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Microphones, balaclavas, dedications and Awards

We are not that good with microphones and speeches, this is a point. We had all clear in mind but then on the stage we mess up as usual.

Resuming for who missed what happened tonight: we won Football Blogging Award 2019 as Best Forum (judge vote) in Manchester Ethiad Stadium.

At the announcement, we jumped on the stage with the Hidden Crusader balaclava on and would like to be funny and smart and profound at the same time but basically what we would like to say, and didn’t, was just a big “Thank you”: to Alessandro Lucarelli and Marco Ferrari because without them Parma could not exist anymore; to Coordinamento Parma Clubs, Boys Parma 1977 and all the fanbase for being such a great Family; to my family; to Keung and Hong Kong and Macau crew for their amazing work with Greater China division; to all the already organized fans groups that trusted us, to every single fan that join us for a match or contact us to have someone to share the same passion with.

To you and to the next Hidden Crusader that will recognize himself in that gialloblu balaclava and join us.

We are so bad with speeches we also forgot to dedicate it. We want to dedicate this to Mirko the Fighter, in such a crucial day for him, and to all the little big heroic kids that, like him, have to fight a battle they did not choose to engage. If Football gives these kids a chance to smile, then Football should exist even just for this.

Again, thank you all.

Vanity and pride

credit parmacalcio1913.com

Vote for Football Blogging Awards is over now. Before discovering if we reached the almost impossible goal of winning in one of the two categories that we have been nominated for – Best Forum and Best International Content Creator – we want to thank you all.

Parma Fans Worldwide project was born less than one year ago and the website even later. It is amazing how fast we grew and the huge contribution every Hidden Crusader put into it. This is our biggest victory, despite whatever the poll result will be.

We will be in person at the gala event in Manchester Ethiad Stadium on 9th May for the vanity and the pride of being the ones that bring a piece of Parma under the international spotlights again. And also hoping to come back with new energies, new links, hopefully a sponsor that will allow us to bring on this project in this way or even better.

Even if not in person, we will be there all together because we made it all together.

Keep contributing and supporting this unprecedented fans-to-fans project by contacting us by email – info@parmafansworldwide.com – or on WhatsAppFacebook pageTwitterInstagramYouTubeTelegram.

If you are in London on Monday 13th evening pass from Golazio bar to cheers and watch the match together: Parma Fans Worldwide 1st London Meeting