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Fans meeting in Como (and Parma)

Campionato started, season tickets are for sale, fans crowd into the stadiums more and more every week and it is time also for us to be back at our normality: meeting for matches!

Next week it will be time for an important match in Como, where Parma isn’t playing since long time. The interesting thing is that the match will be on sunday 28th november night and just three days later there will be another match in Tardini against Brescia, on thursday 1st at 6 pm. It can be a good chance to watch two matches in a row and visit different cities.

For who is interested to come we will give full fans-to-fans assistance to help buying ticket in the right area (with no extra charges!), suggestions for transportation, transfers and whatever is needed.

We are also preparing a big thing for sunday 28th: a lunch all together with Parma fans of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs coming to Como and some friends of Como supporters “Pesi Massimi”.

We are back, in the end!

About Turf Moor, cricket and relatives

To be honest, we don’t know where we start from, writing this post about Parma friendly match with Burnley in Turf Moor. So, we start from the end: thank you!

Thank you to: Scottish crew (Gio and his father, Brian and his friends, Dave and Kirsty), London crazy travelers (Tom, Morris and Kristina, Daniel and Prelini, Donny & Co), James and all the kids, Lukasz from Poland, Dave the groom (and Tanya the patient bride), guys from Parma that were our guide in the Manchester Friday nightlife, Alex the Gentleman Ultra and Ale the Gentleman Legend, Boys Parma 1977 that lighted up the away stand in the second half, Parma fans we couldn’t know and ones we forgot to mention here, Burnley people that cheered with us before and after the match.

Despite logistical difficulties it has been an amazing experience to travel for one time on the opposite way and meet all of you outside Italy. Doesn’t matter if it was a friendly, it has been our return in Europe after… you know after what. And made on Boys Parma 1977 42nd birthday!

Seemed to us one of those family meetings you make now and then. At the beginning you can’t recognize all the cousins and when your about to leave time is not enough to tell each other our stories and you say goodbye promising you should meet again soon.

Yes, let’s do it again soon, guys. We don’t have to loose each other.

See you all in Tardini, see you all in an away stand, wherever. We are and will be Family everywhere.

PS: We left Burnley learning an important rule of a previously misteriuos sport for us such as cricket: in cricket clubs, the beer after the match is cheaper than before. This is an important – and the only one – rule of cricket we learned.

Meeting in Hong Kong

Let us make some self celebration by applauding to Greater China division of Parma Fans Worldwide that is doing a great work since months by collecting Parma fans in Hong Kong and Macau (and China and Taiwan too), giving them suggestion when traveling to Italy, getting news about the Club and put them in connection each other, also meeting and spending time together.

Last Sunday thanks to a wonderful collaboration with Fiorentina Supporters in Hong Kong they organized a meeting to watch the Parma vs Fiorentina together and realized a mini football shirt exhibition to resume the recent history of both clubs. It has been an unique chance to see 6 pair of jerseys that reminded to important matches when Parma and Fiorentina faced each other and also some other classic jerseys. Some of them, like the Salah one, where match worn with unique match sponsor.

During the meeting there has been also a video call with on Hong Kong Parma fan Club member that was in Tardini to experience the match live. He also had the chance to meet many players of the current team and some former one.

We are really happy of this successful venture and about the collaboration with viola fans in Hong Kong and we hope this will be an event to be repeated next year in Serie A.

In London, together

The greatness of this event is difficult to understand to who is not part of our network but let us say we are so proud of what happened last Monday 13rd evening in Golazio bar, London.

We met up with a group of Parma fans to watch Bologna vs Parma. Some of the supporters we knew previously since we already met in Tardini this season or will come soon, some other were new entries. The group represented quite well the heterogeneity of our support outside Italian borders. There were: Italians living in London (both from Parma and other Italian towns); fans from London and from rest of UK (one made an almost 4 hours travel to be there!), Italians coming just for the event and an Indonesian proud member of Parmagiani. Between them also two fans that were in Wembley during Winners cup final – that didn’t know each other before – and that arrived with their sons: a new generation of Parma fans growing! There was also a Macau journalist that came to report what this crazy group of people were doing and that we want to thank you for her professionally (and patience).

It has been an unique chance to meet and share time together, thanks to the trust and the kind hospitality of Tim and his Golazio crew that made us feeling home between wonderful 90s italian football memorabilia, pizza and Italian beers.

Thanks to all who participate, to who couldn’t due to a really bad timing for a football match and to Gianfranco Zola that has been our PR 😉

Hands up for Toronto fans first meeting

Gino, Steve and Christian organized the first meeting in Toronto, Canada to watch Parma together with other friends.

They didn’t know each other some weeks ago, and got in contact thanks to our network and the USA & Canada Facebook Group, discovering they were not the only Hidden Crusader in their town.

This is the demonstration that supporting an Italian football team from abroad doesn’t mean being alone. It can mean find other people to share same passion with.

Really well done, proud of you all, guys!