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The important thing is to honor it

The (double) second Parma Calcio jersey is out since today and it is a surprising change from the classic 90s looking striped kit that characterized the latest second jerseys in past seasons.

The two second kits are the negative of each other: a yellow one with a dark blue stripe on the chest (with the same texture of the new training line) and a blue one with a yellow stripe, quite classic Boca Juniors looking.

As in latest two years we will have 4 kits then.

As always the only one thing what we hope for is that who will deserve to wear it on the pitch will sweat and honor it.

Direct link to official Parma Calcio store:

Here the four kits

Guglielmo is the most Bellelli!

After 5 fights and risking more than one time to be beaten, Guglielmo wins the title of “the most Bellelli Parma fan” with a preseason pic of some years ago.

We don’t know who the lady that is holding his hand is, but we like to think to her as a summertime love, because, you know, who can resist to the charm of such a jersey? [The truth is that she is his wife and she deserves the same glory as Guglielmo]

Guglielmo wins the Bellelli t-shirt and the Parma Fans Worldwide DADE COLLO scarf. To all other participants our Homo Valdanito pin.

Thanks to Guglielmo, the finalist Gianluca, the over 50 fans that took part to the contest and the hundreds of voters.

A special thanks to i più Bellelli di Parma – follow them on Instagram (link: and Facebook (link: – and to Tomas Brolin.

PS: Don’t stop sending your pics, we will publish them with the #travellingParmigiani hashtag.

There can only be one

After the 40 days long collection with over 50 pictures received – ones arrived too late will be published in next weeks – Bellelli crew selected the 16 finalists.

After the first round of the Travelling Parmigiani Bellelli Challenge, Rama, Rengga, Michele, Giuiana&Daria, Marco&Francesco, Giorgia, Dmitriy and Jose Esteban had to leave the competition. They all will receive our Homo Valdanito pin.

This is the draw for the quarter finals:

Matteo vs Mattia

Gianluca vs Dave

Robert vs Guglielmo

Federico vs Lorenzo

The first two matches already started and will end this late afternoon, followed by last two ones. You can vote on the stories of I più Bellelli Instagram account (link: and on the stories of I più Bellelli Facebook account (link:

You can double vote on the two socials since the votes will be summed.

Come on Bellelli Crusaders, there can only be one, and you decide who!

Hors concours Superstars

🇮🇹 Versione italiana:

The collection of your pictures for I più Bellelli contest is about to end since the stricter phase of quarantine is almost over: you have time until 23:59 CEST on 3rd May to send your pictures.

After that day, our Bellelli scientific committee will choose the pictures that will have access to the finals. All the finalists will receive as a prize our Homo Valdanito pin, created for the 20th anniversary of definitive goal.

We want to share now some pics that for obvious reason we can’t consider in the competition. Thanks to Marcio Amoroso, that kindly sent a recent picture of himself and always demonstrates affection for the Parma fan base, and also to our archivists that found two stunning really old photographies that perfectly fits for this contest.

You can see all the previously published pics on our Instragram channel – tag #TravellingParmigiani – or on our Facebook page, in a proper photo album.

Send your picture!

🇮🇹 Versione italiana:

Midway upon the journey of this quarantine we are here to remember you to send your pictures via email to or direct message on our social networks (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter)

We are collecting – together with I più Bellelli di Parma (Facebook page and Instagram profile) – the most peculiar pictures where you wear a Parma jersey or scarf (not during Parma football matches, too easy). It can be in the middle of a forest like Rikky and friends, at a Gala event like Robert, or running a marathon like Toni. Wherever, whenever.

We are sure this quarantine made you discover some forgotten picture from your teenage years. Don’t worry, nobody will judge your hair cut. Maybe.

You could be one of the finalists, all prized with the unique Homo Valdanito pin, or the winner that will get our numbered scarf and a Bellelli t-shirt.

Come on, Crusaders!

Thanks since now to all the contributors, especially to the unknown hero that passed in front of the camera during a DJ set in Barcelona.

Who is the most Bellelli Parma fan?

🇮🇹 Versione italiana:

We never stop collecting photos for our Travelling Parmigiani album and during these days we have more free time to look into old pictures boxes. So we decided, together with a very famous satirical page called I più Bellelli di Parma (Facebook page and Instagram profile), to start a challenge to choose the most “Bellelli” Parma fan. What does that mean? Uhm… not that easy to translate, just look for the most weird picture in which you are showing up your footballistic passion: during your wedding day, at your cousin’s graduation or on a Brazilian beach.

We want to see how all of us mark the territory outside football context. Tomas Brolin, for example, wear a Parma jersey during Sweden National Day. Rengga while he is on holiday with his wife, Stefano in front of an iceberg in Iceland!

You have 40 days to send the picture to us by email or with a direct message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, putting your name and the place where the pic was taken. Sending it you automatically authorize us to publish it. Every pic will be published on our channels. After the collection, Bellelli guys will make an online poll to vote for the best one.

To the winner a Bellelli tshirt and our DADE COLLO numbered scarf; to all the finalists one of our Homo Valdanito pin.

Don’t wait too much for looking into the memories boxes… the countdown already started!

Vote for Parma Best 11

Italian website just started an online poll to vote for the Crociati best 11 ever.

They will post, role by role, a voting form. Here you can find the first one, dedicated to the goalkeeper. The first contenders are: Bucci, Buffon, Frey, Mirante, Taffarel.

Next days you will find other role’s poll on

This venture is linked with a player’s kits auction, in collaboration with Live Onlus, that will collect money for Parma Hospital.

Tino with a fur hat

If you have one hour don’t miss this episode of “Parma è la Gazzetta”, the series that publisher Gazzetta di Parma dedicated to the relationship with the town. In episode number 9 they focus on Parma Calcio, making a very interesting resume, with some pre-internet images probably unseen until now.

Tino Asprilla with a fur hat, for example, President Ernesto Ceresini interviews, young Arrigo Sacchi or Enzo Gambaro goal against Real Madrid, when we worn that weird red kit.

Unmissable video, even if in Italian.

Click on the link below.

Thanks to Monica for the advice.

Clear cache and add more Parma memories

Are you stuck at home and can’t exit due to the pandemic emergency? Well its the time to refresh your football memories by watching again complete Parma matches. is an archive of complete football matches where you can find dozens of Parma matches from 1991 to nowadays. You just have to sing in to browse all the catalogue.

Now, you can complete your Channel-4-Gazzetta-Football-Italia-based Calcio knowledge. Like with that match when Parma beat the – until then – “Unbeatable”.

Cant miss it, if you have some free time.

And, of course, if you want to rewatch some recent match, here there is how to replay Parma matches.