Football is made by fans

Today, the organized fans will not be in San Paolo Stadium to support the Team. The three bigger groups – Boys Parma 1977, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs and Danè – released few days ago a statement in which communicated the decision not to go to Napoli.

This decision was taken after the price for San Paolo away stand release: 40 euros (39,50 + 0.50 fee). 40 euros is a never seen price – a part for 45 in Juventus Stadium last year – for an italian away stand and is compounded by the fact that police use to let away fans in only after the match started and the condition of the building and the view are horrible. We wrote about the cage last season: Live from a cage.

Fan base choice is painful but necessary to disagree a policy that threats fans merely like customers, that consider Stadium a place for families only in talk shows, that ignore the UEFA directive that tells away fans stand have to cost the same as the lower local stand price.

As further protest Boys asked to all the fans to meet in front of Tardini at 6 PM CET (starting time of the match) and follow the match on the radio together.

We totally agree with this protest. We are worried about this way of consider fans only like customers and the way to try count something is only keep staying united.

It will be a pity to see empty stand in San Paolo and a one way support, it will be painful to give up to go to Juventus Stadium, but this is the only way to let hear our voice.

Football is made by fans.

PS: 40 euro is the same price for a low-cost ticket to Parma (landing in Parma, Bologna, Milan) or to some more welcoming town like Cagliari and back, where you can land in the morning, have good food, watch the match and go back home in 24 hours.

If you don’t dare to book because you think the organization is too complicated, contact us. We are here for this. We are a Family, never forget it.

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