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In Beijing against Argentina

Two years ago we talked about them for a great gift that touched Parma fans in a difficult moment for the community. Now we are talking about them for the beginning of the football season.

Last August 20, Parma Chinese Fans Club played a friendly match with the Argentine Chinese fans in Wangjing Sports Park in Beijing.

The match was their debut in 2022 season, and despite the 3-4 loss it has been a great chance to stand on the pitch again.

Well done, guys!

There are friends

We translate and publish the letter that Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just sent together with a donation to Assistenza Pubblica di Parma. Proud to be, as Official Parma Fans Club, member of Centro Coordinamento. In WikiParma section yo can read our deepening on Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs.

There are friends that, as volunteers since always, every day, continually, are servicing Parma town and province […] for every need that is related with our Parmesan people health. They are the guys of Assistenza Pubblica di Parma, that are at our side in Ennio Tardini Stadium as first aid during Parma Calcio matches.

We always supported them, sometimes with important donations, like when we recently bought a fully accessorized ambulance, for the big relationship they created with Parmesan people.

In this moment, In which these friends of us are facing the bigger health emergency in last decades, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs decided to be once again by their side donating them 5000 euros.

This venture, like the donation of 25.600 euros to the Parma Hospital, was possible thanks to the support of the big Parma Family

Tanti Auguri Parma

We are proud to be part of this collaboration that put together Il Plin and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs for the realization of a “Merry Christmas” video, directed by Davide Fantuzzi.

We wanna thank you a lot all the crew: Angelo and Coordinamento people, Alessandro “Il Plin”, Davide “Stanley”, Gabriele, Rulli from Parmagiani Indonesia and, of course, beloved Raffaella Carrà.

Here is the original song and the Plin lyrics so that you can practice your italian and sing it in front of your family during Christmas holidays. Don’t be shy, you did something bigger one year ago, don’t you remember? Here is a resume.

TANTI AUGURI PARMA [Best Whishes Parma]

Se per caso cadesse il mondo tu ci troverai sempre qua [If one day the World collapse, you will find me always here]

Siamo quelli sullo sfondo dalla D alla serie A [We are the ones on the background, from Serie D to Serie A]

La mia vita è tormentata , misto di gioie e di guai [My life is anguished, a mix of joy and pain]

Ma tra un urlo e una sciarpata sai non ti lasceremo mai [but between a scream and a sciarpata* we will never leave you alone]

Ma girando tanti stadi io mi sono convinto che [touring so many stadiums I realize that]

Non c’è odio, ne tristezza quando in campo il Parma c’è [there is no hate nor sadness when Parma is on the pitch]

Com’è bello tifar Parma dalle Alpi in giù [How beautiful is it to support Parma from the Alps going down]

Com’è bello tifar Parma lo sai anche tu [How beautiful is it to support Parma you already know it]

Tanti auguri A chi tante gioie ci dà [best wished to who give us so many joys]

Tanti auguri Di Natale e Capodan [Merry Christmas and happy New Year]

Com’è bello tifar Parma dalle Alpi in giù [How beautiful is it to support Parma from the Alps going down]

Andasse in Europa puoi partire anche da più in su [If he goes in Europe you can even start more northern]

E quando perde lo sai che facciam? [And when he loose you know what we do?]

Ripensiamo ai cubetti Che non ridono mai… [We think about cubetti**, that never smile]

*sciarpata is when all the curva exhibit the scarves together

**cubetti are Reggiana/Reggio Audace fans: “cubetto“, little cube or “testa quadra“, square head, are their nicknames. Also known as “cugino triste“, sad cousin, ’cause they never have a joy.

Hands Up for Solo Parma

Since 2013 there is a Scottish based point of reference for all English speaker Parma supporters, long before us and Parma Calcio social accounts: Solo Parma.

Behind it, Giovanni Dougall, a lifelong fan that we had the pleasure to meet in person many times. We suggest you all to follow his channels and to get in contact with him, he will be surely happy to answer (if he is not training for the next marathon).

Let’s build a worldwide Parma fans network together.

Solo Parma Twitter: @Solo_Parma

Solo Parma Instagram: @SoloParma

Solo Parma website:

Darren one of us

This is the part of football we like the most: meeting good people.

Thank you to Darren Bentley, Burnley Football Club Media Manager, that agreed to kid with us and took a pic with our Hawaiian style holiday hat.

The story behind this pic?

As you know, we have been in Burnley last August to follow friendly match in Turf Moor and met many abroad fans there – read the post “About Turf Moor, cricket and relatives” – receiving a great welcome from Clarets fans.

We started a Twitter chat with Darren after that he posted a picture of him and his colleague, the commentor Phil Bird, with an Hawaiian style Burnley shirt during the match between Burnley and Parma, so that we decided to ship them our Hawaiian style hat.

It was a way to say thank you to Burnley people and to express the wish to meet them again on the field, who knows, hopefully not for a friendly match.

We wait for you in Tardini. You’ll be welcome.

…and of course, if you want to improve your summer holiday wardrobe you find Burnley FC Holiday Shirt at this link. For PFW hat just have to start a Twitter chat.

Parmagiani never stop

Credit Triddy

A quick, late post on Parmagiani National Gathering that will take place today and tomorrow in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

Massive good luck for a great meeting and we really hope to be there one day to celebrate with you next Parmagiani anniversary.

Thanks Abdul, Triddy and all the guys and girls that are traveling from all over Indonesia to meet together and celebrate their friendship and football passion.

Mirko, fighting reporter

Mirko with Marcello Gazzola

Hi, my name is Mirko, I write you from Children Hospital Oncology Division [English Translation follows]

🇮🇹 “Ciao sono Mirko, vi scrivo dal reparto di oncologia pediatrica.

Sono le 11:00 e dalla finestra della mia stanza, numero 4, vedo arrivare un gruppo di tifosi del Torino con in mano uno striscione con scritto: MIRKO SIAMO TUTTI CON TE. Ma allora è vero che siete tutti con me nonostante il mio cuore gialloblù. Che emozione!

Alle 15:00 sono in collegamento pronto per il match Parma-Torino. La partita è equilibrata e finisce sullo 0-0. Il Parma si porta a casa un punto molto importante per la salvezza, mentre il Toro con una vittoria avrebbe potuto puntare alla Champions League. Migliore in campo per il Parma, Gazzola, abile nel recuperare palla e nel sostenere la squadra fino alla fine. Per i granata, Berenguer, bravo nel recuperare tanti palloni e attaccare l’area del Parma.

Ringrazio i tifosi del Torino, sempre nel cuore quelli del Parma.

Dalla mia postazione anche per oggi è tutto


🇬🇧 “It’s 11 o’clock and from the window of my room, number 4, I see a group of Torino fans handling a banner with written: MIRKO WE ARE WITH YOU. So it si true that you are all with me despite my yellow and blue heart. What an emotion!

Ar 3 PM I’m connected and ready for the Parma vs Torino match. Game is in balance and ends 0-0. Parma conquer one very important point  for salvation, although Toro, with a victory, could dream about Champions League. The best on the field for Parma was Gazzola, skillful in retrieving the ball and supporting the team until the end. For granata, Berenguer, good in both, getting back the ball and attacking Parma’s box.

I say thank you to Torino fans, Parma ones are always in my heart.

From my station this is all.


We are happy to have been contacted by Mirko the Fighter and to host his personal reportage on yesterday match.

Who is Mirko? Read Support we like and Forza Mirko. 

“Sometimes you know you won despite the result on the pitch”