Dear Bobby: letter to a friend

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🇮🇹 Il nostro piccolo grande reporter Mirko ha messaggio per un amico speciale:

“Quella con la Juve è una partita molto importante. Vedo la formazione e dico “Sì, Bobby gioca!” Mi si riempiono gli occhi di gioia. In quel maledettissimo 43° minuto Bobby si fa male, i miei occhi cambiano. Diventano pieni di rabbia e ho quasi voglia di piangere. Guarda caso, dopo che Inglese esce dal campo, la Juve segna grazie a una sfortunata deviazione di Matteo Darmian. Al posto di Inglese entra Cornelius che al minuto 55 segna con uno splendido colpo di testa saltando mezzo metro più di Cristiano Ronaldo. Purtroppo la partita finisce 2-1 per la Juve.

Ora parliamo dell’infortunio di Inglese. Quando lo vedo uscire dal campo con quasi le lacrime agli occhi, mi arrabbio cosi tanto che al gol del Parma non esulto neanche.

Bobby, non so come finirà questa stagione per te, ma non scoraggiarti. Metticela tutta e non arrenderti perché quando in campo ci sei tu, è tutta un’altra cosa.

Io so che guarirai presto e tornerai più forte di prima. Ora c’è solo un’altra cosa che ti devo dire: BUONA FORTUNA


* Questa è la frase che ha accompagnato Mirko durante la terapia. Mirko è tornato a casa after one year lo scorso ottobre, e due giorni fa, a 7 mesi dal trapianto, ha partecipato a una corsa benefica i cui proventi – insieme a quelli della vendita di una maglietta con il motto di Mirko – sono andati al reparto di Oncologia pediatrica dell’Ospedale di Parma.

🇬🇧 Our little big reporter Mirko has a message for a special friend:

“The Juve match it is an important one. I see the lineup and say “Yes, Bobby plays!”. My eyes are shining with joy. In that damned 43rd minute Bobby got injured, my eyes change. They become full or rage and I almost want to cry. Coincidentally, after that Inglese is off, Juve scores thanks to a unlucky touch by Matteo Darmian. Instead of Inglese, Cornelius get in and at the 55th minute, with a wonderful header, he scores jumping half a meter more than Cristiano Ronaldo. Unfortunately the match ends 2-1 for Juve.

Now, let’s talk about Inglese’s injury. When I see him getting off I almost have tears in my eyes, I’m so angry that when Parma scores I can neither exult.

Bobby, I don’t really know how this season will end for you, but don’t give up. Go all out for it and don’t give up because when you are on the pitch, it’s all different.

I know that you’ll heal soon and that you’ll be back stronger than ever. Now there is another thing I wanna tell you: GOOD LUCK


*This is the motto that accompanied Mirko during the therapy. Mirko went home after one year past October, and two days ago, 7 months after the transplant, took part to a benefit run and the money collected – together with the ones collected with the sell of a t-shirt with his motto on – went to Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Parma.

Credit: Tiziano De Cristoforo

Next Parma fixture schedule

Lega Serie A just communicated next fixtures schedule. Take note and contact us as you decide to come for a match.

Parma vs Udinese – Sunday 26th January – 3 PM CET

Cagliari vs Parma – Saturday 1st February – 6 PM CET

Parma vs Lazio – Sunday 9th February – 6 PM CET

Sassuolo vs Parma – Sunday 18th February – 3 PM CET

Torino vs Parma – Sunday 23rd February – 3 PM CET

Parma vs SPAL – Sunday 1st March – 3 PM CET

Genoa vs Parma – Saturday 7th March – 3 PM CET

Parma vs Inter – Sunday 15th March – 6 PM CET

Hellas Verona vs Parma – Sunday 22nd March – 3 PM CET

Parma vs Fiorentina – Sunday 5th April – 3 PM CET

Juventus Stadium tickets are too expensive, we donate money to Pediatric Oncology Hospital

Following the protest started before Napoli game in December and unofficially supported by some Club member, Boys Parma 1977 and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs will fail to attend the next away game in Turin’s Juventus Allianz Stadium.

The reason is the high price in away stand, that is a big barrier for fans that weekly would like to support their club, bringing kids and families to the stadium: away stand in Turin will be 43 euro + presale right.

Boys and CCPC asked to the fan base to not attend the game in Turin but to devolve money to Pediatric Oncology Hospital in Parma. During next home matches against Lecce and Roma in Curva Nord there will be the money collection in Tardini.

