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“Nobody will ever talk about Parma anymore” so they said on the other side of the river Enza, Reggiana supporters. We don’t call them Reggio Audace, in respect for their history (whatever it is) because football is made by fans, not by chairmen, televisions or courthouses.

Well, they was wrong.

Here you find a list of article or podcast about us. Something you can not miss at all and that can help you remember part of our history, the feeling of being in Tardini Curva Nord, the taste and the atmosphere there was and there is in Parma.

Chloe Beresford article about Parma Fans Worldwide Project.

🗞️ FLO FC “Different cities same passion: Parma fans are united by faith” by Chloe Beresford @ChloeJBeresford (February 2019)

– Mani Djazmi podcast from World Football program on BBC World Service, where we undeservedly participated.

🎧 World Football PODCAST (aug/sept 2018):

🗞️ Mani Djazmi artiche on BBC Sport (aug/sept 2018):

🗞️ Our quick report with some pictures here (aug/sept 2018):

Golazzo “The totally italian football show” podcast by James Richardson, Jimbo, with Gabriele Marcotti and James Horncastle bring us back to nineties and recap our recent history with some interesting stories and some original historical audio.

🎧 GOLAZZO “The rises and falls of Parma” (may 2018):

– Very complete and accurate article about our recent history on These Football Times

🗞️ THESE FOOTBALL TIMES “Alessandro Lucarelli: Parma’s selfless hero who took them from the fourth tier back to Serie A” by Gary Thacker @All_Blue_Daze (sept 2018)

The New York Times reportage by Rory Smith with Nadia Shira Cohen pictures, a recap of our recent history with focus on new era that just begun:

🗞️ The New York Times – Back From the Dead, Parma Embraces a Soccer Renaissance by Rory Smith @RorySmith (with Nadia Shira Cohen pictures), Aug 2018

Give me sport – – Paul Roger Mitchell article about a well-remembered episode during our tough failure season. We put the link to our post as introduction to Roger article, that you find linked there.

🗞️ GIVE ME SPORT – “Fan ownership could solve Serie A crisis after Parma debacle” by Roger Paul Mitchell (2015)

– On 90s era

🗞️ THESE FOOTBALL TIMES – “The insatiable rise of Parma in the 1990s” by Luca Hodges-Ramon (November 2016)

– On Adriano and Mutu

🗞️ THESE FOOTBALL TIMES -“Gifeted feet and tortured soul: when Adriano met Mutu at Parma (November 2018)

– About recent history IN ARABIC – very complete, with chants translations

🗞️ GOAL ARABIC – رحلة بارما الدرامية من ظلام الرابعة لأضواء السيريي آه by Amr Fekry (December 2018)أخبار/رحلة-بارما-الدرامية-من-ظلام-الرابعة-لأضواء-السيريي-آه/1d1rz4mj0d601u0702vebma8y

“Different stories, same passion”

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