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Federico Ruffo, author to the reportage about Juve we recently introduce you, has been victim of a try of attempt in his home in Ostia.

We are not a news website but we think is important to show our support to a great professional like him.

Here the non-professional translation of the Report post – here the original – made to introduce the video in which Federico explains how he noticed in the middle of the night strange noises thanks to his dog, that probably saved his and his family lives.


Report journalist Federico Ruffo has been victim of a try of incendiary attempt last night in his Ostia house.

Our colleague, author of a reportage on the death of a Juventus collaborator involved in scalping and on the relationship between ‘Ndrangheta, ultras and some manger of bianconeri, has been awaked around 4 am by unknown that scattered with gasoline first the entrance of the building where he lives with his family, then the landing and the entrance door of his apartment, with the apparent intent to burn.

Assailants escaped disturbed by the dog, but first they painted with a red spray a Cross on landing wall.

Ostia Carabinieri, that are investigating on the fact, after the routine surveys, obtained also the material related with the repeated attacks and death threats that Federico Ruffo and program presenter Sigfrido Ranucci have been victim of through social networks, both before and after the reportage “Una signora alleanza” was broadcasted.

During past weeks, moreover, Ruffo have been victim of bad episodes, obliged to leave some public place because of some unpleasant behaving directed to his person by some so-called juve fans.

By reiterating our nearness to Federico and his family, we consider fundamental to keep high attention around journalists security that, fighting in front line for information, are victim of an increasing violence and intolerance atmosphere. Towards these colleagues and to such serious facts it is necessary that all the category closes ranks.”

Ultras attitude


You surely have notice that yesterday in Turin there was no flags and banners in away fans are, almost no chants and many people without the scarf in sign of protest. Neither ultras group Boys Parma 1977 were there, even if they all already paid regular ticket they prefer to go back than gettin into without they symbols.

Facebook page “I ribelli degli stadi” summarized well the facts:

“‘Megaphone can’t enter’

‘Drum can’t enter’

‘Banner can’t enter’

‘And flags neither’

And so, in Turin, as protest, also Parma ultras stayed outside the stadium.”

You have to know that all of them had paid regular ticket and that they, after taking this pic, went back home. No public order problems at all around the town.

This is the translation of the post that Boys Parma 1977 published today on their website. We are not professional translator, you can find the original post at this link.

“What happened today is surreal, without any logic, without any common sense.

Down from the bus we walk to the entrance, with megaphones, drum and banner on the shoulders. They don’t let enter anything, neither Coordinamento banner [Coordinamento – CCPC – is Parma coordination group for non ultras fans clubs]. No hint of a dialog, we receive a strict NO.


In front to such upstanding enforcers, that with the system by their side let us pay for banners on Superga got into during their derby, with Juventus connivance. Today they do their duty forbidding any kind of freedom.

With unnecessary arrogance. The same one that forbid Federico Aldrovandi face.




Parmagiani Merchandise

credit to

As many of you already know, at the end of November there will be Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering for the celebration of 9th fans group anniversary.

If you are interested in their merchandise can contact proper Facebook page Merchandise Parmagiani or Arie at the phone number +62 812-9360-0091

You find all their official social account in our Worldwide Network list.

Thanks to Solo Parma

credit to:

English speaking fans already know it. Solo Parma is a blog/website run by a Scotland based fan that since 2013 spread information about our team in English. Solo Parma often represented the only voice to hear for English speaking fans, execially when the Club didn’t make double language communication. Thanks to John “Giovanni” for his great and constant work in support for Parma Club and also to Parma community, that you know – we risk to be redundant in remembering this – we call it community but we consider it a family.

We hope it will not remain a solitary case because we need to have as much representative as possible all over, in order to build a big worldwide fans network.

We are also really proud for what Giovanni wrote about his last experience in Parma and for having been of some help. Here is the article:

SoloParma is already listed in our Worldwide Network channels list that soon will be massively updated.

