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We proudly announce that next Tuesday 19th February at 5:45 PM we will be guest of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs to have a speech about Parma abroad fans, together with Giuseppe De Cristofaro (Parma Calcio 1913 Brand and Digital Marketing), Michele Galli (Museum Association President), Angelo Manfredini (Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs President), Giuseppe Squarcia (Parma Calcio 1913 Supporter Liaison Officer) and Massimo Zannoni, President of Parma Club Mediolanum and organizer of the event, that we would like to thank you for inviting us.

We already knew that, but this is an additional demonstration of interest and openness by Parma town and Parmesan fanbase toward people like you that, even if from far and with obvious distance and language obstacles: follow, support, love Parma Calcio.

If you have been in Tardini lately you surely notice it. Sometimes there could be some understanding problems due to different languages, but if you have the precious chance to get deeper inside the surface, talk to people, share experiences together, you’ll recognize that we are all part of the same yellow and blue Family.

We have the presumption to think that such “kind of magic” is not everywhere and is not for everyone. If you are a Parma supporter you probably didn’t follow the most winning team in football history, nor the one with bigger stadium or fanbase. You just found your cup of tea. Especially from abroad, you can not born Parma fan, nor became. You just discover you are (and probably always has been).

We hope this meeting will be an important step to build an organized, recognized, respected Parma abroad fans network.

Thanks again to Massimo Zannoni and Parma Club Mediolanum for the invitation and to all of you for supporting Parma Fans Worldwide project.

What is Love

happy Valentines1200x.jpg

No, we are to the ones who send lovely messages on Valentines. Nothing against it, but it is just not for us.

We just thought about ignoring this day, but then we realized there are many kind of Love an probably the highest demonstration of Love we taste it personally.

So, happy Valentines, Parma fans.

Here the complete Lucarelli farewell speech and in the video below the moment in which he pronounced, touched, the words you just red in front us, his fans, his second family.

Thanks to Lorenzo Cattani to let us use the pictures and to for the video.

We remember you that crowdfunding for documentary on Lucarelli history is still running, read here.



WikiParma: Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs (CCPC)

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs (CCPC) is the association – recognized by Parma Calcio 1913 – that gather all Official Parma Fans Clubs. It was born in 1981 thanks to the impulse of Riccardo Sogliano, historical Parma sport director under Ernesto Ceresini presidency.

CCPC board is composed by 15 members, 2 vice-presidents and on President, chosen every 3 years. Current President is Angelo Manfredini, elected in 2018. All associated to CCPC are volunteers.

Main activities of CCPC are: organization of every away match travel, in Italy and in Europe; organization of Tardini bars and collaborations with stadium stewards thanks to a big group of volunteers; promote and endorse activities in support of Parma Calcio cheer. CCPC is the point of reference for all the Parma fans.

CCPC use to support various charity activities, never with direct money deposit but always with material. In last years most remarkable activities were: buying equipment for Parma Hospital for leukemia patients and for Parma Children Hospital, ambulance for parma First Aid, sustain to communities hit by natural disasters (in Lunigiana, L’Aquila, Livorno, Lentigione…), just to mention some.

In 2018 affiliated to CCPC were 2800, spread in almost 30 Official fans clubs. In the moment in which we write, Official fans club are: A. Lucarelli, Amigh dal Parma, Aquila B. Longhi, Arci San Lazzaro, Arci Toscanini “E. cavalieri”, Australia, Balkan 1913, Banca Intesa, BAsilicanova, Black Phoenix Trecasali, Campora H. Crespo, Cariparma, Cinghiali Gialloblù, Cittadella Crociata, Collecchio Gialloblù, Crociati Balkan, Cuore Crociato Sala Baganza, D. Dessena, Ducato d’Europa, Farnese, Fedeltà Crociata Medesano, Giuseppe Verdi, Golena, Golese. Golese Tolasudolsa, Greece, Danè, Indomita, Hungary, La bella età, La grande ” C. Bozzetti”, Lecco Giallloblù, L. Apolloni, Mediolanum, Millenium, Monticelli “C. Giuffredi”, N° 10, Parma Fans Worldwide “Forestér”, Parma Voladora, Poland, Rapid, R. D’Aversa, Salsomaggiore Terme Cavallo, Toscana Crociata, Traversetolo,  Va Pensiero Gialloblù, Val Parma.

