A Family portrait: Bagnaresi Foundation book for Parma birthday

The countdown is almost at his end, the book for 110th birthday of Parma Calcio made by Matteo Bagnaresi Foundation with the Official endorsement of the Club is finally ready.

The book, that collects 110 portraits of players and managers that took part to Parma Calcio history, has been possible thanks to the commendable work of author Michele Belmessieri (Matteo Bagnaresi Onlus) and the contribution of hundred fans/painters from all over the world. A work that started almost one year ago and that permitted to reach authors from Chile, Iceland, Austria, Spain, Ceck Repulic, France, Romania and, of course, Italy.

The book, made with solidarity porpouse, will be available at the startin g price of 10 euro – bigger offers are welcome – during Parma vs Palermo match and will be officially presented next Monday 4th december AT 6:60 PM in Fondazione Matteo Bagnaresi (via Saragat 33/a, Parma). For the Club, Managing Director Corporate, Luca Martines, and Supporters Liaison Officer, Giuseppe Squarcia, will attend.

A part that buying the book you can support at any time Matteo Bagnaresi Onlus activity by donating at the following bank account: IT50P0623012795000056683820

Young people have their future in their hands, but also ours*

*translation of a post first published on “Centenario dello Stadio Ennio Tardini” Facebook page.

Young people have their future in their hands. But also ours.

Today is November 30, 2023.


It is cold.

It’s one of those typically autumn days that physically bring us into winter.

You can feel the humidity in your bones.

You’re running errands in the center and you’ll have them all day but the house, the radiator on, maybe a nice plate of anolini for the evening are already fantastic.

Then you pass via Saffi.

You shouldn’t have taken that road, but you find yourself there coming from San Giovanni and passing through Borgo del Correggio.

At a certain point you have a flash of inspiration, an illumination, you perceive your best smile under the collar of your jacket.

Did it occur to you that in these same days, but 110 years ago, a group of young boys from Parma met in those parts to plan the future.

Enthusiastic, excited, full of ideas and projects and at the same time cold and wrapped in their heavy cloaks, they walk quickly through the city fog.

They come from the villages of the Historic Center and Oltretorrente, some from the outskirts of Prati Bocchi and San Leonardo. With two very heavy bicycles, there are those arriving from San Lazzaro.

At the time Parma was always wonderful, but not that great.

There rich images of hopes and dreams, warming themselves by the fire of the stove inside the tavern, and while they try to warm themselves by rubbing their hands, these young boys talk about the future and the football team they want to create.

Some of them have already participated in a football tournament (grouping under the temporary name of the Verdi Foot Ball Club), but they are so enthusiastic that they want to stabilize and make that brief previous experience lasting.

They think big: “…we have to create our city’s football team and we will call it PARMA FOOT BALL CLUB!!!”

Imagine twenty-year-old boys, sitting at the tables of a tavern in Via Saffi, on a cold November evening in 1913, talking, shouting, smiling, waving, dreaming, drawing, asking each other a thousand and a thousand questions, but they are animated by an iron will and a common goal and thanks to this they overcome all obstacles, overcome any impediment.

Try to imagine how much determination and how much healthy enthusiasm I could have had in planning and realizing a dream that changed and improved the lives of thousands and thousands of future Parma residents or Parma fans.

Without them, without their evenings in the cold to meet and talk about Parma, we probably wouldn’t be here today.

But fortunately we are here and on 16 December 2023 we will celebrate the 110th anniversary of the birth of the most beautiful football club in the world.

Here, dear young people from the Curva (and not only) who perhaps will read these lines: we hope you have the same imagination, the same will, the same determination that your peers had 110 years ago.

We hope you imagine the Curva Nord and the Ennio Tardini Stadium in the most beautiful, colourful, loudest and most engaging way possible.

We hope you overcome your doubts, shyness, scruples and do everything possible so that our support can be an example for the young people to come.

We hope you have the same enthusiasm, the same excitement, the same will to make your dreams come true, exactly like those who imagined Parma football in the autumn of 1913.

1913 seems very distant and yet the fruits of that amazing sowing are still here today. And they will remain so for who knows how many decades to come.

Dear young Parma people or not Parma people but Parma fans: don’t be afraid of the future, because it is in your hands, in your head and in your heart.

If you listen to them and follow, we will listen to you and follow you.

This is us, this is you

Pic by Lorenzo Cattani – www.lorenzocattani.com

Parma vs Como weekend as been one of those typical ParmaFansWorldwide one. A full immersion two days together with friends from all over the world, genuine Parma fans from Hong Kong, Malta, England, Scotland, Germany, Denmark…

We supported the creation of new official fans club, took Keung to his meeting with Luca Martines for the recognition the Club gave him for his work with Parma Club Hong Kong, we enjoyed the match in Curva Nord, we had party in the night with the crazy guys of newborn Parma Club London, then store tour, Tardini tour, training center tour and… a wonderful Parmesan typical lunch with our Maltese fans.

