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Travelling Parmigiani: Alessandro in Stamford Bridge

Alessandro AKA Il Plin, sent us this pic from Stamfort Bridge where he could enter due to low security controls and celebrate our salvation, in fact everyone in London is focused on Europa League Final today.

Before he will be arrested we have to confess that he was there couple of weeks ago with all the authorizations and that he also met legendary Gianfranco Zola during his staying in UK.

We take this chance to send to Magic Box our bigger “Good luck” for tonight match.

Travelling Parmigiani: Colin and Neil

Sometimes you start following a team because of your classmate, sometimes because of the colors. Some other because of the name. Casualties, maybe. Or maybe not.

Colin and Neil are from Belfast, both strong supporters of Crusaders FC that started an interesting sort of gemellaggio between their local team and Parma Calcio, Italian Crusaders, following also matches in Italy.

Yesterday Crusaders FC won the Northern Ireland FA Cup – 3-0 against Ballinamarland – and our guys sent in real time a shot with the trophy and their Parma/Crusaders flag.

We took the chance to thank you Colin and Neil for their contribution to our Travelling Parmigiani photo album and, of course, congratulate with Crusaders FC for the victory.

C’mon the Crues!

Travelling Parmigiani: Toni during Argonauts’ Marathon

42 km of marathon, run in a mountain trail in Romanian Dobrogea area wearing a historical serie D Crociata. Our friend Toni send us these incredible shots (thanks to the Adora Studio photographers) taken during the windy and rainy race that took place last weekend.

Congratulations Toni, we are proud of you!

Keep sending your Travelling Parmigiani pictures and to mark the territory!

Travelling Parmigiani: Ferry in Parma

Parma European glory days memories are still alive. Ferry is a Vitesse fan and historian of his team that is writing a book about the story of his club around Europe.

To realize it, he is visiting the most important Clubs where Vitesse played and of course he made a stop in Parma, that faced Vitesse in the season of our first Uefa cup.

He attended the Parma vs Torino match and collected from Ultras and fans in town some very special memories for his book. He also donated to Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs the original pennant of Arnhem game.

See you again, Ferry, in GelreDome, why not!

Travelling Parmigiani: Clint in Cuba

Director Sergio Leone used to repeat that he liked Clint as an actor because he has just two expressions: dressed in yellow and dressed in  blue… No, that’s another story, but it was to introduce you the Travelling Parmigiani of the day, Clint, a Maltese Parma fan that is travelling around Cuba and always choose the best place to take a portrait.

You don’t need a scarf, you don’t need a Black Phoenix on. Those colors, those colors are enough to feel, a bit, to be in the right place.

Thanks to him for accepting our joke, to the photographer and also to Sergio Leone.

Keep contributing to our Travelling Parmigiani photo album!

Travelling Parmigiani: Dmitriy in Frosinone

The  away match closer to Parma is coming next weekend, since Gialloblu will face Sassuolo in Reggio Emilia, as we already told you. We hope that this Travelling Parmigiani tale will encourage as many fans as possible to buy the ticket despite weather reports and fill our stands in Mapei Stadium.

Why? Because Dmitriy made almost 7000 km in 5 days (by plane, bus and train) to watch a couple of Parma matches last week, and this season is his third visit to Italy. We asked him couple of questions because his travel can be an example for other Hidden Crusader out there.

– When did you start supporting Parma and why?

I’m a Parma fan since 1994. On 23 august 1994 there has been the farewell match of Spartak Moscow legend Fedor Cherenkov – a sort fo Gigi Buffon for Spartak fans – against Parma in Moscow. I’m a Spartak fan since I was a kid and Cherenkov was my idol. After watching that match at the stadium I became also a Parma fan. Parma way of playing was different by other Italian team especially because I don’t like teams that suffer for 90 minuets and then at 91 score the winning goal. Parma was different.

– How many times you watched Parma matches live lately?

In Serie B in Tardini with Novara (3-0) and away against Salerinitana (0-1), unfortunately following match against Palermo was delayed for snow and I couldn’t watch it. This season I’ve been at home match against Cagliari (2-0), away against Juventus (3-3), with Atalanta home (1-3) and Frosinone away (3-2).

– What about your last trip? 

I love Parma town and visiting it even if there are not matches. To be honest I love Italy in general and I would like to visit all of it. This time I arrived in Milan from Saint Petersburg, then I spent a day in Piacenza, two in my loved Parma where, a part to attend the match against Atalanta, I visited wonderful Reggia of Colorno and Torrechiara Castle. Then I moved to Florence before going to Rome and Frosinone to watch the match with Parma supporters in away stand. 

The trip has been interesting itself but of course the two lost matches this time wasted my mood, especially the one against Frosinone: even with a lot of injured players  we lost three points and I hope we could take control again on our season as soon as possible.

Let me say that I visited many italian cities but Parma is the most beautiful and the one I love the most.

I would like to thank you Parma Fans Worldwide for the help given to all of us abroad fans.