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Inter vs Parma tickets


credit to: sansiro.net

For anyone interested in tickets for Inter Milan vs Parma match at San Siro stadium, on 15th September 2018 at 3 PM CEST read here.

At the moment for away fans area – third ring blue, price 21,90 euro – it is requested Tessera del Tifoso (fidelity Card). We say “at the moment” because the commission who have to decide about it will probably deliberate on the week-end. Rumors says it won’t be necessary, but are just rumors.

It is possible to purchase this kind of tickets only on Vivaticket.it or, with our intermediation, through Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, that also organize bus service from Parma leaving at 10 am cest at total cost (ticket + bus) of 35 euros for who is a member of our Parma fans club (Parma Fans Worldwide) or another official Parma club. Otherwise cost will be 45 euros. Places on the buses are not unlimited.

If you want to watch the match from another area of the stadium you can buy tickets directly from Inter website at this link: https://www.inter.it/en/biglietteria . Tessera del Tifoso, at the moment, is required only for Parma province residents.

Remember that Inter Milan hottest fans area is second ring green and all the green area. It would be risky and not respectful to go there with our colors on.

Our suggestion is to contact us before purchasing the tickets. We can give you suggestions and maybe we can organize a fans meeting or make easier your coming to the stadium from the airport or the train station.

Write us an email at info@parmafanswordwide.com or look for us on social network, here the channels list.




Join an Official Parma Fans Club




If you always dreamed of being member of an Official Parma Club and you didn’t know how to, it is easier than you can imagine and almost for free.

You could join PARMA FANS WORLDWIDE, Official Parma Fans Club.

If you are interested in knowing how to get a membership card like this or, even more, becoming supporter of Parma Fans Worldwide write us an email at info@parmafansworldwide.com or contact us through our social channel.

We will explain you all the benefits – like discounts on official Parma Calcio merchandise – for Parma Club members and our projects for Parma Fans Worldwide.

To be clear: it is not a membership card that certify you as a Parma fan but it is a way to support fans ventures.