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6>7: Math is a matter of LOVE

If being a fan would be a matter of numbers or victories everybody in Italy would be Juve fan and fan of Real Madrid worldwide. It is almost like that but not for everybody.

Being a fan is a matter of passion, love, irrationality, sometimes the result for casualties.

Before Parma vs. Juventus we made a simple thought: for us, our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli is the most important ever. What he did for us – guaranteeing our survival in 2015, defending the club in courthouses,  standing with us also in serie D and leading us to coming back to Serie A, being a support and a friend before being a player – is unique. We would never exchange him with anybody. Neither with CR7.

Mathematics is easy when love is involved, so:


Alessandro Lucarelli is better than Cristiano Ronaldo


6 is more than 7

We would like to tell this to everybody and we made a t-shirt to fix the concept.

If you are interested in write at info@parmafansworldwide.com

In the back you can have a known The Plin: “Everybody is talking about Cristiano, but one day his brother, Alessandro Ronaldo, a defender, will come and make history more than him” [referred to the arrival of Captain brother, Cristiano Lucarelli, to Parma one year before him]

ps: we know in 2015 Juve scored us 7 goals but, you know, we don’t give a s**t. They will never have a man like him.

Lucarelli against Lucarelli

pic from Itasportpress.it


Match streaming will be available here: https://t.co/ceSFZ4HBIP?amp=1

It is not a remake of Dustin Hoffmann movie but what will happen on Friday 7th September, even if two Lucarelli brothers won’t be on the pitch.

On 7th september at 3 pm CEST in Tardini Stadium there will be the friendly match Parma vs Livorno. As you know Alessandro Lucarelli, Parma Club Manager, is from Livorno and his brother Cristiano is the coach of Livorno (italian serie B). Parma already played against Cristiano Lucarelli when he was Tuttocuoio coach in Serie D season.

At the beginning of the video you hear Cristiano say, referring to his younger brother Alessandro, to journalists: “He poses for pictures but he never invite for dinner in restaurant”

Tickets will be at 5 euros and available on Listicket circuit or at the box office.

Match streaming will be available here: https://t.co/ceSFZ4HBIP?amp=1

As you know Cristiano Lucarelli was a Parma player before his brother and was him to ask Alessandro to come. The rest is history. This make us remember a recent Plin, to be more precise Plin #6. that we published before Juve match in Tardini about CR7 hype.