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In two years we…

Gli Scarrozzati show in Collecchio has been a success.

As we already anticipated in previous posts, it was the chance for Paolo De Gregorio and his company to meet a lot of friend from Parma area: people from the Club, from the show business and normal citizens that would like to give their support to the Sacra Famiglia Institute.

At the end of the show, as usual since 2015, they sang all together a song. This year it was “We are the World” with rewritten lyrics by The Plin.

New version is titled “Fra due anni noi”, “In two years we…” and is a joke based on the mathematical fact that since 2015 every year that Gli Scarrozzati come to Parma for a show, the Club got promoted.

So, in two years we… will win Champions League 🙂

In the video you see the song sang all together for the first time with Il Plin and Gli Scarrozzati by Parma goalkeeper Pierluigi Frattali, match analyst Marco Piccioni, Alessandro and Cristiana Lucarelli (on the screen), italian artist Platinette, Paolo De Gregorio, Antonio Barone, Leonardo Cagnolati and a lot of friends and kids that spontaneously take part to the show.

Here the lyrics with a quick translation:

Questa avventura qui, che è iniziata dalla D / Come ben sai, nessuno l’ha fatta mai [This adventure that started from Serie D as you know nobody never did the same]
E’ incredibile un tris del genere / Solo Cristo, ci mise meno a risorgere [such an hat trick it is incredible / Only Christ took less for a resurrection]

E se non c’ero io, che paravo col Pordenon / Oggi eravamo, ancora a sentirci dir Bagolon
Dai cugini che, certo che sono parenti / Eppure non li ho visti mai un po’ sorridenti
[and if I was not there with my savings against Pordenone today we would be still there hearing us be called Bagoloni (disparaging nickname used by Reggiana fans) from never-smiling cousins]

Fra due anni noi, vinciam la Champions / Vinciam perchè ci abbiamo preso gusto tutti assieme [in two year we will win Champions League and we’ll win because we all get to like it all together]
Finchè gli Scarrozzati / A Collecchio passeranno
Vorrà dire che si festeggia tutti a fine anno
[Until Gli Scarrozzati will pass from Collecchio it means that we will get party all together at the end of the season]

Da quando ha smesso, mio marito di giocar / Me lo ritrovo, sempre a casa che non sa che far [Since my husbandstop to play I always find him in the house doing nothing]
Ma che dici Cri, a casa son tutto per te / Piuttosto in campo, senza di me dubito che… [but… what are you saying, Cri? At home I’m all yours otherwise on the field, without me, I doubt that…]

REFRAIN (Fra due anni noi…)

Voi avete vinto, grazie mille aiutini / Sky in D, playoff ed infine i messaggini [You won because thousands helps: Sky tv in D, Playoff and sms affair]
Ehi ehi ehi ma basta su, fatevene una ragione / Dietro all’impresa, c’è l’amor di queste persone [hey hey hey, com’on stop! Take a reason, behind the success there is the love of these people]

REFRAIN (Fra due anni noi…) X 3

Season Review 2017/2018 – Episode 4

Football, like life, is a story to tell and our story, in last three years, IS the football.
We do it from fans to fans: even if translation is rough we are sure you will appreciate it anyway.

+++ this is a non professional and free translation made from the original post on Parma Calcio 1913 official website that you can find at this link http://parmacalcio1913.com/season-review-201718-puntata-4-i-crociati-e-il-dragone+++

EPISODE 4 – “Crusaders and the Dragon”

After three straight victories in October against Virtus Entella, Foggia and Avellino, Parma run is stopped for a day in Frosinone. In this head to head match we loose 2-1, but we come back home with the certainty to be strong group, able to react in difficult situations. In first half we go down 2-0, then we score and in the second half in many occasions we are close to draw. It ends 2-1: ” We have to restart from second half and keep working” so said at the end of the match on of senators, Gianni Munari.
As already happened, guys find energy to restart. Next week a new away match, in Cittadella home. Not such an easy match, that see Crusaders take advantage with Calaiò in first half and see Cittadella draw in the second, fifteen minutes before the end of the match. But Parma is there and at the end of a beautiful scheme, Calaiò scores against the goal that allow us to leave Tombolato Stadium with 3 points.

https://giphy.com/embed/3iCwh256PpmSCzi8F7via GIPHYOn Saturday 18th November we have Ascoli in Tardini but before that it is time for a long waited, important and historical announcement: Jiang Lizhang is the new Parma Calcio 1913 president. Announcement was made on 15th november and one day later Lizhang present himself and the group to the city in a press conference in Tardini: ” Fortunately we don’t start from zero, Parma managers did a great job in last two years , and created concrete basis for club future. We have a great technical and managerial team. My entrance in the society doesn’t mean that I will make a revolution in a strong identity team like Parma, but we want to write a new chapter in club history”. Explain this and other things the new president.

Credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

“I had the chance to speak with new president and I am really glad he arrived: I totally trust him, italian property is strongly linked with the team and the city and this choice was made for Parma right.” So D’Aversa declares at the eve of game against Ascoli that we win 4-0. Match confirm strength of our defense not just concerning taken goals but also scored if we thing that is Iacoponi to score the first goal of the game. And then there is Frattali that, when we are 2-0, stop a penalty: “I’m happy because I contribute to the final result since last minutes could be more suffering. Our thought is to win every match without thinking about others, keep standing down to earth.” Crusaders number 1 warn.
In Carpi we loose 2-1. Landlords score promptly then Parma react with insigne but it is not enough to draw. “A stop we have to forget” so Mister says. Another time the reaction come: next week we win against Pro Vercelli 3-0. Crusaders close the match in the second half with two close goals of Insigne and Scavone, before Corapi one and his run under Curva Nord. This is also the debut match of Frediani: “I’m enjoying this moment together with my mates, that have always been supporting me”.

Credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

So it begin last month of 2017 and the first half of the league. To start winning again Parma will have to wait the new year: four straight draw, three of them 0-0. In Terni it ends 1-1: Di Gaudio with a kick from far scores one of most beautiful goal of the season, but then Ternana draw: “We tried to win, but we didn’t reach. This is anyway a good draw on a difficult pitch” So the palermitan says after the match.

https://giphy.com/embed/1wnpoqyrpkuNyIU07Yvia GIPHY

The year is closed with three points in three matches: in Bari and in Tardini against Cesena and Spezia it ends 0-0. While society is about to announce some new arrivale in the transfer market, the team stop few days for winter break that will last until 20th of January.