and the definition of an identity for the Group. Like another group called Danè did before, were chosen for Boys yellow and blue colors (the town colors) even if the Club used to play with a white black-crossed jersey at that time. First big generational turnover took place after the consequences of fights during a derby with Reggiana on 4th may 1986.

1986 to 1994: who remained after post-derby repression had the hard responsibility  to bring on the Group name and banner. This generation passed throught winning days, Wembley historical experience, until the second “breaking point”, after another derby against Reggiana on 6th April 1994, when the feeling among many was that Parma let Reggiana win to allow them stay in Serie A. This caused a total split in the group between who would stop supporting the team on following matches and who would like to sing anyway, as it happened. After Copenaghen Winners’ cup final on 4th may 1994 the break was clear: following away match in Napoli was attended just by 25 Boys.

1994 to 2005: Since 1994 derby, a second group called “Potere Crociato” was born, composed mainly by the older Boys, and for 10 years Curva Nord was sadly split. The opening of an headquarters – in via Calestani –  has been the important turning point that helped to merge the Group and  integrate the new generations that joined the community.

2005 to nowadays: After winning playout against Bologna the current era started and is characterized by a big opening to the town and the rest of the fan base. If before the Group was more self-referential now it acts feeling that sort of responsibility that comes when a big part of the town feels identified with you even if not officially member of Boys. This is why, during last 10 years and especially during the bankruptcy, Boys have been the only bastion, the only certainty while everything was collapsing.

Boys Parma 1977 was recognized in 2007 by Parma town with “Premio Sant’Ilario”, a recognition to meritorious citizens and institutions, both for numerous charity ventures organized and the dedicated presence on the territory.

After the dramatic death of Matteo Bagnaresi in March 2008, Curva Nord was named after him and the chorus “Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi” together with the blue banner with two yellow stars and the text “Boys” mark the Boys presence in every appearance of the Team. Since 2017 they moved into a new headquarter in Parma.

Boys Parma 1977: 43 years and counting of Ultras history in Parma, self-financed even for the bigger choreography, with no political colors, depending on nobody – not on presidents not on sponsors – stubbornly free, proudly free.

Boys Parma website: www.boysparma1977.it

Boys Parma Facebook Page: CrUsAdErS

(This WikiParma article in based on material collected on Boys website and from an interview by Matteo Falcone published on SportPeople – that we officially thank – in august 2018)

Let the Team feel our support

Boys Parma 1977 asked all the fan base to meet at 1 PM in front of the Tardini gate to receive the bus of the players arriving to the stadium and let them feel all our support for a crucial match of the season.

We have to let feel the team all the support possible during the match. As Alessandro Lucarelli said few days ago: “Fiorentina have to feel they are playing against not just a team, but against a whole town“.

We with the voice, you with the heart… We’ll win!

Boys charity lottery winning numbers

On last Sunday Boys Parma 1977, with the help of some children, picked up the winning numbers of their charity lottery in support for  Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano.

The lottery was running since months as we told about it here and here.

So, if you came in Tardini in past weeks and bought a tickets, check if it is between the winning numbers:

1° – 5137 – 400 Euro discount in Comet shop, Parma

2° – 2573 – 5 kg of Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months

3° – 5228 – 200 euro discount in Centro Moda shop, Parma

4° – 0979 – entire Prosciutto di Parma

5° – 4903 – Curva Nord season ticket 2019/20

6° – 0943 – Curva Nord season ticket 2019/20

7° – 6035 – 2 cards of 50 euro at Space Cinema, Parma

8° – 1018 – 100 euro discount in Dolce Salato shop, Parma

9° – 5001 – 100 euro discount in Autofficina Fabio Olimpo, Parma

10° – 5658 – 100 euro discount in La valle dell’ecu, Parma

11° – 4337 – 1 month in Active Action Gym, Baganzola

12° – 5090 – 1 month in Active Action Gym, Baganzola

13° – 4528 – 100 euro discount in Tognoni Abbigliamento shop, Parma

14° – 2330 – Smartbox

15° – 5524 – Dinner for 2 people in Ristorante Romani

16° – 3722 – Dinner for 2 people in Ristorante Cacciatore

17° – 6732 – Travel for 2 people with Boys for an away match in 2019/20 season

18° – 5091 – 50 euro discount at First Point shop

19° – 6694 – Boys scarf

20° – 3604 – Boys scarf

Don’t forget #15

We are used to such kind of posts after every lost match. Most of the times we remind bankruptcy, the rough fields and stands in serie D, some epic match in Lega Pro. A “memory exercise” like this is what helps a community to keep united, in victories and in loss. Especially in loss.

Boys Parma 1977 knows well what a Community – write community, read Family – is. 42 years of “don’t forget” moments, lived together: fun, loss, screams, chants, travels, tears. Tears like the ones for Matteo Bagnaresi, the Ultras, the Boys member tragically passed away 11 years ago. Curva Nord is named after him. Every day, every match his memory is celebrated with the introducing chant: “Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi” is proudly screamed at the beginning of every game to the field and to the sky.

Yesterday a huge flag covered the entire Curva Nord with his nick name “Bagna” and the words “Model, undestructable symbol”.

Memory. Memory is important. Shared memories define a Community.

Never forget where we come from and who we are.

Choreo for Bagna

credit to Boys Parma 1977

On Sunday 31st Parma vs Atalanta match day, Boys Parma 1977 will realize a special choreography dedicated to Matteo Bagnaresi in Curva Nord, the beloved Boys tragically passed away 11 years ago today.

