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Watch Parma historical matches

from: deskgram.com

If you were too young on 12nd may 1993 for the Winners’ Cup final in Wembley, if in your country didn’t broadcast Champions League matches against Borussia Dortmund or you want to watch again and again Uefa cup Final against Marseille since your VHS is broken, now you can make up for all this.

Go on Footballia.net, subscribe (for free) and browse. You will find something like 492 Serie A matches, international and national teams games and a catalogue in constant improvement.

If you don’t remember so much the Domenico “Mimmo” Morfeo creativity or Tino Asprilla flips there is also a research field for players!

With a payment subscription there are some plus but the free one is enough to enjoy the catalogue. And if you have some matches to add surely they will be happy for that.


Osvaldo Casanova on Parma Calcio

Osvaldo Casanova Parma Calcio prints – http://www.parmafansworldwide.com

We already talked about him while presenting our logo, the Hidden Crusader, because he is the author of the original illustration from which was created.

Osvaldo Casanova is an italian illustrator, proud fan of LR Vicenza Virtus, that works mainly but not exclusively on football theme.

Here you can see the three complete works that Osvaldo dedicated to Parma Calcio in last three years and that we asked him to print for us. They represent the most iconic moments of our past and recent history and are absolutely stunnnig, in our opinion.

If anyone is interested in having a copy too, can contact him directly at info@thankyoufortheroses.com

Before doing it we strongly suggest to wonder around his website and his facebook pages: you will discover some illustration we don’t hesitate call them masterpieces.

Now we all are waiting for more history to be written and, of course, illustrated.

Osvaldo Casanova on Parma history


Osvaldo Casanova dedicated to record 311st Lucarelli official match with Parma Calcio
Osvaldo Casanova on 2016 and 2017 most iconic Parma Calcio moments

Don’t forget #1

After every lost match we would like to refresh your memory and remind where we come from.

After bankruptcy we felt in Serie D an we played on pitches like this. Sammaurese vs. Parma on 8th may 2016. Almost 2 years ago our team – that played in Wembley, San Siro, Bernabeu – step a field with lines like that. It is not an image distortion.

With all due respect to Sammaurese, don’t forget where we come from and what we passed through.

#thisisparma #weareparma

Thanks to Alessandro Braga for the pic.