Create (or join) an Official Parma Fans Club in your country

Did you always dream about creating an official Parma Fans Club in you country or town? You can! And it is easier than you think.

Contact us and we will put you in contact with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – the association that organize an coordinates all the fans club – and will explain you all the reliefs for Official members.

You will be part of a community that is more like a Family, find other fans to share your passion with and, most of all, contribute to reinforce and enlarge Parma Calcio fan base.

Join Forestér, official Parma Fans Club

2023/24 membership campaign is open. You can now join “Forestér”, Parma Fans Worldwide official Parma Club – member of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – and support this unique worldwide network.

Subscription will get you reliefs for away matches with Centro Coordinamento, a 10% discount in Tardini Parma Official store and some unique limited ParmaFansWorldwide merchandise.

For informations, WhatsApp or mail us at

Season tickets holders can lend their entry ticket

In season 2023/24 who owns a season ticket can pass his access to another fan of the same category: adults to adults, women to women, kids to kids, with no additional cost.

For most important matches, this is a fundamental way not to waste seats in Tardini and leave empty places when there is high request and box office sold out.

It is also a nice way to make community and help each other without non-profit.

Who owns a paper season ticket have to go on Ticketone website, click on “cambio utilizzatore” and selecting the referring match. After this procedure it will be assigned a document that represent the temporary ticket for the match. Once in Tardini the person has to bring this document and the season ticket of the person who lend it. (Explanation in Italian here)

If someone want to lend a season ticket from a fidelity card it can be done just to another fidelity card holder. The owner have to go on Ticketone website and select the interested match after clicking on “cambio supporto”. On matchday, the person has to bring his fidelity and the seat marker of who lend the season ticket. (Explanation in italian here)

Talking about Parma and the Beauty of Calcio on CittaCalcioUSA podcast

We just took part to Podcast by CittaCalcioUsa, a website about Cittadella in english run by Jake, a great host and a great Cittadella American fan. His daily work to spread his passion is amazing. You find CittaCalcioUSA on Twitter and Instagram.

The Podcast is available on multiple platforms and at this link:

Abroad there is a lot of fans of Italian football and their activity is often under the radar. Even if for different colors we share the same passion, let’s support each other to count more all together.

Thanks again Jake for the invitation.

Take part to a book for 110th anniversary

Fondazione Matteo Bagnaresi Onlus – an association that takes care of young people and families in trouble dedicated to Bagna memory – is collecting 110 portraits of players or managers that took part to the Parma Calcio in his 110 years of history.

The book will be finely edited and distributed for the Parma Calcio birthday in support to the Bagnaresi Foundation.

If you like to paint, draw, sketch and would like to take part to this project, contact us. We will guide you to the proper contact person.

Always by Parma side

“You are that creased flag, that granpa’s pic at the stadium, that ticket of a match that made you fall in love, that wool scarf that you wear also in June and that jersey with a black cross we are the only ones with.

Always by Parma side.” (P. Chittolini, Parma Fan)

We read these words by Pietro Chittolini, a Curva Nord son, and we fully endorse them. Always by Parma side.

In a way, loosing that way after those two shady matches, made us being even more proud of being on this side.

Ultras (and other groups) united for Romagna

After the recent flood that hit Romagna area, an important chain of solidarity started from all over Italy to help the population affected by this dramatic event.

As often happens in these unlucky moments, Italian supporters community is at the fore front to give his contribution of solidarity, under the radar of mass media.

Ultras ad other fans groups got in connection with Romagna local association, and with local fans groups, also with whom is a huge rival on the pitch, to bring their contribution to who is in need.

One example for all, the 20 people expedition of Pesi Massimi Como, a group of Como fans we already had the chance to talk about for their solidarity attitude. These lads organizes a money collection in the past days, contacted Cesena Ultras – definitely not their football friends – and under their coordination brought tools and men for a practical help.

Almost every Club ultras group – Mantova, Milan, Spal, Reggiana, Piacenza, Parma… – did or is about to do something similar, but you will find notice of it just in a quick post of local newspaper. This is not the kind of news about Ultras world that mass media want to highlight.

But this spontaneous solidarity, this practical attitude, this community feeling is exactly what we like about Football.

Academy Summer Camps in NYC

Parma Academy network growing process is going on quickly, as we had the chance to testify during last months, talking about the Hungarian exchange and Copa Crozada. The Club just announced the organization of the first American Summer Camp this summer with a Gigi Buffon video. It will take place in New York City, in the Manhattan district (Lower East Side and Little Italy), from 24 July to 4 August 2023.

The Camps, run by Parma Calcio coaches, are open to children aged 5 to 14. All registration information is available at

As Gioele Caravello, head of the the Parma Academy project, the network is spreading and this will be hopefully the first of a series of appointments in the States.

If you run an Academy or a Club or are in contact with them, in USA as in other countries, and are interested in check the chances of a collaboration with Parma Academy, mail us. We will put in contact with our Club.

“Different stories, same passion”

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