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The Plin



We started hear about “il Plin” during high school years.

Nobody really knew if he was just a legend or if he existed for real. Between us, he was a sort of superhero, like in that Schwarzenegger movie, Sboretor. In high school, when a bully was really oppressive, Plin ridicule him with an ironical writing on a wall. It didn’t work in stopping violence but, for a while, made us forget the shit around us.

Nobody never met him but he was there, defending the weaker with his irony.

We started believing that he was not alone, that he was a group of people that used irony as a weapon, to protect us from high school bullies, or from who made a bankrupt with an historical Crusader Serie A team we can’t mention here.

Year after year we all friends started WhatsApp groups inspired by him called “The Plin” where we posted satirical commentary on life’s fact, just to make a laugh during coffee break. I heard it happened the same also in other cities. Casualty wanted that his name was also onomatopoeia for the WhatsApp tone and this made it even more popular. “Plin” became soon synonymous for “ironical joke”: “eh eh, what a good Plin!” “I have to tell you the Plin I red on the newspaper, so fun”.

Point is that The Plin started messaging also on Parma stuff, and we would like you not to miss it. We decided to report every interesting Plin that we find around: please, be patient if our translation is not perfect.



We still don’t know if The Plin exist or not, if he is alive or where are they now (?!). We like to imagine a quiet accountant with Tom Selleck mustache in a small town that top up his wages with striptease and sometimes makes volunteering with Captain Lucarelli.

[if you like the story and you are thinking in registering thePlin.com domain don’t waist time in looking for, we altready bought it]

Ps: Thanks to il Plin, by the heart.