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Mirko, fighting reporter

Mirko with Marcello Gazzola

Hi, my name is Mirko, I write you from Children Hospital Oncology Division [English Translation follows]

🇮🇹 “Ciao sono Mirko, vi scrivo dal reparto di oncologia pediatrica.

Sono le 11:00 e dalla finestra della mia stanza, numero 4, vedo arrivare un gruppo di tifosi del Torino con in mano uno striscione con scritto: MIRKO SIAMO TUTTI CON TE. Ma allora è vero che siete tutti con me nonostante il mio cuore gialloblù. Che emozione!

Alle 15:00 sono in collegamento pronto per il match Parma-Torino. La partita è equilibrata e finisce sullo 0-0. Il Parma si porta a casa un punto molto importante per la salvezza, mentre il Toro con una vittoria avrebbe potuto puntare alla Champions League. Migliore in campo per il Parma, Gazzola, abile nel recuperare palla e nel sostenere la squadra fino alla fine. Per i granata, Berenguer, bravo nel recuperare tanti palloni e attaccare l’area del Parma.

Ringrazio i tifosi del Torino, sempre nel cuore quelli del Parma.

Dalla mia postazione anche per oggi è tutto


🇬🇧 “It’s 11 o’clock and from the window of my room, number 4, I see a group of Torino fans handling a banner with written: MIRKO WE ARE WITH YOU. So it si true that you are all with me despite my yellow and blue heart. What an emotion!

Ar 3 PM I’m connected and ready for the Parma vs Torino match. Game is in balance and ends 0-0. Parma conquer one very important point  for salvation, although Toro, with a victory, could dream about Champions League. The best on the field for Parma was Gazzola, skillful in retrieving the ball and supporting the team until the end. For granata, Berenguer, good in both, getting back the ball and attacking Parma’s box.

I say thank you to Torino fans, Parma ones are always in my heart.

From my station this is all.


We are happy to have been contacted by Mirko the Fighter and to host his personal reportage on yesterday match.

Who is Mirko? Read Support we like and Forza Mirko. 

“Sometimes you know you won despite the result on the pitch”

Parmagiani official and trusted accounts


Since we know there is some confusion about this, we would like to list here the only official and trustable Parmagiani Indonesia accounts.



Facebook Main Page: Parmagiani Indonesia

Facebook Group “Parmagiani Indonesia” (Lucarelli Picture wearing a Parmagiani armband):

Facebook account “Tifosi Parmagiani” (Social Media Division of Parmagiani Indonesia):


Instagram Main account:

Instagram Regional accounts:

Minang: @parmagianiminang

Yogyakarta: @PI_Jogja18

Palembang: @parmagiani_palembang

Bekasi Cikarang Karawang: @PI_Becek


Twitter Main account:

Twitter Regional accounts:

Bandung: @PI_Bandung

Becek: @PI_Becek

Tangerang: @PI_Tangerang

Palembang; @PI_Palembang

Minang: @PI_Minang

Jambi: @PI_Jambi

Banjarmasin @PI_Banjarmasin


YouTube Official Channel “Parmagiani Indonesia”:


LINE Naver (Messenger For Chat)

ID: Parmagiani

A Facebook group for Nordic Europe fans


We just opened a Parma Fans Nordic Europe on Facebook that was created to gather in a Facebook group all Parma fans from Scandinavia area (Sweden, Denmark and Norway) and Northern Europe (Finland and Iceland) where there are many Hidden Crusader and we are sure about this because we receive many visits – in Tardini and on the website – from these countries.

We ask you to join the network and to get in contact with us to know each other and to start organizing to count more.

This group is already listed with the other local ones in our Parma Fans Worldwide Network list. Look there for your local PFW contact in your area, here for already existing local channels or write us to list your existing one or to build a brand new one together with our support.


پارما for Persian speakers


Parma Fans Worldwide has the mission to help building a network of all the Parma Calcio fans abroad so we are happy to accept in the network Parsa Telegram Channel in Persian. 

If you speak Persian and you are a Telegram user, join it:

There you will fins translated news about Parma Calcio.

Keep on discovering more Hidden Crusaders out there!

This Iran based channel is already listed in our constantly updated Parma Calcio fans Worldwide Network list. Keep recomending us still unknown local channels in order to make Parma Calcio Worldwide fans network bigger.

Parma Family enlarge to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg


One of Parma Fans Worldwide mission is to encourage local groups of fans outside Italy. Starting chatting on the web about your team is the first step to find some other Hidden Crusader in your town or country, which whom one day meet up watching a match or traveling together to Tardini.

We just opened a Parma Fans Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) group on Facebook for this reason.

This group is already listed with the other local ones in our Parma Fans Worldwide Network list. Look there for your local PFW contact in your area, here for already existing local channels or write us to list your existing one or to build a brand new one together with our support.


