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A minister with Black Phoenix

credit to Franco Bardiani

In this picture took outside Dall’Ara stadium before SPAL vs Parma match you can see a delegation of Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche – the society, made by fans, that has a minority percentage of Parma Calcio and that anyway have members in the board of direction as a guarantee of control and transparency – with italian Agriculture and Forestal Politics Minister, Gian Marco Centinaio, the man with Black Phoenix t-shirt.

Thanks to Minister and Franco Bardiani of PPC to let us use the picture.

To discover more on Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche and join you can find all the infos in Italian on their website, www.parmapartecipazionicalcistiche.com .

In case of particular interest write us and will be your intermediary to contact them.

Parma Second Kit is WOW!


We are probably going straight to the best football kit trio ever made in history of football kits. Thank you to Erreà for their extraordinarywork and to Parma Calcio 1913 simply to exist.

After universally appreciated Black Phoenix, the third kit armor, perfect for Crusaders that have to defend Serie A category, second kit, as it happens in past years, reminds us the glory days. We know it is abroad fans favourite because we made a worldwide poll between 32 historical Parma jersey and 98-99 model is in Final. You have time until Sunday for vote the Facebook poll in collaboration with Geo Edizioni: here all the instructions.

To watch and order brand new second kit go to this link:


Remember that we are available for giving all kind of help for advice for purchase and possibly, discounts.

Now we impatiently wait for first kit. It will be white with black cross as all of us expect?

Meanwhile we strongly recommend you to have a look to Erreà kits that the brand realized for football teams worldwide. A part for well know Iceland National Team jersey, there are some important historical teams like QPR, FC United of Manchester, Granada, Pescara, and expecially great shirts!

HERE the complete list of Erreà sponsorship.





New Parma third Kit (this is not a joke)

kit 3

We are sorry for joking on new kits before but we couldn’t find a better way to keep calm while anxiously waiting for new ones. 🙂

So Erreà and Parma Calcio finally presented at the moment just the the new third kit for 2018/2019 season that will represent out coming back to serie A… from dust, as a Phoenix.

To see in details, buy, preorder… http://shop.parmacalcio1913.com/black-phoenix/

First official match will be Parma – Sampdoria on 28th July in Trento…will Crusaders wear that?

We can’t wait!