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How to go to Tardini from the train station

If you are arriving in Parma by train you have to know that to the Tardini it is almost a 20 minutes walk. You can also make it a bit longer passing thought the beautiful city center and piazza Garibaldi then turning into via Repubblica.

If you don’t want to walk there are some buses from the station, almost every 30 minutes:

number 21 (direction Sorbolo);

number 23 (direction S.Ilario, not on Sunday);

number 9 (direction via De Chirico).

During match day, due to the security traffic block, the stop for all these busses should be “Barriera Repubblica”, close to “Barilla Center” mall, where there is a big fountain in the middle of the road and from where it is 3 minutes walking to Tardini. Anyway tell to the driver or to people that you are directed to the “Ennio”.

Ticket costs 1,20 if bought in advance from a kiosk or 2 euro on the bus (bring exact amount possibly, driver should’t have)

To come back from Tardini, traffic is usually quite busy and it is better probably going by feet. In case you have few time to catch the train you could call the Taxi at this number: +39 (0)521252562 Better reserve it in advance and giving “Barriera Repubblica”, around the fountain as a meeting point, since it is already in the way to the station.

Parma eSports ended with 22 points


Parma eSports ended with 22 points in his 12 teams group at the FIFA eClub World Cup. A good result considering that the team is at his real first experience in such a competition.

Looking forward for new challenges and new way to understand something more about this eWorld, that maybe doesn’t attract you too much, but we are pretty sure your millennial kid does.

To get some up-to-date news check these Instagram and Twitter accounts:

Parma eSport:

📷 Instagram: @parmaesports

Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi (Parma eSports official PS4 player):

📷 Instagram: @alessandro_gintera_ansaldi

🐦 Twitter: @gintera96

Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi (Parma eSports officia Xbox player):

📷 Instagram: @angryxmiche

🐦 Twitter: @Miche_Tangredi

eSport Academy (professional eSport support for Parma Calcio):

📷 Instagram: @esportsacademy_esa

🐦 Twitter: @esa_2017

First win at Fifa E-club World cup


Parma Calcio had a good start at Fifa E-Club World Cup.

Put in the group B – with SK Rapid Wien, FC Red Bull Salzburg Esports, Arminia eSports, RSCA esports, HSV eSports, FC Progrès Niederkorn and players team Mkers, Futbolist, Envy, Aerox Esports and Sparks – campus party esports team – Parma eSports won first game against HSV eSports with total result of 5-3 (1-1 on Xbox).

On Tuesday 8th Parma eSport players, Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi @alessandro_gintera_ansaldi on PS4 and Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi @angryxmiche on Xbox, will face three other teams at 6 pm, 630 pm and 7 pm CET.

Full results and program on official tournament link

Most important matches will be shown on ElevenSport Italia platform at this link every day at 6 pm CET until 11st January. You have to register to watch them.

Some content will be also displayed on ElevenSport Facebook page.

Our suggestion is to follow Instagram stories that are usually up to date.

Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi @alessandro_gintera_ansaldi

Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi @angryxmiche

Parma eSport @parmaesports

eSport Academy @esportsacademy_esa

Parma Calcio at Fifa eWorld Cup

credit to: eSports Academy ESA

You already heard, we are sure, about that: Parma has an official eSport team since this season as one of the first team in Italy.

Explaining what eSports are would be to long here, but we are pretty sure that if your sons are millennials you would have at least a vague idea. Anyway, here Wikipedia article about eSport.

As said, Parma Calcio, with the support of professional consultant agency eSport Academy arrived in eSport world as a way to reach younger generations and to, why not, repeat glory days even on video games, one day. Don’t laugh, eSports are real: added officially to Southeast Asia Games and about to be added to the Olympic Games list of competitions, with a estimated turnover of 900 million dollars in 2018 and live events that fill arenas and are followed by millions people worldwide.

From 7th to 11st January Parma Calcio will participate to one of the 11 groups composed by 12 teams that will proclaim one of the 11 European representative that will go to the 9-10 February finals.

The two players that will represent the team are Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi on Playstation 4 and Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi on Xbox. Both players results will be added together to calculate classification of the tournament to which take part eSport teams from all over Europe.

