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Parma Fans HK won the fans league

(By Ernest Kam)

Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong claimed the Serie A Hong Kong Fans’ Super League winner after defeating Fiorentina supporters in Hong Kong and Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club.

The tournament was organized by Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club, held on the 22nd May,2021 in Hong Kong. Four Hong Kong Fan Club including Inter Club Hong Kong, Fiorentina supporters in Hong Kong, Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong and Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club competed for the title.

Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong draw its first match with Inter Club Hong Kong 1-1 and secured with a 4-0 victory over Fiorentina supporters in Hong Kong and won 2-0 over Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club to hold on the title.

Tournament leading scorer Chun Yin, from Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong, scored five goals in three matches. Coco, another Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong player, kept two clean sheets in the tournament which means he won the Golden Glove Award.

Congrats, guys!

Natale Gialloblu 2019

As every year, past 10th December, Natale Gialloblu 2019, the annual dinner organized by Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs to wish Merry Christmas to all the volunteers that work for Coordinamento, to Parma Fans Club presidents and to Parma Calcio club and board, took place.

As usual it was the time for the Golden Gialloblu celebration, this year given to Roberto D’Aversa.

As a resume, we link here video maker Davide Fantuzzi video of the event. Davide is also the director of “Tanti Auguri”, CCPC + Il Plin Christmas song.

Pictures in this post are by Lorenzo Cattani, that we thank; complete gallery in his Facebook page: Lorenzo Cattani Photography.

credit: Lorenzo Cattani
credit: Lorenzo Cattani

Parma Club Crociati Balkan

First historical time together in Tardini – credit Dejan


We go on discovering Parma Fans club outside Italian borders by reading Dejan description of Parma Club Crociati Balkan, born from historical Facebook group PARMA BOYS BALKAN.

Our story began in 2009 when some guys from ex Yugoslavia met on social network. Next year the page PARMA BOYS BALKAN was born.

Don’t get shocked with this part: my brother was Asprilla and “Parma” fan, we both were. He died in car accident on New Year’s Eve 1995 and I burried him in white jersey with blue Parmalat logo on it. 20 years later I decided to visit Tardini for the first time, in honor of him. I came in the same shirt to see defeat from Sampdoria. It was the beginning of the Parma’s hardest time, but I felt in love with the club and the city anyway.

I started to search for other gialloblu fans on Facebook then. Surprise was that I discovered PARMA BOYS BALKAN and their admin Hrvoje who lived 100 meters from me! He is the most passionate and dedicated fan I know. He ran the fan page completely alone and he can give any information from the past of Parma Calcio. After that we started to cooperate and to go to Parma together, we made a banner, polo shirts and we’ve been present with our group on almost every important day: farewell with Serie A on home match against Hellas Verona, winning Serie D against Delta Rovigo, Derby with Reggiana, Lega Pro Final in Florence, four games in Serie B and return in Serie A (Udinese) this summer. We can be proud of journey to Pordenone (Lega Pro) when there was 12 of us and this season against Juventus with the record of 14 Croatians, Slovenians and Bosnians connected with P.B.B. in Tardini.

Our mission is to bring on Parma stadium tifosi from every part of Slav’s countries in Balkans. It is not easy, dealing with money, will and sometimes lack of confidence, but thanks to Parma Fans Worldwide we approached CCPC and this made us first official Parma Club from Balkans, that gave us new energy. We decided to cut the word “Boys” not to be confused with ultras and became Parma Club Crociati Balkan.

We are closer than the other foreign fans, but it is hard to drive 1.000 km in one day and go to the job directly sometimes… However, we can’t stop doing this.”

PARMA BOYS BALKAN Facebook group:


Parma Club Greece


credit to Nick


Second self-introduction for abroad Parma Official fans club. Nick from Giannina tells the story behind his club, Parma Club Grecia, recently become official. Greek delegation use to come to Parma every year, discover some pictures in the slide show. Look forward for meeting you in Parma vs Lazio match on 21st October!

“Hi to all Parma family. My name is Nick Paramithiotis and I live in Greece. The first acquaintance with Parma was the Christmas of 1997, when my little brother gave me a gift, the 2nd official shirt of 1997/98. This would be the beginning of a big passion and a big love for Parma. My childhood dream was a Greek club of Parma and that dream came true in the summer of 2012. The goal of Parma Club Grecia is to unite all of Parma’s Greek fans and keep the flag of the team up, also in Greece. The beginning was difficult, but the club now has over 100 members. Just a month ago, our club became a official member of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs. We would like to thank Parma Fans Worldwide for help.

Everyday we publish on our Facebook page news for our favorite team, tributes to the history of the team, to the players who have played in Parma, to the fans and many others. Every year we travel to Parma to see the team. Our club is the only one in Greece that has made a trip to the lower championships like Serie D, keeping our promise that good and bad, we will be there. We also have our own store with products such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, scarfs and many more, for all Parma Fans.

Thank you for hospitality. See you in Parma on October 19th.


Parma Club Grecia Facebook Group:

Parma Club Grecia Instagram:


Parma Club Poland

Lukasz with Alessandro Lucarelli in Tardini – credit:

We start knowing abroad fan by asking them to introduce themselves and their groups. The first to do it is Lucasz from Poland, well-known admin of, the most complete non-italian website about Parma Calcio. Lucasz is the president of Official Parma Fans Club Poland, member of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs CCPC.


“Hi! My name is Lukasz Baron, I come from Poland, and live in small city – Rybnik, which is by the way very similar to Parma – the club who I really love. My passion to Parma start in 1997, I was 5 and spend holidays with family in Roma. One day in the city center in market placy I spot a beautyful yellow-blue-white scarf, I didn’t know what was is but I really wanted to have it so I forced my father to bought it for me.

So it start like that. Later I searched more information about Parma. In 1999 I saw my first football club match in tv, which were… Yes, you guess, Parma vs Olympique and I completly fall in love with this team. In next years I spread my konowledge about club and his history, and in 2006 with one friend from center of Poland – Mikolaj, I establish a polish website about Parma – and Parma polish fan club (Crociati dalla Polonia). My friend decided to withdraw in 2009 (study, family etc.) so from that moment website and fan club is completley my project. What about website, we publish regular news from Parma (usually 4-8 articles per day), we also got many section about, for example, club history, actual championship, tifosi and also some kind of graphics for fans. Everybody can find something interesting 😉

On the other hand we got a fan club, which unites Parma polish fans (now there are about 20 members). We organized a few meeting in Poland and we also organised a travels on Parma’s matches, so far we were at 15 games. In our hands there is two fan club flags ( with which we travel to Tardini. We also make gadgets like t-shirt, stickers, hoodie etc.

Since few weeks (of course thanks to big help of Parma Fans Worldwide) we are a part of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs. I hope it will be a big step in future develop of Crociati Dalla Polonia.”

cdp flag3