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Making first steps

Parma vs Udinese represents a milestone in PFW history. It was the first time we organized a meeting with abroad fans, in which we helped some of them to get tickets, in which some of them joined officially a Parma Club and used the membership card for discount in Tardini shop.

Little things for the most, important for us: the network is growing.

We met some fans from UK, Slovenia and Croatia in CCPC office, an historical place at Tardini gate, where some trophies are guarded. We made purchase in Official merchandise shop with 10% discount, join Official Parma Club Crociati Balkan member – born from historical Parma Boys Balkan Facebook group – to watch the match together, even meeting player after match for pictures signing.

A long day, ended with a coming back home in late night for someone, early morning for someone else.

Thanks to everybody, these are our first steps.

Maybe you can’t sleep (again)

Again, yes.

Thought we could but no. Maybe we are scared of awakening. And if all that was a dream? Awakening can be frustrating.

How many things today?

Drinking a coffee in front of Winners Cup, meeting people from abroad that we helped with tickets, got a scarf as gift from Angelo Manfredini, tie Crociati Balkan banner with Dejan, meeting players after match, driving home and discover that New York Times – NEW YORK TIMES – dedicated a reportage to Parma Calcio. To US.

There again after more or less 1000 days. Using Rory Smith words:

“There is a sense of order being restored, that everything is in its rightful place once more, that things are — at last — how they used to be.”

That. Nothing less. Maybe something more. We are sure there is probably something more now, but we exactly don’t know what it is.

Maybe tomorrow we will understand. If we could ever get sleep.