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Together, in Cagliari


Someone arrived in Cagliari by ferry boat, the most by plane from different airports to watch the match in Sardegna Arena: a 32 hours trip – 48 for the brave Polish – in which we spent time together – CCPC, Boys, spare supporters – ate great food, enjoyed incredible weather, listened to a song contest on the bus, had (probably) too many drinks and yes, also watched a football match. But in the end, it was quite less important than the rest.

Because when you experience this, the result it is almost a detail.

As said, the assumption that it was easy to travel to Cagliari revealed to be true. And we tasted one more time a true, 100% genuine, family experience. Thanks to a group of people that share the same footballistic passion, even if declined in different ways.

Mention of honor, a part for Lukasz, Parma Club Poland President, goes ex aequo to Giamma and to Rolando “Brio”, a 92 – ninety-two – years old supporter that left Parma by coach at 3 am Saturday morning and arrived back home 32 hours later almost without sleeping. If you don’t trust us is because you never tried to fall asleep on Cagliari airport seats: mission impossible!


Buy a ticket, get a slice of cake: Boys 1977 charity lottery


Special evening in Curva Nord today before the match. Boys Parma 1977 will make a cake distribution in order to support they lottery.

This is the translation of their communication:

“Saturday night we are back in Tardini, our home, against Inter. It have to be a special night for all the Gialloblu fan base, because we don’t want to let the enthusiasm we brought back from Turin turn off and, with a fenomenal 3-3 at 93° minute served to Old Lady, we would like to continue riding this wave of optimism and fervor!

We would like to celebrate together with you, to all Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi fans. Us, the Boys 1977, decided to place a desk under the Curva where we will offer sweets and slices of cakes made by girls, mums, girlfriends of Group guys and we will have the chance to take our charity lottery on, friendly dumping a ticket on you in exchange of a wonderful slice of cake!

We remind you that the money collected by Boys 1977 lottery, a part for helping who in need (this year our charity objective will be Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano), we support expenses of the Group, like headquarter, choreographies, flags, etc… We would like you to remember the importance we give to this lottery, asking once again the help of you all, Glialloblu fans…  Come many on Saturday evening before the match, buy a ticket, celebrate together the 3-3 and we will also eat a slice of cake… hoping to leave the after-dessert bitter, after 90 minutes, to guest supporters!

We wait for you! Com’on Curva Nord Curva Bagnaresi!”

Forza Mirko



We just realized that Mirko, the Fighter, Marcello Gazzola and Roberto Inglese little friend, is the author of this wonderful piece of journalism published on Monday on Gazzetta di Parma and badly translated by us.

Nothing to add but, Forza Mirko, we are all with you.

“At 21st Serie A round, Juventus face Parma at home at 830 pm. First 15 minutes Parma plays well, attacking and pressing in rivals half. At 36° minute Juve go ahead with Cristiano Ronaldo. Teams go batch in locker rooms with 1-0 result.

Second half starts and Parma can’t find his way and Juve take advantage to double with Daniele Rugani at 62nd minute. After two minutes Antonino Barilla scores with a wonderful header. After two minutes more Ronaldo scores again and result is 3 -1.

At minute 74 Kucka pass to Gervinho that scores with a backheel. It seems all done when at 93rd minute Inglese pass again to Gervinho that shot, Perin hit the ball but the ball goes first hit the bar the enter: 3-3.

Boys exult together with the whole town and a scream rise from room n° 2… Mine!

From Oncology Division, Parma Children Hospital, it’s all.”

(thanks to Parma – Reggiana #maistatastoria for the help)


Next matches tickets and fans meeting


It’s time to organize for next Parma matches for travel, tickets and, most of all, for fans meeting.

Contact us via our social channels to get all the infos if you are planning to come for one of the next home or away matches. You can also chat directly with us through the WhatsApp button that appear if you open the website from a mobile device.

