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Parma and Sampdoria: an historical celebration

Rumors where right at least this time, this is something historical, that will make jersey collectors go crazy.

Probably for the first time in Italy two football clubs will exchange theirs kits before the match instead than after.

On Sunday 5th May in Tardini Parma will play with a blucerchiata shirt and Sampdoria with a crociata jersey, properly designed by Erreà and Joma in a maybe unprecedented attempt to celebrate a friendship that last since season 1990/91 and that was started by fans – because fans are always who make football being Football – and took on by Clubs marketing department.

The match worn jerseys will be sold on charity auction: selling of Parma shirts profits will go to Genova Gaslini Children Hospital and selling of Sampdoria shirts will support Parma Children Hospital.

Can’t wait to see them on the pitch. There will be a bit of confusion at the beginning, maybe, but surely a good time together for the fanbases in Tardini.

You can find the blucrociata and a special box with both shirts on Parma Calcio website: http://shop.parmacalcio1913.com/en/

Season tickets holders have a 20% off in Tardini shop and online.

#blucrociati riddle

Blucrociati, this is the hashtag (and the claim) of and unknown venture by Parma Calcio and Sampdoria that will be announced this afternoon at 530 pm CEST on Parma social channels. It is a mix between the word blucerchiati, a way to call Sampdoria fans due to their blue jersey with iconic circles, and crociati, Parma fans, obviously referred to the Parma Calcio crusader historical home kit.

As known, Parma and Sampdoria fanbases have a strong friendship born between Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni and Boys Parma 1977 during season 1990/91, when Boys made a banner with “A noi l’Europa, a voi la gloria: lo scudetto alla Sampdoria” [Europe for us, Glory for you: Scudetto to Sampdoria] congratulating for the victory of the league, the last time a non-mainstream club won a Serie A title.

Since then, the friendship extended to all the fan bases – it is quite common to see a blucerchiata shirt or a Sampdoria scarf in Tardini Curva Nord and yellow and blue colors in Marassi Gradinata Sud – and to Clubs. Friendship it is so strong that it is common to see great collaboration between Clubs for lowing ticket prices, making flags parade and… something else that we will discover this evening.

Stay tuned, we will update as the mystery, started when a full page on Italian main sport newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport appeared today, will be unveiled.

Parma vs Sampdoria tickets

Parma vs Sampdoria is always a special match due to a almost 30 years friendship, and this time it will be even more.

We suggest to all the Parma fans coming to Tardini on Sunday 5th May to get in contact with us in order to meet before or after the match and to give the best suggestions about tickets and Parma visit.

Some tickets are for sale online at the following link, but get in contact with us anyway by WhatsAppFacebook pageTwitterInstagramYouTubeTelegram.

Available tickets online:

Tribuna Laterale Ovest: 40 euro full price, 30 concession (women, under 18, over 65), 5 under 14

Tribuna Laterale Petitot: 60 full price, 40 concession, 5 under 14

Tribuna Petitot: 100 full price, 70 concession, 5 under 14

Settore Ospiti (–> Sampdoria fans <–): 10 euro

Link to tickets online sale: https://sport.ticketone.it/44596/90600643/parma-vs-sampdoria-serie-a-tim?ctsaffiliate=ITT

On sale only in Parma province:

Curva Sud 15 euro

There is also a Facebook event to comment and share pictures: Parma vs Sampdoria Facebook Event

Parma vs Sampdoria is coming

When Parma and Sampdoria play it is always a special match thanks to a friendship that from the fans spreads also to Clubs. In 2015, our last match in Serie A was in Marassi against Samp and their fans sang “Tornerete in Serie A” [You’ll be back in Serie A”]. Three years later, we were back for real and before the game all the ultras and normal supporters together made a mixed parade. Sampdoria welcomed Parma fans in away stand by lowing ticket prices to 10 euro and with a very special reception in Marassi.

All the clues let us suppose that Sunday 5th May match (at 3 PM CEST) will be an historical match, surely we have to expect something special both from the fans and from the Clubs so we suggest you, if planning to come, to get in touch with us in order to receive the best informations possible about tickets, fans meeting, Parma.

We are available by email at info@parmafansworldwide.com or on WhatsAppFacebook pageTwitterInstagramYouTubeTelegram.

We are waiting for you in Tardini, Tardini is waiting for you!

For Genova, by Fans

Boys Parma 1977 and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs collected 1500 euro from the selling of a t-shirt in support for Genova citizenship after Ponte Morandi collapse.

T-shirts, realized by Sampdoria fans and Federclubs, was sold in Curva Nord on Sunday 21 before Parma vs Lazio match.

Remember about it when you will hear people talk about ultras.

Parma vs Sampdoria on live (and delayed) streaming



Parma vs Sampdoria, awaited friendly match against our Ligurian long time friends in Trento will start at 6 pm (Rome Time), in few minutes…

Match will be available on Parma official Facebook as usual, well done guys!


The other news is that the match will be televised by Telenord at 10 pm (Rome time), with 4 hot delay. We really hope will be available on streaming on website of the Genova channel. Since now we didn’t have answer, and will update this post as soon as we get one by the Telenord. If you lost the live you have, probably, a second chance to watch it!

Here is the link: