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How to go to Tardini from the train station

If you are arriving in Parma by train you have to know that to the Tardini it is almost a 20 minutes walk. You can also make it a bit longer passing thought the beautiful city center and piazza Garibaldi then turning into via Repubblica.

If you don’t want to walk there are some buses from the station, almost every 30 minutes:

number 21 (direction Sorbolo);

number 23 (direction S.Ilario, not on Sunday);

number 9 (direction via De Chirico).

During match day, due to the security traffic block, the stop for all these busses should be “Barriera Repubblica”, close to “Barilla Center” mall, where there is a big fountain in the middle of the road and from where it is 3 minutes walking to Tardini. Anyway tell to the driver or to people that you are directed to the “Ennio”.

Ticket costs 1,20 if bought in advance from a kiosk or 2 euro on the bus (bring exact amount possibly, driver should’t have)

To come back from Tardini, traffic is usually quite busy and it is better probably going by feet. In case you have few time to catch the train you could call the Taxi at this number: +39 (0)521252562 Better reserve it in advance and giving “Barriera Repubblica”, around the fountain as a meeting point, since it is already in the way to the station.

Un capitano. No, two.

credit to: www.francescabocchiafotografia.it

credit to: www.francescabocchiafotografia.it

Yesterday in Tardini Stadium took place the first Meet&Greet – hoping it was the first of a series – of the season in which Captains Alessandro Lucarelli and Bruno Alves took photos with fans and signed pictures, t-shirs and… a flag!

We asked Captain Lucarelli to sign our flag dedicated to him and that was also the occasion for us to give him a special t-shirt we made before Parma vs Juve match with a The Plin in the back:

“Everybody is talking about Cristiano, but one day his brother, Alessandro Ronaldo, a defender, will come and make history more than him” [referred to the arrival of Captain brother, Cristiano Lucarelli, to Parma one year before him]

It is nothing against the great champion, Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is our way to underline  that for us NOBODY would be better than Alessandro Lucarelli. 

We gave a t-shirt to Bruno Alves to, as good omen for the season and for the captain role handover. Maybe will give it to Cristiano, who knows 😉


Little sad story

Two old friends, one Parma fan and one Inter fan, would like to bring their kids (aged 5 and 7) to watch a match at the stadium, now that finally Parma is back to Serie A.

They go on Inter website to choose the right place and realize that the areas with tickets concession for kids are few (and bad located). Anyway they decide to go there, not to spend too much money, and for the match they spend 60 euro each family, in a quite lateral place, almost the cheaper place possible.

Then they realize that with the SAME MONEY you can go in Parma Tardini Tribuna Est, watching the match lot much close to the pitch, because kids under 8 have free tickets in ALL areas (under 14 price is 5 euro all areas). Also have a walk in city center after the game because Tardini is in the town.

And if they would choose Curva Nord with 60 euro there would be : 2 curva nord tickets for adults (2×25 euro), 2 tickets for kids (free), 2 beers and maybe 2 ice creams.

This is what we mean when talking about PARMA FAMILY.

In an historical moment in which the System is keeping people and, most of all, families far from the stadiums, Parma Club bring on a family friendly politics. Consider that seasonal tickets for under 14 in ALL areas was 40 euro – yes, seasonal ticket 40 euros – and that – a part for 5 big matches – women have 30% discount on daily tickets.

#thisisparma #weareparma

Where to park for a Tardini match

UPDATE: when we wrote this note the parking was available. In last weeks it use to be all reserved for Parma Club and stadium professionals – they probably red our post 🙂 – but  we leave it here because in front of the parking gate there is another, smaller, free parking. In case you don’t find place there there is Barilla Center payment parking (via Emilia Est, 7B)

If you are coming to Parma for a match in Tardini for the first time or just would like a suggestion to park safely from meeting opponent fans and for free before a big match, maybe this quick guide can be useful.

Especially in big matches day driving and parking around the stadium can be a mess and a loss of time. We suggest you – as many local Parma fans does – to park in Auditorium Paganini parking.

