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Don’t forget #1

After every lost match we would like to refresh your memory and remind where we come from.

After bankruptcy we felt in Serie D an we played on pitches like this. Sammaurese vs. Parma on 8th may 2016. Almost 2 years ago our team – that played in Wembley, San Siro, Bernabeu – step a field with lines like that. It is not an image distortion.

With all due respect to Sammaurese, don’t forget where we come from and what we passed through.

#thisisparma #weareparma

Thanks to Alessandro Braga for the pic.

We are still with Frambo

We told you already Frambo story in that episode with Cassano in this article “Where we come from” that also link to a fundamental article by Roger Paul Mitchell.

We told about a t-shirt sale for pediatric hospital fund raising. Well, to prove the truth of what we were talking about this is a picture taken in Tardini Tribuna Ovest with two kids wearing “I’m with Frambo” t-shirt on Sunday 19th night match against Udinese.

It is the proof that it was not a matter of ultras violence nor a personalistic “taking the scene”. It was a matter or humanity, a matter of a fan representative asking respect for a Curva, for a worldwide fans base, even for a whole town.

Fans in Parma knows it and not just Curva ones. Everybody should know.

We found the pic on Facebook- thanks to Cesare Frambati to let us publish here – but we saw these kids with our own eyes. And it was not the first time it happened even if more than three years passed from the episode. That episode, between others, represents our proud reaction to who hurt us.

#thisisparma #weareparma #iostocolframbo