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Helgi one of us

This is not a breaking news since we already talked about Liechtestein National Football team Manager Helgi Kolvidsson that is a long time Parma fan. The news Is that we had the chance to meet him and give him the membership card of our Parma Calcio Official fan club.

We are very proud of having the chance for a meeting with such a kind person and great football professional and we really hope to meet Helgi again in Tardini.

Thanks, Helgi!

Travelling Parmigiani: Alessandro in Stamford Bridge

Alessandro AKA Il Plin, sent us this pic from Stamfort Bridge where he could enter due to low security controls and celebrate our salvation, in fact everyone in London is focused on Europa League Final today.

Before he will be arrested we have to confess that he was there couple of weeks ago with all the authorizations and that he also met legendary Gianfranco Zola during his staying in UK.

We take this chance to send to Magic Box our bigger “Good luck” for tonight match.

Travelling Parmigiani: Colin and Neil

Sometimes you start following a team because of your classmate, sometimes because of the colors. Some other because of the name. Casualties, maybe. Or maybe not.

Colin and Neil are from Belfast, both strong supporters of Crusaders FC that started an interesting sort of gemellaggio between their local team and Parma Calcio, Italian Crusaders, following also matches in Italy.

Yesterday Crusaders FC won the Northern Ireland FA Cup – 3-0 against Ballinamarland – and our guys sent in real time a shot with the trophy and their Parma/Crusaders flag.

We took the chance to thank you Colin and Neil for their contribution to our Travelling Parmigiani photo album and, of course, congratulate with Crusaders FC for the victory.

C’mon the Crues!

Travelling Parmigiani: Toni during Argonauts’ Marathon

42 km of marathon, run in a mountain trail in Romanian Dobrogea area wearing a historical serie D Crociata. Our friend Toni send us these incredible shots (thanks to the Adora Studio photographers) taken during the windy and rainy race that took place last weekend.

Congratulations Toni, we are proud of you!

Keep sending your Travelling Parmigiani pictures and to mark the territory!