It is a free parking located in the back of Barilla Center and – listen – open from 6 am to midnight from 1st April to 31st October and from 7 am to 8 pm from 1st November to 31st march.

Distance from stadium is almost 800 meters, so not impossible to walk.

It is used by many Parma fans and not so known outside the town so you probably won’t find opposite team fans there.

To arrive there the suggestion is to put on google maps: via Toscana 5/a, Parma. It will be easier since around there you will find lots of one way streets.

Get into the gate, leave there the car, then walk on the opposite way keeping Auditorium behind you. You will exit then another gate then go straight until you pass Barilla Center (on your right side) and arrive in via Emilia est, turn right arriving to a round square with a fountain. Following the trees street you will find on your left you will arrive in 5 minutes to the Tardini stadium, hopefully for a good match.

If when you are in front of Tardini you are looking for Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs office, to meet us or other fans before the match, it is the yellow building on the left side of the gate, looking at it.

Remember: only thing to check is gate closure time, especially in winter time.

Curva Nord chants

We would like to make a resume of Parma Curva Nord chant without pretending to be definitive. We are sure that can be of some help for who come to Tardini one time per year and can’t hear Curva Nord voice from the streaming.

In recent history we had one new chants for every season that talks about hope in promotion.

SERIE D – “Dopo anni di vittorie”

“After winning years we now are in D, but when Parma plays we are always here.

Street will be long and we have to suffer, but if we keep being united we will be back in Serie A”

[Dopo anni di vittorie, siamo finiti in D, ma quando gioca il Parma, noi siamo sempre qui. La strada sarà lunga, da soffrire ci sarà, ma se restiamo uniti, torneremo in serie A]

SERIE C – “Alè Alè oh oh”

“Alè Alè oh oh, Alè Alè oh oh

And I already know that next year we will be playing on Saturday… “

(serie B plays on Saturday)

[Alè Alè oh oh, Alè Alè oh oh E tanto già lo so che l’anno prossimo gioco di sabato]

SERIE B “Finché vivrò ti sosterrò”

 (on disco song Amour Toujours by Gigi D’Agostino)

“Until I’ll live I’ll support you. Always by your side, I’ll never leave you.

Maybe, who knows, it will work: sing with us and we will back to Serie A.”

[Finchè vivrò, ti sosterrò, sempre al tuo fianco mai ti lascerò. Forse chissà, succederà, canta con noi che torniamo in serie A]

During 18th may night, since we went to Serie A thanks to a Foggia player named Floriano goal against Frosinone, spontaneously was born this:


“Din Don, Din Don, I take the spech from Frosinone since Floriano scored “ (Using the typical radio commentary way of taking the line)

[Din Don, Din Don, Intervengo da Frosinone, che Floriano ha fatto gol]

On this channel you find lots of chants.

In our heart there is this, sang in Curva Nord by our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli during his last goodbye as a football player


“On 25th April a bi**h was born and they called her A.C. Reggiana… Reggio s**t, Reggio, Reggio s**t…”

[Il 25 aprile è nata una puttana e l’hanno chiamata AC Reggiana. Reggio merda, Reggio, Reggio merda]

25 April is the day Reggiana, the team from Reggio Emilia, which whom we have the bigger rivalry, was founded. They are now failed and relegated to Serie D with the name of Reggio Audace.


Maybe you can’t sleep (again)

Again, yes.

Thought we could but no. Maybe we are scared of awakening. And if all that was a dream? Awakening can be frustrating.

How many things today?

Drinking a coffee in front of Winners Cup, meeting people from abroad that we helped with tickets, got a scarf as gift from Angelo Manfredini, tie Crociati Balkan banner with Dejan, meeting players after match, driving home and discover that New York Times – NEW YORK TIMES – dedicated a reportage to Parma Calcio. To US.

There again after more or less 1000 days. Using Rory Smith words:

“There is a sense of order being restored, that everything is in its rightful place once more, that things are — at last — how they used to be.”

