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We translate and publish the letter that Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just sent together with a donation to Assistenza Pubblica di Parma. Proud to be, as Official Parma Fans Club, member of Centro Coordinamento. In WikiParma section yo can read our deepening on Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs.

There are friends that, as volunteers since always, every day, continually, are servicing Parma town and province […] for every need that is related with our Parmesan people health. They are the guys of Assistenza Pubblica di Parma, that are at our side in Ennio Tardini Stadium as first aid during Parma Calcio matches.

We always supported them, sometimes with important donations, like when we recently bought a fully accessorized ambulance, for the big relationship they created with Parmesan people.

In this moment, In which these friends of us are facing the bigger health emergency in last decades, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs decided to be once again by their side donating them 5000 euros.

This venture, like the donation of 25.600 euros to the Parma Hospital, was possible thanks to the support of the big Parma Family

Who is the most Bellelli Parma fan?

We never stop collecting photos for our Travelling Parmigiani album and during these days we have more free time to look into old pictures boxes. So we decided, together with a very famous satirical page called I più Bellelli di Parma (Facebook page and Instagram profile), to start a challenge to choose the most “Bellelli” Parma fan. What does that mean? Uhm… not that easy to translate, just look for the most weird picture in which you are showing up your footballistic passion: during your wedding day, at your cousin’s graduation or on a Brazilian beach.

We want to see how all of us mark the territory outside football context. Tomas Brolin, for example, wear a Parma jersey during Sweden National Day. Rengga while he is on holiday with his wife, Stefano in front of an iceberg in Iceland!

You have 40 days to send the picture to us by email or with a direct message on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, putting your name and the place where the pic was taken. Sending it you automatically authorize us to publish it. Every pic will be published on our channels. After the collection, Bellelli guys will make an online poll to vote for the best one.

To the winner a Bellelli tshirt and our DADE COLLO numbered scarf; to all the finalists one of our Homo Valdanito pin.

Don’t wait too much for looking into the memories boxes… the countdown already started!

Vote for Parma Best 11

Italian website just started an online poll to vote for the Crociati best 11 ever.

They will post, role by role, a voting form. Here you can find the first one, dedicated to the goalkeeper. The first contenders are: Bucci, Buffon, Frey, Mirante, Taffarel.

Next days you will find other role’s poll on

This venture is linked with a player’s kits auction, in collaboration with Live Onlus, that will collect money for Parma Hospital.

WikiParma: Boys Parma 1977

Boys Parma 1977 was founded on 3rd august 1977 in Osteria “Parma Rotta” by a group of fellows that used to go to Tardini Curva Sud and that would like to open a new way of supporting, different from the Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs one.

Since then, generations by generations, the tradition continued in Curva Nord, still remaining the only Ultras Group in Parma. Over 40 years of longevity means that the Group has been capable of surviving to generation turnover, both natural or forced.

The history of the Group can be divided into four main periods:

1977 to 1986: this era is characterized by the beginning of an Ultras movement in Parma and the definition of an identity for the Group. Like another group called Danè did before, were chosen for Boys yellow and blue colors (the town colors) even if the Club used to play with a white black-crossed jersey at that time. First big generational turnover took place after the consequences of fights during a derby with Reggiana on 4th may 1986.

1986 to 1994: who remained after post-derby repression had the hard responsibility  to bring on the Group name and banner. This generation passed throught winning days, Wembley historical experience, until the second “breaking point”, after another derby against Reggiana on 6th April 1994, when the feeling among many was that Parma let Reggiana win to allow them stay in Serie A. This caused a total split in the group between who would stop supporting the team on following matches and who would like to sing anyway, as it happened. After Copenaghen Winners’ cup final on 4th may 1994 the break was clear: following away match in Napoli was attended just by 25 Boys.

1994 to 2005: Since 1994 derby, a second group called “Potere Crociato” was born, composed mainly by the older Boys, and for 10 years Curva Nord was sadly split. The opening of an headquarters – in via Calestani –  has been the important turning point that helped to merge the Group and  integrate the new generations that joined the community.

2005 to nowadays: After winning playout against Bologna the current era started and is characterized by a big opening to the town and the rest of the fan base. If before the Group was more self-referential now it acts feeling that sort of responsibility that comes when a big part of the town feels identified with you even if not officially member of Boys. This is why, during last 10 years and especially during the bankruptcy, Boys have been the only bastion, the only certainty while everything was collapsing.

Boys Parma 1977 was recognized in 2007 by Parma town with “Premio Sant’Ilario”, a recognition to meritorious citizens and institutions, both for numerous charity ventures organized and the dedicated presence on the territory.

After the dramatic death of Matteo Bagnaresi in March 2008, Curva Nord was named after him and the chorus “Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi” together with the blue banner with two yellow stars and the text “Boys” mark the Boys presence in every appearance of the Team. Since 2017 they moved into a new headquarter in Parma.

