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Best kit ever


The poll ended yesterday and the winner is, as predictable, Parma season 1998-99 kit by Lotto.

The Gialloblu shirt, worn by Crusaders during winning UEFA Cup Final in Moscow against Marseille is the best Parma kit ever for you, Parma Fans Worldwide followers.

If now you can’t resist here is the link to full match because highlights is for boys, full match is for men. 😉



It is not a case that Erreà, in 20th anniversary of that glorious victory, get inspired by that jersey to design the new away kit we all admired last week.

Now we can’t do more than wait for home kit.

2018/19 Erreà away kit – http://www.parmacalcio1913.com


pic from http://www.classicfootballshop.com


Thank you again to Geo Edizioni and Makia.it, the editor and the graphic designer of book “La maglia nel cuore. Parma, I colori della passione” by Carlo Fontanelli and Michele Tagliavini, that gave us the right to use their pictures for this poll.

All the infos about the book here.




Parmagiani 9th Anniversary and Football Away

Credit to: http://www.parmagiani.com


If you are a Facebook member you maybe already know about them or have some of their members in your contacts.
Parmagiani Indonesia is probably the bigger organized Parma fans community outside Italy. They are organized in every town in Indonesia and every year have a National Gathering (next one will be on 25th november).

On sunday 15th of july they have organized a day of celebration in Malerb Olympic Center in Cianjur for the 9th anniversary of the group.
There will also be a football fellowship match and hope that we can soon show you some picture of the event.

Well done, Parmagiani!


credit: http://www.parmagiani.com