That. Nothing less. Maybe something more. We are sure there is probably something more now, but we exactly don’t know what it is.

Maybe tomorrow we will understand. If we could ever get sleep.

Maybe you can’t sleep

Curva Nord greets team after Parma vs. Hellas Verona on 24th may 2015

Maybe you can’t sleep.

Maybe you are thinking about three years ago. Last home match crying and singing “Torneremo in serie A“, or “Un Capitano, c’è solo un Capitano“.

Maybe you are thinking that football and life – are they really so different? – are weird: we would have many chances to cry after that day. Fortunately for different reasons.

Maybe you are thinking that tomorrow we will back again there – for REAL – and that, with all we passed through last years, this will be the sweetest season ever, even if we save at the last day.

Maybe you are thinking that you think too much and that, no, it is early to cry. Wait. Wait at least 18 hours. 18 hours and we will cry all together.

#thisisparma #weareparma #thankyouCaptain

Tardini tickets pricelist

credit: footbslltripper.com

Many people ask us so we publish also here the price list for Tardini tickets you can find also on Parma Calcio official page. We found Tardini map online – thanks to FootballTripper.com – it is not recent but it is the best available online. Maybe there can be some imperfections.

Remember that we will give you maximum help possible from fans to fans for ticket purchase. Mail us.

Tickets will be on sale almost 10 days before the day of the match.


  Standard Price ‘Big Game’ Price
Tribuna Centrale Petitot € 100 € 150
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Ridotto Concession € 70 NO
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Petitot € 60 € 100
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Ridotto Concession € 40 NO
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Ovest € 40 € 70
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Ridotto Concession € 30 NO
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Est € 30 € 60
Tribuna Est Ridotto Concession € 25 NO
Tribuna Est Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Est Under 8 Free Free
Curva Nord € 15 € 25
Curva Nord Under 14 € 5 € 5
Curva Nord Under 8 Free Free
Curva Ospiti € 20 € 30
    • There are five ‘big games’ in total: against Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli and Roma;
    • Concessions are available for Women, Under-18s (born after 01/01/2001), Over-65s (born before 31/12/1953) and disabled people;
    • Under-14s discount is for those born after 01/01/2005;
    • Under-8s tickets can only be picked up at the Stadio Tardini ticket offices the day before the game or on matchday.

Those who purchase tickets are bound to acknowledgement and acceptance of the Stadium Use Rules and the Programma Adesione Fruizione Eventi Sportivi-‘Sistema di Gradimento, as adopted by Parma Calcio 1913.


Tardini is ready, and you?


credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

If you are following us also on Facebook you already know – thanks to Canovi Coperture and Parma Calcio account – that works on Tardini are completed.

Tonight there will be first official match against Pisa and we can’t wait to see guys step new pitch on serie A again, next Sunday.

Look how beautiful it is, there is also a brand new screen!

To have a resume of all the works done you can recap reading this article on Parma official website.

Remember that if you want to come to see a match in Parma we will give you all the possible support, of course, for free. From fans to fans.

Just mail us at info@parmafansworldwide.com or send a message trough one of our Parma Fans Worldwide social channels.

credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

New Tardini pitch almost ready

credit to Franco Bardiani


Thanks to Franco Bardiani of PPC – Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, society that, together with Nuovo Inizio co-founded Parma Calcio 1913, we discover new Tardini pitch is almost ready.

As announced all the works for stadium renewal will end before first Coppa Italia match on 12/13 august but is fine to see some picture of works going on: our home is even more beautiful.

Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche is the society made by fans (started with 140, now more than 600) that has a minority percentage of Parma Calcio and that anyway have members in the board of direction as a guarantee of control and transparency.

It is still possible to join and you can find all the infos in Italian on their website, www.parmapartecipazionicalcistiche.com . in case of particular interest write us and will be your intermediary to contact them.


credit to Franco Bardiani

credit to Franco Bardiani