Boys Parma 1977: 43 years and counting of Ultras history in Parma, self-financed even for the bigger choreography, with no political colors, depending on nobody – not on presidents not on sponsors – stubbornly free, proudly free.

Boys Parma website:

Boys Parma Facebook Page: CrUsAdErS

(This WikiParma article in based on material collected on Boys website and from an interview by Matteo Falcone published on SportPeople – that we officially thank – in august 2018)

In ancient times (by C. Del Vasto)

Author: Carlo Del Vasto

🇮🇹 Versione italiana: Nell’antichità

🇪🇸 Version en Espanol: En la antigüedad

In ancient times, to explain difficult concepts related with life, death, behavior, morals, love, hate, they used short tales.

Jesus did that, the best storyteller of all times, great Greek philosophers, Gandhi and so did Omar Sivori.

Then, one day, English invented football and the world changed, for better or worse.

Empire economic and political colonies started dribbling, shooting, make goal… rete… gol. Football started being inflected as calcio, futbòl, soccer… but also jogo bonito, catenaccio, tiki taka. Every community express their own phobia and love of life with football, Basilian creativity and irreverence, German order and discipline, Uruguayan garra charrua, Argentinian all and nothing, the spirit of football essence of Maradona’s Argentina, the sigle person that marks the difference for better or worse. Italian teamwork, because when we play as a team, we always win.

They say when you cannot face a problem, the Universe disclose it to you in the most different ways, we are in this aspect to learn. Football is one of those indirect messages sent to us to understand the World, assumed you are tuned on the right frequencies.

Every match is a life example, you just have to figure yourself with the jersey of one team on. AC Milan’s Istanbul final teach us not ever take for granted what you got. Inter Milan 5th of May that, even if you have Ronaldo and one point more than the opponent, in the world things not always go as you wished. Juventus Perugia game, teach you that evil not always win and that some messages comes from above, heavy rain and disasters sometimes for something good. My Velez Sarsfiels that an absurd goleador goalkeeper in the person of Jose Luis Chilavert and a unite laboring team conquer Libertadores in Brazil and win over Milan, the battleship, in Tokyo. Maradona that scores two goals to English right after Malvinas’ war.

Every piece of play has a meaning.

A goal from the middle of the field is a daring, epic result. Bicycle kick is elegance and ambition. In some latitudes they call it “chilean” because the first or the most famous player making this kick came form the pepper-shaped country. […]

Today’s parable is the match that was played for 16th round of Italian league, day 9th of January 2000.

Parma plays a bad match against what it is an invincible team with Zidane at his best (how the hell was he good?!) and with referee Farina that blows the whistle every time in favour of the Vecchia Signora and not even the worst guadañazo for Parma. Juventus dominates in the midfield but can’t finalize, first because Pippo Inzaghi is not in his best day, second because there was a certain Fabio Cannavaro there. But at 59th minute Torrisi makes a faul to Del Piero and is sent off. Penalty kick. Del Piero scores.

Dino Baggio loose his head, is sent off and makes that money hand-gesture that costed him also the national team. In the meantime got in Burrito Ortega, that with River Plate played until late, getting in drunk in the first half and getting drunk the defenders in the second, and also Walem.

It is 92nd minute, Parma plays in 9 against 11, fields is a swamp, bianconeri are everywhere. It’s damn cold and the non-stop rain filters until fans and players bones. Supporters breath contract so much that seems fog, or many little smudge pots.

To believe is to create, if you believe enough it becomes real. The observer modifies matter and reality.

And so, when everything seemed to end, a light is lighten up by who you would never expect, Walem… Who the hell is Walem? He make a wonderful pass on the left to Crespo, that enter the box, hypnotizes three Juve defenders and scores with a shot with the left foot, that is not his main.

And the whole stadium falls down. Crespo run to the corner and starts a celebration no one of us will never forget.

Uncontrollable joy. In Curva Nord happens what Argentinian call avalancha, avalanche.

It is a jubilation, embraces, raised arms, liberating screams.

He is the hero, but also all the others players on the pitch, sent off Torrisi and Dino Baggio and the fans that constantly supported the team.

Hernan Jorge Crespo, Hernan /Ernani like Verdi’s opera bandit, Jorge like Saint George, that defeated the Drake.

That big guy that in his first days in Parma didn’t shine, even being reclutant with the yellow and blue shirt, too similar to the Boca Juniors one, he that wasa a Gallina (River Plate son) in the heart. He that, in River, stand hours in the training center to try bicycle kicks, backheel, rabonas with el principito Francescoli.

