Beware when buying a ticket online



This is supposed to be not a necessary post since all of you should already know that online, for concert and football matches, there are tickets reseller that charge a lot tickets – we saw personally until 250% price rise – and that most of the time are not safe at all.

Regarding Parma Calcio tickets, as said on Parma Calcio website, the Club invite fans NOT TRUST ticket resellers that announce they can provide tickets or tickets reservation. Tickets are not for sale until at least 10 days before the match.

Secondary ticketing is the main reason why – unfortunately for abroad fans – for big matches tickets are usually not available online but just in local italian box offices.

In case you need for tickets, we suggest you to get in contact with your local Official Parma Fans Club or generic fan group – here the list – or directly with us – – in order to have the best support possible. For free. As it have to be, from fans to fans.

Tickets areas and pricelist here:


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