This is the community we dream to follow building match by match, season by season.

Wanna join our community or be more active in it? Read here and write us an email!

This is us, this is you.

A special guest from Hong Kong

Parma Fans Worldwide is a world-spread network for every Crusader fan running since almost six years. During this amount of time we had the chance to meet hundreds Parma fans from, literally, all around the world.

Five years ago, after a Genoa vs Parma match that he attended, we met Wing Yin Kenneth Keung, an Hong Kong supporter in love with our Club and Alessandro Lucarelli history. We left with the promise to meet again in Tardini soon. Due to Covid, that “soon” became “a five-years period” but in this amount of time he had the initiative to create and run an Official Hong Kong and Macao Parma fans club, gather other fans which whom he organizes meeting to watch games, friendly football match, jersey’s collectors gathering, helping us translating our website in his language.

We are very proud then that the Club decided to give him – as a representative of Hong Kong fans – a recognition for his passion the first time he came to Tardini, for the match against Como last week. Thanks to Giuseppe Squarcia, Luca Martines and the Social Media Team for this.

Keung and fans like him deserve all this.

During his visit, Keung had the chance to attend the match in Curva Nord, to visit Centro Coordinamento to renew the Hong Kong membership, to interview Fondazione Matteo Bagnaresi Onlus representative to discover their activities, to try tipical food and restaurants in town and province, to shopping in Tardini Store, to quickly attend a training and meet the players. All this this thanks to incredible welcoming attitude of Parma Family. Come back soon, Keung!

Anolini in Ascoli, done

Anolini in brodo* during an away match travel: DONE
Travelling with Centro Coordinamento for an away match is also this kind of events. Sociality (and “Parmesanety”) at its best.
Official fans Club members can travel with CCPC with special discount. Want to become a member? Contact us!

*”Anolini in brodo” is one of the most tipical and most identitarian Parmesan dishes. (Pics by Marco Bergamaschi)

Welcome Parma Club London

The adventure of Parma Club London started officially Friday 20th October under the impulse of Nathan and a bunch of friends that took part to the home match against Como in Tardini.

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs can now count on another official fan club to put together abroad fans in a territory that is historically rich of Crusaders such as London Town.

In London, ParmaFansWorlwide had his first international meeting back in 2019 and we are planning a new event for next spring.

If you wanna join or help us, please write an email to info@parmafansworldwide.com

The future is already here*

*translation of a post first published on “Centenario dello Stadio Ennio Tardini” Facebook page.

“Venice Parma, we return defeated, but there is a Crusader fan who smiles when he thinks back to the day.

No, it’s not because of the team’s play or the visit to the city, his smile comes from looking at those present at the away match.

Those present were few, or at least lower than the number one might have expected (there were 518 in total), but it is by observing them closely that a different observation arises: there are a lot of young guys.

Following up on this observation (40% of those present were under 35 years old and a percentage between 10/15% under 20 years old) the desire to delve further arose: how is our fan base from a demographic point of view? Not in general, obviously, but that part that cheers, that shouts, that moves, that goes away.

Here is the data.

This year in the Curva Nord there were 4,233 subscriptions subscribed and more precisely:

2633 full – 490 reduced women – 706 under 24 – 404 under 14

This means that 1110 people under the age of 24 have subscribed to the Curva Nord, representing over 25% of those who have pledged loyalty to the Crusaders no matter what.

25% is a very high figure, from a quantitative point of view; but it is a fundamental value from a qualitative point of view, because those who are under 24 undoubtedly represent the future of our fans.

But that is not all.

In this championship, just over 2000 tickets per match were sold at the box office; had half of these been developed by a group of ticket fans between 14-24 years.

You can immediately understand how the percentage of young people attending the Curva is growing more than proportionally (and affecting potential enthusiasm).

We turn to them, so that they have the desire and courage to involve other peers, to question themselves, to make the Parma match an unmissable event, to identify completely with the only team that represents our splendid city and our magnificent province, to bring all their enthusiasm, making up (at least in part) for the gaps and shortcomings of the Crusade fans.

But we also turn to Parma Calcio and the fan organisations, so that everyone is increasingly encouraged to involve, bring together and make the passion that a boy of that age can have explode.

We “little old men” must act as “little old men”, encouraging and stimulating them, without acting as a stopper..

Young people must be young because the future, for us and for them, has already begun and is already here.

Forward Young Crusaders!”

UK fans for Parma Calcio

Parma Fans Worldwide is the network for all the Parma Calcio supporters around the world. Everyone that wants to come to Parma, get in contact with other fans, share experiences, has now his place.

During the last five years we met hundreds fans in Tardini and around Italy and Europe. UK is certainly one of the places with the most Parma supporters. No doubt.

We invite every UK fan to get in contact with us. We are about to organize an important event in UK for the 2023/24 season and we are also about to announce an upcoming new Parma Club. Stay tuned!

“Different stories, same passion”

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