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If you are interested in watching a match in Tardini (or away) contact us through our social channels or write directly to

We will give you support for purchasing tickets, join other fans and practical infos for traveling and all the needs. In our network there surely will be another fan from your country that can help you and, if needed, be your tutor. Better call him “older brother”, since we consider us a Family.



This is the tickets priceless published on Parma Calcio official page. We found Tardini map online – thanks to – it is not recent but it is the best available online. Maybe there can be some imperfections.

Tickets will be on sale almost 10 days before the day of the match. Contact us before ticket selling opening.


  Standard Price ‘Big Game’ Price
Tribuna Centrale Petitot € 100 € 150
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Ridotto Concession € 70 NO
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Centrale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Petitot € 60 € 100
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Ridotto Concession € 40 NO
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Laterale Petitot Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Laterale Ovest € 40 € 70
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Ridotto Concession € 30 NO
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Laterale Ovest Under 8 Free Free
Tribuna Est € 30 € 60
Tribuna Est Ridotto Concession € 25 NO
Tribuna Est Under 14 € 5 € 5
Tribuna Est Under 8 Free Free
Curva Nord € 15 € 25
Curva Nord Under 14 € 5 € 5
Curva Nord Under 8 Free Free
Curva Ospiti € 20 € 30
    • There are five ‘big games’ in total: against Inter, Juventus, Milan, Napoli and Roma;
    • Concessions are available for Women, Under-18s (born after 01/01/2001), Over-65s (born before 31/12/1953) and disabled people;
    • Under-14s discount is for those born after 01/01/2005;
    • Under-8s tickets can only be picked up at the Stadio Tardini ticket offices the day before the game or on matchday.

Those who purchase tickets are bound to acknowledgement and acceptance of the Stadium Use Rules and the Programma Adesione Fruizione Eventi Sportivi-‘Sistema di Gradimento, as adopted by Parma Calcio 1913.


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