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Who is the most Bellelli Parma fan?

We never stop collecting photos for our Travelling Parmigiani album and during these days we have more free time to look into old pictures boxes. So we decided, together with a very famous satirical page called I più Bellelli di Parma (Facebook page and Instagram profile), to start a challenge to choose the most “Bellelli” Parma fan. What does that mean? Uhm… not that easy to translate, just look for the most weird picture in which you are showing up your footballistic passion: during your wedding day, at your cousin’s graduation or on a Brazilian beach.

We want to see how all of us mark the territory outside football context. Tomas Brolin, for example, wear a Parma jersey during Sweden National Day. Rengga while he is on holiday with his wife, Stefano in front of an iceberg in Iceland!

You have 40 days to send the picture to us by email or with a direct message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, putting your name and the place where the pic was taken. Sending it you automatically authorize us to publish it. Every pic will be published on our channels. After the collection, Bellelli guys will make an online poll to vote for the best one.

To the winner a Bellelli tshirt and our DADE COLLO numbered scarf; to all the finalists one of our Homo Valdanito pin.

Don’t wait too much for looking into the memories boxes… the countdown already started!

Vote for Parma Best 11

Italian website just started an online poll to vote for the Crociati best 11 ever.

They will post, role by role, a voting form. Here you can find the first one, dedicated to the goalkeeper. The first contenders are: Bucci, Buffon, Frey, Mirante, Taffarel.

Next days you will find other role’s poll on

This venture is linked with a player’s kits auction, in collaboration with Live Onlus, that will collect money for Parma Hospital.

Plin #26

Plin refers to hypothesized bets on Parma vs Ancona match from a Pozzuoli area. A supposition, hint at by some newspaper, never confirmed and never pursued.

Anyway nobody asked sorry for that mud.

In that occasion Lucarelli, as always, acted as a real Captain, putting his face in defense of justice and in defense of the honor of his teammates

Mapei Stadium kit

credit to Calciatori Brutti

Parma will face Sassuolo in Reggio Emilia next weekend, you already know this. Ticket info will follow soon.

What you probably don’t know is the kit you need to enter Mapei Stadium: scarf, flag and… fishing pole!

Look at this incredible video shot during Reggio Audace (former Reggiana) vs Modena past Sunday: you won’t believe your eyes.

Thanks to Calciatori Brutti and to our follower Pietro for the video.