Next matches are:

Juve away on 2nd February at 830 PM CET

Inter Milan home on 9th February at 830 PM CET

Cagliari away on 16th February at 6 PM CET

Napoli home on 24th February at 6 PM CET

Com’on Crusaders!

CCPC donate notebooks for Children Hospital

pic by Francesca Bocchia

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs realized, with the profit of scarves sale and the support of Associazione Giocamico onlus, a forniture of notebooks for the little guests of Parma children hospital. The first forniture was delivered in middle January.

On the first page of the notebooks – that will not be for sale – are reporterd all the 2018/19 season active official Parma Fans Clubs. Between them, abroad fans club like: Australia, Balkan 1913, Crociati Balkan, Greece, Poland, Hungary and our one, Parma Fans Worldwide “Forestér”.

If you want to join your local official Parma fans club or discover how to found one, contact us. You can read the stories of some of them, to be improved soon.

Hana, Bastoni and Jacopo

credit to Dejan


On Saturday, in Dacia Arena, a beautiful thing happened.

That kind of things we like to talk about because there is involved football, supporters and humanity.

At the end of the match Hana, a young Croatian Parma fan (at her 4th match this season!), was on her father Dejan shoulders to try get a t-shirt from a player, since they use to give worn jerseys to fans as gift. Alessandro Bastoni threw his jersey to her but she was not enough quick and strong to hold it and another fan took it almost from her hands. After few minutes, while she was still sadly explaining to her father that Bastoni intention was to give the jersey to her, a guy that saw all what happened went down from the terraces and gave the t-shirt to her. The only thing we know is that his name is Jacopo, that worn a Boys Parma 1977 hat, and that he is not the one who took the t-shirt from the girl’s hands but a kind and wise person that saw all the scene and decided to intervene.

Well done, Jacopo. We are proud of you!

#thisisparma #parmafamily

Documentary on Lucarelli crowdfunding about to start

il mestiere del capitano davide potente alessandro lucarelli parma 2.jpg
credit to: Il mestiere del Capitano (Lux For Media)

Past 30th November, during Alessandro Lucarelli biography release event, the preview of documentary-movie teaser on Alessandro Lucarelli “Il mestiere del Capitano” [the Art of the Captain], produced by Luciano Parravicini (Lux For Media) and directed by Davide Potente, has been displayed.

Shooting started during past season and will go on, hopefully, next year thanks to a crowdfunding campaign that will officially start at the beginning of 2019 on Indiegogo portal and that all Parma – and Football – fans are invited to support economically.

Il mestiere del Capitano crowdfounding will last two months and could be supported with different quotes: linked to every quote of support there are some special gifts with the movie brand logo as a way to thank you for taking part to the project.

The budget quote is not the exact amount of money needed for the movie but it is lower due to the portal rules:  if the budget won’t be reached, the production will not receive any help. You will be charged only at the goal achievement. So, every single donation will be important for the realization of the documentary on Captain Lucarelli and the production is anyway in look for direct support from institutions or privates. You can contact them directly at

As the campaign will start you’ll find on Indiegogo portal all the informations in English and, of course, the English subtitled teaser!

We will update you soon. Meantime, follow Il mestiere del Capitano on Facebook and Instagram,

Stay ready for support this project, could be the best gift for a Parma fan!

Danè 1973 for Gioco Onlus


Polisportiva Gioco in an Onlus association that cares about disabled people organizing sport activities: wheelchair basket, wheelchair hockey, canoe for disabled, sitting volley, swimming, dancing and other activities.

This summer some vandals bursted into the headquarters and stole expensive sport wheelchairs spare parts and destroyed some forniture.

Thanks to historical Parma fans Club “Danè 1973” they could rebuy them and restart their fundamental activities that otherwise would be hardly compromised.

Danè – like, Boys 1977 and many other fans group in Parma – support both Parma Calcio and many charity ventures. This is the demonstration that organized supporters are important characters in the town social life and a healthy example of how bringing on important values, even in modern football. Never forget it.

Well done, guys!