Ultras (and other groups) united for Romagna

After the recent flood that hit Romagna area, an important chain of solidarity started from all over Italy to help the population affected by this dramatic event.

As often happens in these unlucky moments, Italian supporters community is at the fore front to give his contribution of solidarity, under the radar of mass media.

Ultras ad other fans groups got in connection with Romagna local association, and with local fans groups, also with whom is a huge rival on the pitch, to bring their contribution to who is in need.

One example for all, the 20 people expedition of Pesi Massimi Como, a group of Como fans we already had the chance to talk about for their solidarity attitude. These lads organizes a money collection in the past days, contacted Cesena Ultras – definitely not their football friends – and under their coordination brought tools and men for a practical help.

Almost every Club ultras group – Mantova, Milan, Spal, Reggiana, Piacenza, Parma… – did or is about to do something similar, but you will find notice of it just in a quick post of local newspaper. This is not the kind of news about Ultras world that mass media want to highlight.

But this spontaneous solidarity, this practical attitude, this community feeling is exactly what we like about Football.

Academy Summer Camps in NYC

Parma Academy network growing process is going on quickly, as we had the chance to testify during last months, talking about the Hungarian exchange and Copa Crozada. The Club just announced the organization of the first American Summer Camp this summer with a Gigi Buffon video. It will take place in New York City, in the Manhattan district (Lower East Side and Little Italy), from 24 July to 4 August 2023.

The Camps, run by Parma Calcio coaches, are open to children aged 5 to 14. All registration information is available at www.parmaacademyny.com.

As Gioele Caravello, head of the the Parma Academy project, the network is spreading and this will be hopefully the first of a series of appointments in the States.

If you run an Academy or a Club or are in contact with them, in USA as in other countries, and are interested in check the chances of a collaboration with Parma Academy, mail us. We will put in contact with our Club.

Parma Calcio avantgarde: fans with disabilities in away stand

We can be in serie A, B, C or D, we can be in a bad period, in a strange season, whatever, but we always find the way to lead in this kind of ventures.

Parma Calcio – in the person of Giuseppe Squarcia, Parma Calcio Supporters Liaision Officer and Football Social Responsability – and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs will bring 30 fans with disabilities in the away stand in Ferrara. This is an experimental trial for a more inclusive stadium experience.

It can seem a really small thing but it is not. If accessing the home matches for disabled fans is becoming easier years by years, away matches have a sort of filter for them, represented by the travel, the access to the stand, the helper and the infrastructures.

With the availability by Spal, Coordinamento and Parma Calcio will give the chance to 30 fans from Cooperativa I Girasoli and Fiorente and from Paralympic Parma team to take part to this stadium experience.

After “Parma for Specials” and “Always with Blue”, anther great venture by the Club on the social side. We are really proud of this.

Plastic Pull: for natural environment, for our territory

Credit: Parma Calcio

Botond Balogh, Bianca Giulia Bardin and Margherita Brscic took part to a garbage collection on Parma pebbly riverbed taking part to a the project Plastic Pull by Piantando, partner of Parma Calcio women team.

On this specific activity, the players and a group of Club employees collected 230 kg of garbage in a specific area of Parma surroundings, that will encrease the total amount of 5 tons collected by the Plastic Pull project.

A (silent) commendable activity by the Club, that enforce the link with the territory. Well done.

Parma and Hungary a love story with (hopefully) a bright future

Kiraly Academy players in Parma today

Every Parma fan that goes to the stadium surely knows that in Hungary there is a strong community of Gialloblù supporters. Their banner is often shown on the stands around Italy or during summer trainings. The foundations, many years ago (2004!), of a well organized fans club – affiliated to Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – is the proof of a long time love story.

Recently they founded a five-a-side football team with whom they will proudly bring the name of Parma around Hungary.

This is not the only link between Parma Calcio and Hungary: a sharing of experiences is being opened by the Club and top level Kiraly Gabor Football Academy. A young representative of Hungarian top level academy is now in Parma to take part to Copa Crozada and in the beginning of June our under 11 will take part to an international tournament in Szombathely (Hungary).

All this thanks to the passion of our worldwide Family.

2nd Copa Crozada starts today: 700 young players from all over

The second edition of Copa Crozada starts today in Parma, with the participation of over 700 young players from all the italian and abroad affiliated clubs. 60 teams from Italy, Germany, Malta, Mexico and Hungary will take part to this big event dedicated to younger players (from beginners to under 11).

A great project realized by Parma Academy to enforce the community feeling and enlarge the Parma Family.

Boys and CCPC: we want qualified people

Boys 1977 and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs published a paper in which they underline their disappointment with the Club for not respecting the summer promises. During a summer meeting in Boys and CCPC asked the Club to be more present, expecially to have a person to relate with, that could be – in good and in bad times – a point of reference. They register a total absence, a part for resuts, an absence of the care and passion. That is why they wrote: SOCIETÀ ASSENTE, DISASTRO EVIDENTE:
(“Club absent, obvious disaster:
we want qualified people”)

“Different stories, same passion”

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