The legend says that a River Plate fan sent him a training jersey to put under the millionarios Parma one and that from then he started scoring gol, so it is spelled in Argentina, and to let a little capitol city fall in love with him and his feet.

In this moment, we all are that Parma that fight against a ruthless rival and apparently invincible, we are outnumbered and without resources, we have no more defence, even if we are in disadvantage, even if everything seems to be against us.

We are those that never give up, that fight till the end, that believe and try every possible chance. We are Dino Baggio that makes the money hand-gesture and charge with the System.

We don’t have to expose but keep the position.

Keep united, don’t faul, don’t get in contact, let restart and change the result against statistics, against forecasts. Let do our part staying at home, then our Walem (doctors) and Crespo (nurses) will score.

Everything is impossible until someone makes it.

Miracles doesn’t exist, but sometimes happens.


To watch the goal:

To watch the full match:

Chi è il tifoso piu Bellello?

Abbiamo tutti molto tempo libero per fare ordine tra le vecchie cose e siamo sicuri che anche a voi sarà già capitata tra le mani qualche vecchia foto speciale sistemando il garage.

Insieme agli amici di I più Bellelli di Parma (pagina Facebook e profilo Instagram) abbiamo deciso di raccogliere tutte le immagini in cui i tifosi del Parma hanno “marcato il territorio”. Vale tutto: la comunione di vostra nipote, le vacanze in Costa Brava o il concerto degli Spandau Ballet, l’importante è che il contesto sia extracalcistico.

Avete 40 giorni di tempo per inviare le vostre foto all’indirizzo email oppure tramite messaggio diretto su Instagram, Facebook o Twitter, indicando il nome, dove e quando è stata scattata. Inviandola date automaticamente autorizzazione alla pubblicazione.

Pubblicheremo sui nostri canali tutte le foto che ci arriveranno e al termine della quarantena i ragazzi dei Bellelli organizzeranno una votazione pubblica per decretare chi sia IL TIFOSO/A PIU’ BELLELLO.

Al primo classificato andrà la maglietta dei Bellelli e una delle nostre sciarpe DADE COLLO numerate. Ai finalisti una spilla “Homo Valdanito”.

E’ il momento di mettere mano al baule dei ricordi: non vediamo l’ora di riempire il nostro album dei Travelling Parmigiani con qualche chicca.

Stay home, stay safe

Hint: Coruzzi

We don’t like to talk about things we don’t know about and we never wanted to go out from our main mission that is to create an international Parma fans network. But this situation worldwide – and especially in Italy – force us to spread a message, the same one you keep listening from everybody: Stay at home, and we will sooner be back meeting in Tardini.

Parma Calcio, despite the actual difficulties, is wothily providing daily contents for fans. Some of them in Italian language (players reading fairy tales to kids, video messages from Parma Legends), many others for all the fans around the world, especially via Twitter and Facebook, never forgetting to Support Parma Strongest Team.

Thanks to everyone who will follow and spread this simple message.

Stay home, Stay safe.

And we will sooner be back meeting in Tardini.

(Thanks to Coruz and Keung)

Tino with a fur hat

If you have one hour don’t miss this episode of “Parma è la Gazzetta”, the series that publisher Gazzetta di Parma dedicated to the relationship with the town. In episode number 9 they focus on Parma Calcio, making a very interesting resume, with some pre-internet images probably unseen until now.

Tino Asprilla with a fur hat, for example, President Ernesto Ceresini interviews, young Arrigo Sacchi or Enzo Gambaro goal against Real Madrid, when we worn that weird red kit.

Unmissable video, even if in Italian.

Click on the link below.

Thanks to Monica for the advice.

100.000 euro to the Hospital and refund for season ticket holders

Parma Calcio will refund season ticket holders for the closed doors matches due to Corona Virus emergency.

Fans will have the chance to get the money back or decide to devolve their quote to The Strongest Team in Parma, the intuitive in support of the Infectious Diseases and Intensive Care wards of Parma’s Ospedale Maggiore that is facing a big emergency. 

The Club will guarantee a donation of 100000 euro to the Hospital.

You can find more details for season ticket holders on Parma Calcio website.

To discover how to support Strongest team in Parma click on the link below:

Support Strongest Team in Parma

Clear cache and add more Parma memories

Are you stuck at home and can’t exit due to the pandemic emergency? Well its the time to refresh your football memories by watching again complete Parma matches. is an archive of complete football matches where you can find dozens of Parma matches from 1991 to nowadays. You just have to sing in to browse all the catalogue.

Now, you can complete your Channel-4-Gazzetta-Football-Italia-based Calcio knowledge. Like with that match when Parma beat the – until then – “Unbeatable”.

Cant miss it, if you have some free time.

And, of course, if you want to rewatch some recent match, here there is how to replay Parma matches.

“Different stories, same passion”

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