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How to follow Parma vs Pisa


Yes, we wrote “follow” for a reason: Coppa Italia match Parma vs. Pisa won’t be televised, unfortunately. Due to television rights neither Parma official channel can stream it. They will publish highlight during the night of Monday morning on official Parma Channels.

But, if you want to follow the match don’t lose heart, there is another option and for one time it can be fun too: Radio.

Yes, radio! Italian fans learned to get used to it in low leagues years and, believe us, it saved us many times from getting crazy updating some mobile app that never worked well.

Probably you can find radio commentary also on Rai Radio but we would like to suggest you Radio Bruno, the one that saved our lifes past years with full coverage of Parma matches by journalist Luca Bertelli.

Today Bertelli parmesan commentary will not be available but Radio Bruno will give Coppa Italia result updates form his Tuscany section on this link:

Radio Bruno Sport Toscana Streaming

Match will start at 830 CEST

We suggest you to remember the name because Radio Bruno will provide full radio commentary of all Parma Serie A matches. It will be a chance to get used to Italian language.

When you will come to Tardini you will already know Curva Nord songs.