Since some year Boys Parma are bringing on a campaign asking for low and fixed price for away fans of every Club. Following the fans, Parma Calcio, at the beginning of this season, tried to make deals with other clubs in order to fix the same low price in away stand. With the clubs that accepted the proposal Parma fixed a low price in away stand and got the same back: in happened in Genova (with Sampdoria), Udine, Bergamo with prices from 10 to 15 euro and kids concessions in some case too.

To make their voice louder Boys put a banner outside Juventus stadium, Tardini and Lega Calcio headquarter in Milan with written “19/1 Juve-Parma 43 euros are immoral, we want popular prices“. The venture of the protest and the benefit whip round reached national newspaper that, at last, amplified the news.

We hope that other fan bases will follow the protest an that Lega Calcio will seriously consider the idea for a low and fixed price in away stands for everyone, like it happens in other European countries. So the slogans for a “Family-friendly Calcio” will pass from being just words on paper into reality.

Who wants to join the whip round but will not be in Tardini next week can write us in order to get the info how to donate to the Parma Children Oncologic Hospital.

Football is made by fans. Never forget it.

Happy 9th January, Parma fans

It’s 20 years and it’s still a vivid memory for all of us, Hernan Crespo “definitive goal” against juventus.

We would like to celebrate it thanks to a creative image – called “Homo Valdanito” – by Gabriele Nicoli, on Instagram, a great Parma supporter that lives outside Italy, that will be soon become a collectible pin.

It will be our way to celebrate this foundative memory for every Gialloblu fan and the town of Parma, that will be “Italian Culture Capital” for 2020.

Who is interested in the pin, please contact us by email or WhatsApp.

Helgi one of us

This is not a breaking news since we already talked about Liechtestein National Football team Manager Helgi Kolvidsson that is a long time Parma fan. The news Is that we had the chance to meet him and give him the membership card of our Parma Calcio Official fan club.

We are very proud of having the chance for a meeting with such a kind person and great football professional and we really hope to meet Helgi again in Tardini.

Thanks, Helgi!

Natale Gialloblu 2019

As every year, past 10th December, Natale Gialloblu 2019, the annual dinner organized by Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs to wish Merry Christmas to all the volunteers that work for Coordinamento, to Parma Fans Club presidents and to Parma Calcio club and board, took place.

As usual it was the time for the Golden Gialloblu celebration, this year given to Roberto D’Aversa.

As a resume, we link here video maker Davide Fantuzzi video of the event. Davide is also the director of “Tanti Auguri”, CCPC + Il Plin Christmas song.

Pictures in this post are by Lorenzo Cattani, that we thank; complete gallery in his Facebook page: Lorenzo Cattani Photography.

credit: Lorenzo Cattani
credit: Lorenzo Cattani

Limited edition Parmense kit

As mysteriously anticipated today with some Social media post, Parma announced a special Kit for next home match inspired by Parmense one, worn 50 years ago.

This 400 copies limited edition numbered jersey by Erreà is already available on Parma Calcio online shop – at this link: – and Parma stores in town

On Parma Calcio website the story behind this enterprise:

Match worn jersey will be sold on auction for charity found raising. The link of the auction will be shared after the match.

Marco Ferrari supports Boys protest

You surely remember that our fans were not in San Paolo and why, since we talked about it before the match. Boys, Centro Coordinamento, Danè and the Parma fan base met in front of Tardini to say no to tickets price rise and to be treated as customers before than supporters.

To let you understand the link between the fan base and the Club, the big family feeling that we are so proud of, we report a post on Facebook by Marco Ferrari, one of the Magnificient Seven of our Renaissance and Vice President and spokesman of Nuovo Inizio. Even if these words were published as a private citizen and not in a press conference they can give you the measure of the humanity we are lucky to be surrounded by.

“Higher prices and worst stadiums. Telematic odyssey for a ticket purchase. Rules that seems to be written to keep people far from the stadium. Clap your hands for Parma fans, that today said “no”, staying home and sending everybody a clear and strong message”.

Celebrations time

As we told last may, Parma won an important Social Media award as the best account for the Social Media Soccer Twitter Challenge. You can find a resume of the Challenge in this previous post.

Next Sunday, in Tardini, Social Media Soccer – the Italian start-up company that focus on football teams social media data and that organize and important Social Football Summit once a year – will award Parma board and Communication team. To them our most sincere congratulations.

In case you still don’t know all the Parma Channels, here is the complete list:

 Parma Calcio 1913
 Parma Football Academy

 Parma Calcio 1913 Facebook:

 Parma Calcio 1913 Italian

 Parma Calcio 1913 English

 Parma Calcio 1913

To discover Social Media Soccer links:




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