After the match all the fan base is invited to Casa di Matteo headquarter, the association founded by Matteo Bagnaresi parents in via Saragat 33 and that we talked about for the Ultras and social network meeting.

Casa di Matteo is a precious place that give practical help to kids with school problems and that organizes receptive activities. The website (in italian): www.fondazionematteobagnaresi.it

To testify the strength of the link between Boys and the memory of a brother like Matteo Bagnaresi – Curva Nord is named after him – nothing more clear than Boys Parma voice: “We are a community, Parma fans, a sort of big family, Matteo memory moved us even more close together and strengthened that ideal that link us since 42 years, thanks to which we met each other and make us proud of being Boys Parma 1977

Empoli and Parma: a friendship to celebrate

credit to Boys Parma 1977

Saturday it will be another chance to celebrate and reinforce the old friendship between Parma and Empoli, lasting 35 years. We already have the chance to tell you about the history of the gemellaggio between the two teams fan bases, that this afternoon will meet up before the match in honor of the friendship.

Desperados, Empoli Ultras, and Boys Parma 1977 will play a friendly football match on Saturday morning then eat together, and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, together with his Empoli equivalent organized a BBQ before the game.

If you are planning to go to Empoli for the match here you find all the info for the tickets, on sale also online. Away fans area “settore ospiti” will be available until Friday evening.

Don’t forget #13


This is not the kind of post we like to write, because we do it every time after lost matches but it is important to remember all where we come from.

Curva Nord yesterday did.

On 0-4, yesterday, entires minutes singing and showing up flags and scarves. Here is just a few seconds video, but believe us, were minutes.

Nothing better than that to be watched – or experienced – by a young supporter that is tempted to give up after one loss, or during a already lost match.

Parma Calcio lost yesterday. But Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi didn’t.



Buy a ticket, get a slice of cake: Boys 1977 charity lottery


Special evening in Curva Nord today before the match. Boys Parma 1977 will make a cake distribution in order to support they lottery.

This is the translation of their communication:

“Saturday night we are back in Tardini, our home, against Inter. It have to be a special night for all the Gialloblu fan base, because we don’t want to let the enthusiasm we brought back from Turin turn off and, with a fenomenal 3-3 at 93° minute served to Old Lady, we would like to continue riding this wave of optimism and fervor!

We would like to celebrate together with you, to all Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi fans. Us, the Boys 1977, decided to place a desk under the Curva where we will offer sweets and slices of cakes made by girls, mums, girlfriends of Group guys and we will have the chance to take our charity lottery on, friendly dumping a ticket on you in exchange of a wonderful slice of cake!

We remind you that the money collected by Boys 1977 lottery, a part for helping who in need (this year our charity objective will be Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano), we support expenses of the Group, like headquarter, choreographies, flags, etc… We would like you to remember the importance we give to this lottery, asking once again the help of you all, Glialloblu fans…  Come many on Saturday evening before the match, buy a ticket, celebrate together the 3-3 and we will also eat a slice of cake… hoping to leave the after-dessert bitter, after 90 minutes, to guest supporters!

We wait for you! Com’on Curva Nord Curva Bagnaresi!”

Give Yves a chance


We prefer to use Boys Parma 1977 words, much more authoritative than ours, by supporting the dream to see Baraye, play at least on time in Serie A.

From Boys facebook page:

“After bankrupcy we restarted from zero, from humble and shy players, with the desire to win, that fought on every ball: today, these guys, are represented by Baraye.

How could we forget in season 2015/16 against Ribelle when scored under Curva nord celebrating with the balaclava or when he came with us by train to an away match in Forlì? Season 2016/17: same humilty of the previous season: he scores in both derbies celebrating under the Curva Nord with an unique energy. Last season, in Serie B, he has always been available for the team with passion and highest respect, and he became the protagonist for an unbelievable run: a guy that have to be an example for everyone! 

Today, back in Serie A, all the fans have a dream, a story that would like to be told, see him playing: Who wouldn’t be proud of such a thing? So, if inside the Club there are people that loves Parma, we invite them lo leave away professional football logics and listen to what their heart is suggesting them… Today, back in Serie A we ask Parma Calcio to let him play before he will leave!

That guy deserves to mark also this season!

Baraye is the symbol of a fairytale played like the main character!”


We could use no better words than these. And we are already crying just thinking about what could happen on Sunday during Parma vs SPAL.

Not just because the Hidden Crusader is our logo but because he represents our recent history, our renaissance, our passion: all of us.



Ultras meeting in Casa Matteo

Past Saturday 12nd January an important meeting about Ultras and communication took place in Matteo Bagnaresi Foundation, Casa Matteo.

The event, organized by Boys Parma 1977, was the chance to meet up between different Ultras group (Boys Parma 1977, Ultras Brescia 1911, Gradinata Sud Albenga, 1898 Pesaro, Fossa dei Leoni Fortitudo Bologna), to discover an important place like Casa Matteo, to discuss about the current situation of relationship between Ultras groups and social networks: the generational and cultural change in Curva groups, the change of the national and international rules in stadiums, the relationship between Ultras and Club’s Supporters Liaison Officer, the “digital Daspo”, the negative perspectives of Club’s property stadium…

A big thank you to Boys Parma 1977 for the reception, and for organizing this kind of events. We hope it will be one of a series.