Парма for Russian speakers


A part for being an Official Parma Fans Club and content website, Parma Fans Worldwide has the mission to help building a network of all the Parma Calcio fans abroad.

You will discover that you are not the only fan in your country and that creating connection with other abroad groups will allow our family to grow and make Hidden Crusaders out there less lonely.

If you speak Russian and want to be updated on Parma news, have a look at this VK page, run between others by Dmitri, 

For Telegram users there is also a big channel – admin name in Roman from Volgograd – that is a quick a fast way for receiving news on you mobile phone:

Both channels are listed in our Parma Calcio fans Worldwide Network list, constantly updated.


Boys and Parma Calcio united in support for charity lottery

credit to

Yesterday evening, Parma Calcio visited Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano, the headquarter of the Onlus association that will receive founds collected by Boys Parma 1977 in their annual lottery.

To the event some representatives of the team (Roberto D’aversa, Riccardo Gagliolo, Juraj Kucka and Mattia Sprocati), the board (Luca Carra and Daniele Faggiano) and of property (Marco Ferrari and Giacomo Malmesi)

Lottery tickets are on sale every match day in front of Tardini entrances until Parma vs Milan day match, when there will be the draw.

Together, in Cagliari

Someone arrived in Cagliari by ferry boat, the most by plane from different airports to watch the match in Sardegna Arena: a 32 hours trip – 48 for the brave Polish – in which we spent time together – CCPC, Boys, spare supporters – ate great food, enjoyed incredible weather, listened to a song contest on the bus, had (probably) too many drinks and yes, also watched a football match. But in the end, it was quite less important than the rest.

Because when you experience this, the result it is almost a detail.

As said, the assumption that it was easy to travel to Cagliari revealed to be true. And we tasted one more time a true, 100% genuine, family experience. Thanks to a group of people that share the same footballistic passion, even if declined in different ways.

Mention of honor, a part for Lukasz, Parma Club Poland President, goes ex aequo to Giamma and to Rolando “Brio”, a 92 – ninety-two – years old supporter that left Parma by coach at 3 am Saturday morning and arrived back home 32 hours later almost without sleeping. If you don’t trust us is because you never tried to fall asleep on Cagliari airport seats: mission impossible!

Rolando “Brio” in Centro Coordinamento office on 9th March 2019

Buy a ticket, get a slice of cake: Boys 1977 charity lottery


Special evening in Curva Nord today before the match. Boys Parma 1977 will make a cake distribution in order to support they lottery.

This is the translation of their communication:

“Saturday night we are back in Tardini, our home, against Inter. It have to be a special night for all the Gialloblu fan base, because we don’t want to let the enthusiasm we brought back from Turin turn off and, with a fenomenal 3-3 at 93° minute served to Old Lady, we would like to continue riding this wave of optimism and fervor!

We would like to celebrate together with you, to all Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi fans. Us, the Boys 1977, decided to place a desk under the Curva where we will offer sweets and slices of cakes made by girls, mums, girlfriends of Group guys and we will have the chance to take our charity lottery on, friendly dumping a ticket on you in exchange of a wonderful slice of cake!

We remind you that the money collected by Boys 1977 lottery, a part for helping who in need (this year our charity objective will be Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano), we support expenses of the Group, like headquarter, choreographies, flags, etc… We would like you to remember the importance we give to this lottery, asking once again the help of you all, Glialloblu fans…  Come many on Saturday evening before the match, buy a ticket, celebrate together the 3-3 and we will also eat a slice of cake… hoping to leave the after-dessert bitter, after 90 minutes, to guest supporters!

We wait for you! Com’on Curva Nord Curva Bagnaresi!”

Forza Mirko



We just realized that Mirko, the Fighter, Marcello Gazzola and Roberto Inglese little friend, is the author of this wonderful piece of journalism published on Monday on Gazzetta di Parma and badly translated by us.

Nothing to add but, Forza Mirko, we are all with you.

“At 21st Serie A round, Juventus face Parma at home at 830 pm. First 15 minutes Parma plays well, attacking and pressing in rivals half. At 36° minute Juve go ahead with Cristiano Ronaldo. Teams go batch in locker rooms with 1-0 result.

Second half starts and Parma can’t find his way and Juve take advantage to double with Daniele Rugani at 62nd minute. After two minutes Antonino Barilla scores with a wonderful header. After two minutes more Ronaldo scores again and result is 3 -1.

At minute 74 Kucka pass to Gervinho that scores with a backheel. It seems all done when at 93rd minute Inglese pass again to Gervinho that shot, Perin hit the ball but the ball goes first hit the bar the enter: 3-3.

Boys exult together with the whole town and a scream rise from room n° 2… Mine!

From Oncology Division, Parma Children Hospital, it’s all.”

(thanks to Parma – Reggiana #maistatastoria for the help)