To follow them directly, best social channel is Instagram:

Alessandro “Gintera” Ansaldi @alessandro_gintera_ansaldi

Michele “AngryxMiche” Tangredi @angryxmiche

Parma eSport @parmaesports

eSport Academy @esportsacademy_esa

Com’on Crusaders!

Tardini store closure week



Tardini store will be closed next week and open again with normal timing on Monday 14th January 

You can find Parma Erreà merchandise in Erreà Play store on Via Nuvolari, Parma.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm

Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm

Thurdasy and Sunday: closed.

On match day Store and Museum will be open starting 2 hours before the match. Remember that on match day the access is reserved to the owner of a Tribuna Ovest ticket.

If you have another kind of ticket, contact us and will check if there will be anyway the chance to go to the shop even on match day.

Parma Store and Museum opening hours


Parma Calcio Official Store and Museum “Ernesto Ceresini”, both located under Tribuna Ovest in Stadio Ennio Tardini in Parma, entrance from Piazzale Risorgimento, new opening hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday from 3 pm to 7 pm

Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm

Thurdasy and Sunday: closed.

On match day Store and Museum will be open starting 2 hours before the match. Remember that on match day the access is reserved to the owner of a Tribuna Ovest ticket. If you have another kind of ticket, contact us and will check if there will be anyway the chance to go to the shop even on match day.

New opening hours for Store and Museum



These are Parma Store and “Ernesto Ceresini” Museum at the Stadio Tardini new opening hours:

– Monday
15:00 to 19:00

– Tuesday 15:00 to 19:00

– Wednesday15:00 to 19:00

– Closed Thursday

– Friday 15:00 19:00

– Saturday 9:00 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00

The Parma Store and Museum will be closed on Thursdays and Sundays unless Parma are playing at home. On those occasions, they will open two hours before kick-off.

Matches anticipations


Here the complete list of Parma matches anticipations until 19th round. All other matches until 19th round will be on Sunday at 3 pm.

Inter – Parma saturday 15th September at 3 pm

Parma – Cagliari saturday 22nd September at 3 pm

Parma – Empoli sunday 30th September at 6 pm

Genoa – Parma sunday 7th October at 1230 pm

Atalanta – Parma saturday 27 October  at 3 pm

Torino – Parma saturday 10th November at 3 pm

Parma – Sassuolo sunday 25 November at 12.30 pm

Milan – Parma sunday 2 December at 12.30 pm

Parma – Bologna saturday 22 December at 3 pm

Fiorentina – Parma wednesday 26 December at 3 pm

Parma – Roma saturday 29 December at 3 pm

Our matches calendar is always available on sidebar in our page but if you want to add to your personal Google Calendar go to this link and add iCal file to your personal calendar:

Or write us an email with your google user address and we will add you manually.


Where to park for a Tardini match

UPDATE: when we wrote this note the parking was available. In last weeks it use to be all reserved for Parma Club and stadium professionals – they probably red our post 🙂 – but  we leave it here because in front of the parking gate there is another, smaller, free parking. In case you don’t find place there there is Barilla Center payment parking (via Emilia Est, 7B)

If you are coming to Parma for a match in Tardini for the first time or just would like a suggestion to park safely from meeting opponent fans and for free before a big match, maybe this quick guide can be useful.

Especially in big matches day driving and parking around the stadium can be a mess and a loss of time. We suggest you – as many local Parma fans does – to park in Auditorium Paganini parking.

It is a free parking located in the back of Barilla Center and – listen – open from 6 am to midnight from 1st April to 31st October and from 7 am to 8 pm from 1st November to 31st march.

Distance from stadium is almost 800 meters, so not impossible to walk.

It is used by many Parma fans and not so known outside the town so you probably won’t find opposite team fans there.

To arrive there the suggestion is to put on google maps: via Toscana 5/a, Parma. It will be easier since around there you will find lots of one way streets.

Get into the gate, leave there the car, then walk on the opposite way keeping Auditorium behind you. You will exit then another gate then go straight until you pass Barilla Center (on your right side) and arrive in via Emilia est, turn right arriving to a round square with a fountain. Following the trees street you will find on your left you will arrive in 5 minutes to the Tardini stadium, hopefully for a good match.

If when you are in front of Tardini you are looking for Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs office, to meet us or other fans before the match, it is the yellow building on the left side of the gate, looking at it.

Remember: only thing to check is gate closure time, especially in winter time.