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs is also member of FISSC – Federazione Italiana Sostenitori Squadre di Calcio, the federation that collects Italian organized supporters clubs in order to promote sport values under the motto “rivals on the field, friends outside”, which whom since years bring on campaigns like the one for low and fixed prices for away fans.

To get in contact with them, for any info or to create an Official Parma fans group, you find them in the little yellow building at the left side of Tardini main gate on match day,  and from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 pm, by phone at +39 (0)521 941300 or mail

Website (Italian):

Facebook page:

If  you need support in get in touch with CCPC, ask us.

Travelling Parmigiani: Kevin from Tennessee, USA

Parmagiani wake up at 4 am, but they are not the only one to have time zone problems!

Thanks to Kevin from Tennessee, USA, and to all the fans are getting up right now!

Continue sending our contribution to Travelling Parmigiani photobook!

For American and Canadian fans we reminds you we have a local Facebook group for you:


Set alarm clock at 4 AM, there is Parma on TV


Think about this when your wife is bothering you because you spend couple of hours to watch your team on tv or dream about take a plane and flight to Tardini.

We talked many times about Parmagiani Indonesia, probably the biggest and best organized local Parma Fans community outside Italy. A part of chatting in social networks, organizing couple of national gathering per year, playing a football league with three different teams (5, 7 and 11 players) they do the most important thing: they meet up and spend time together.

This is a quick collection of pictures of last match against Inter meetings. Consider that in Indonesia the match was displayed live at 4 AM. Yes, you understood, they woke up to watch their team at 4 am. In some cases they watches in a bar – sometimes together with Inter fans, and this is great – in some other at home.

You can think three things, now:

1) that they are crazy, but at a closer look nobody is normal, you know

2) that you are proud of them, and we all are

3) that you are not the only one to set the alarm clock in the middle of the night to watch Parma on TV and that you need to find other crazy people like you to meet up. And we are here to help you in that.

As usual, well done, Parmagiani!

Travelling Parmigiani: @parmacalcio_en Twitter account from the beach

Yeah, this is a news! Parma Calcio English Twitter account sent us a postcard for our #travellingparmigiani collection and now you have no reason not to do the same.

So, if you have a Parma jersey or scarf, follow these easy steps:

1 – wear them and get of in the street

2 – take a picture of you in your town. If you are not in your town even better, let’s mark the territory.

3 – sent it to us – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, as you like – and it will be displayed our Travelling Parmigiani photobook with a special mention

If you don’t have Parma jersey or scarf, click here, get one, wait almost one week. Once the postman arrives go back to step 1 one and follow the next.

Stop hiding, tell the World we are back, Crociati, com’on!


Parma vs Napoli tickets


Parma Calcio vs Napoli tickets  – Sunday 24th Februaryat 6pm CET – are now for sale.

Ticket sale is available only in Italian Ticketone box offices, so NO ONLINE SALE.

Curva Nord and Tribuna Est are sold out with seasonal tickets. Curva Sud tickets (25 euro, 5 euro for under 14) are available only in Parma province and for Parma province residents. Away fans area tickets (3800 seats, 40 euro, 5 for under 14) are for sale until 23rd February at 7 pm: for Napoli province residents is needed SSC Napoli Fidelity Card, otherwise no need for fidelity card.

Tribuna Centrale Petitot (150 euros, 5 for under 14), Tribuna Laterale Petitot (100 euro, 5 for under 14) and Tribuna Laterale Ovest (70 euro, 5 for under 14) will be possibly on sale later, and only in case of Parma Calcio official communication.

Tickets can’t be passed from a person to another, otherwise seasonal tickets can be borrowed, with the appropriate documentation.

Read below recommendations for next matches:

As Parma Calcio wrote on his website official tickets will not be for sale until at least 10 days before the match. This means to beware by who try to sell you tickets before that date.

We recently related with many abroad fans that bought tickets with large advance from some website, not trustable as said by Parma Calcio, that communicate to them few days before the match that tickets were not available. Since the low ticket availability Parma – unfortunately for abroad fans – lately put on sale tickets just in italian box offices.

Contact us or your local Parma fans club in order to receive fans-to-fans support.

Here the tickets pricelist, against Napoli will be a “big match” so check second column prices.

Don’t forget #11

After every lost match we ask you don’t forget where we come from.

Starting from Serie D we have been able to keep the smile away from Juventus face for one night. It cannot always be like that Saturday, but don’t let you down.

We are back. We are back for real.

This is a little part of us, international fans from all over, that joined us in Juventus stadium away fans area. So proud of that.

“Different stories, same passion”

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