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How to explain your wife


You know, you already know. ten minutes ago Parma Calcio and those evil people in Erreà Sport launched a new casual clothing line for everyday live inspired by iconic Black Phoenix jersey.

Here the link to the shop: and to presentation article:

And you, that swore yourself that after winter sales won’t buy other merchandise until the next season, now have the huge problem to explain your wife that, yes, that you really need that jacket and polo.

Possible scenarios are:

–  make the order and tell your partner that Parma Calcio made this special line as gift for frequent buyer customers. Burn invoice as you open the pack.

– ship to your office and realize a fake invoice. It is not so difficult if you could cheated your parents and professor with fake signatures when playing hoookie from school. At that time you didn’t have such technology like today and you succeeded anyway.

tell her the truth. Erreà designers and Parma marketing manager are evil people. They know you more than everyone else. No, they know you more than everyone else a part your wife (women are irritable). And it is not your fault if they fuc*ing produce the best football – and casual – merchandise ever.

Hope it works.

And no, she won’t let you wear it for your cousins wedding so don’t try cheating her saying you need it for the wedding venue.


Santa’s Little Crusader Helper

Christmas gifts are always an hard job, especially if you have no time to look around.

Here a list of helpful suggestions to surprise your Parma fans friends.

A part Parma Calcio official merchandise shop, you surely already cleaned out and the predicted suggestion to support your local Parma fans Club get inspired here:


TWINNER PRO Tomas Brolin Edition – Did you know that Tomas Brolin is co-owner of a vacuum company? At this link you can order a Brolin signed vacuum.

This is not a joke, follow Twinner Pro Instagram page to believe.


CRUSADERS FC MERCHANDISE – Yes, man. this is the official Crusaders FC merchandise. Not Parma team, but Northern Ireland Crusaders.

Check it out here:


BELLELLI TEE – Parma satyrical page “I Più Bellelli” t-shirt is available at this link. Their Facebook and Instagram channels will be difficult to understand if you don’t know italian but…


TINO CONDOMS – This is well-know worldwide: Tino Asprilla produced condoms. We are not sure about the available sizes but we hears many stories about him, so better check before buy.

In Condoneria shop in Bogotà at the moment they are out of stock, unfortunately. Hope they will order more.


NOSTALGIA CASE – You can order your phone case with the Parma jersey you prefer and browse all the catalogue:

10% discount with PARMAFANSWORLDWIDE code.


CRUSADER COSTUME – Surprise your friends and choose the last innovation for stadium apparel: a real Crusader costume. Don’t miss it at this link.

We suggest you not to waste money for sword and shield because we are pretty sure you will have problems in take them into Tardini.

Parmagiani Merchandise

credit to

As many of you already know, at the end of November there will be Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering for the celebration of 9th fans group anniversary.

If you are interested in their merchandise can contact proper Facebook page Merchandise Parmagiani or Arie at the phone number +62 812-9360-0091

You find all their official social account in our Worldwide Network list.

Parma nostalgia phone cases


We are not used to suggest merchandise but we think that someone could be interested in this. Nostalgia Cases – UK company specialized in nostalgic jersey phone cases – realized this one inspired to most iconic Parma Jersey, due to our summer poll the Parma Calcio best kit ever.

Nostalgia team offer a 10% discount for our followers with the code PARMAFANSWORLDWIDE that is not limited to Parma Calcio cases.

Their cases are available in 100 different phone models (iPhone, Samsung, Huawei, Sony…) and they ship worldwide (free shipping in UK).

You can also request any Parma kit you like and they’ll produce it for you at the same price as the cases listed on their site. Note that at the moment there are just 3 other serie A teams: be proud of it.

Check out this link to the Parma phone case and from there you can browse all the catalogue:

We remember you that for iPhone users there is also a couple of choices in Parma Calcio Official merchandise store

Parma won Treble!


As predictable, as all of us knew, also Home kit is amazing. We can without any doubt confirm Parma won treble of football jersey now and forever with these three stunning Erreà piece of art.

To see the new home kit and order it here is the link:

To recap other kits look here.

Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we have just to wait for serie A to begin.


Parma Second Kit is WOW!


We are probably going straight to the best football kit trio ever made in history of football kits. Thank you to Erreà for their extraordinarywork and to Parma Calcio 1913 simply to exist.

After universally appreciated Black Phoenix, the third kit armor, perfect for Crusaders that have to defend Serie A category, second kit, as it happens in past years, reminds us the glory days. We know it is abroad fans favourite because we made a worldwide poll between 32 historical Parma jersey and 98-99 model is in Final. You have time until Sunday for vote the Facebook poll in collaboration with Geo Edizioni: here all the instructions.

To watch and order brand new second kit go to this link:

Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we impatiently wait for first kit. It will be white with black cross as all of us expect?

Meanwhile we strongly recommend you to have a look to Erreà kits that the brand realized for football teams worldwide. A part for well know Iceland National Team jersey, there are some important historical teams like QPR, FC United of Manchester, Granada, Pescara, and expecially great shirts!

HERE the complete list of Erreà sponsorship.





Second Kit is about to be announced

On 7th august at 6 pm CET second official Parma kit will be revealed.

Having a look to video presentation it will be horizontal stripped yellow and blue, one of our favorite kind.

On our Facebook Page is still going on the final poll to choose your favorite Parma jersey ever. One to two finalists is exactly this kind of shirt.

All the instruction about how to vote HERE.