Tickets for Torino vs Parma


Since this morning it is officially open the sale for Torino vs Parma away fans area tickets with no need for fidelity card.

Match will be on Saturday 10th November at 3 pm in Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino, via Filadelfia 96/b, Turin

You have to go to this link on Torino Football Club website:

Click on “buy online your ticket” and follow the steps. Parma supporters area is “OSPITI Block” that you see in light cyan color in the picture. You have to choose a seat but all away fans area blocks are linked and communicate.

Full price is 20 euro + commission, under 16 years concession 10 euro + commission.

Contact us for fans meeting and if you need any practical help from fans to fans.

PS: thanks to Torino ticket office for their kind availability


Parma Club Crociati Balkan

First historical time together in Tardini – credit Dejan


We go on discovering Parma Fans club outside Italian borders by reading Dejan description of Parma Club Crociati Balkan, born from historical Facebook group PARMA BOYS BALKAN.

Our story began in 2009 when some guys from ex Yugoslavia met on social network. Next year the page PARMA BOYS BALKAN was born.

Don’t get shocked with this part: my brother was Asprilla and “Parma” fan, we both were. He died in car accident on New Year’s Eve 1995 and I burried him in white jersey with blue Parmalat logo on it. 20 years later I decided to visit Tardini for the first time, in honor of him. I came in the same shirt to see defeat from Sampdoria. It was the beginning of the Parma’s hardest time, but I felt in love with the club and the city anyway.

I started to search for other gialloblu fans on Facebook then. Surprise was that I discovered PARMA BOYS BALKAN and their admin Hrvoje who lived 100 meters from me! He is the most passionate and dedicated fan I know. He ran the fan page completely alone and he can give any information from the past of Parma Calcio. After that we started to cooperate and to go to Parma together, we made a banner, polo shirts and we’ve been present with our group on almost every important day: farewell with Serie A on home match against Hellas Verona, winning Serie D against Delta Rovigo, Derby with Reggiana, Lega Pro Final in Florence, four games in Serie B and return in Serie A (Udinese) this summer. We can be proud of journey to Pordenone (Lega Pro) when there was 12 of us and this season against Juventus with the record of 14 Croatians, Slovenians and Bosnians connected with P.B.B. in Tardini.

Our mission is to bring on Parma stadium tifosi from every part of Slav’s countries in Balkans. It is not easy, dealing with money, will and sometimes lack of confidence, but thanks to Parma Fans Worldwide we approached CCPC and this made us first official Parma Club from Balkans, that gave us new energy. We decided to cut the word “Boys” not to be confused with ultras and became Parma Club Crociati Balkan.

We are closer than the other foreign fans, but it is hard to drive 1.000 km in one day and go to the job directly sometimes… However, we can’t stop doing this.”

PARMA BOYS BALKAN Facebook group:


Supporting Parma together

In Parma Museum with Angelo Manfredini

The most of you already know we are quite boring talking about our mission of creating a Parma fans worldwide network. We won’t talk to much now but just post some pictures from last weekend when we had the pleasure to share our passion together with fans from all over Europe in the Parma vs Lazio week-end.

First of all thanks to all of you, guys (and girls), for making such a long journey and for giving us authorization in publishing this photos. And thanks to Centro Coordinamento and the people in Parma that are always so kind with us. The network will endure until your passion is alive.

In two days we joined Greek, Macedonian, Croatian, Polish, Scottish, Austrian, Lithuanian fans and had a wonderful time together. Meeting some player, yes, but most of all staying together and realizing that maybe we are few in our birth places but that in Parma there is also a family for us all.

Parma Club Greece made a big article on their experience that you can traslate with google. Here is the link. They – and Lukasz from Parma Club Poland – were also nominated on Gazzetta di Parma by journalist Matteo Scipioni in his weekly report on Parma match from Curva Nord.

Thanks for the picture to: Parma Club Greece,, Dejan of Parma Boys Balkan (Parma Club Crociati Balkan), Doug (SoloParma) and Nikica.




“Different stories, same passion”