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Let the Team feel our support

Boys Parma 1977 asked all the fan base to meet at 1 PM in front of the Tardini gate to receive the bus of the players arriving to the stadium and let them feel all our support for a crucial match of the season.

We have to let feel the team all the support possible during the match. As Alessandro Lucarelli said few days ago: “Fiorentina have to feel they are playing against not just a team, but against a whole town“.

We with the voice, you with the heart… We’ll win!

What is Love

happy Valentines1200x.jpg

No, we are to the ones who send lovely messages on Valentines. Nothing against it, but it is just not for us.

We just thought about ignoring this day, but then we realized there are many kind of Love an probably the highest demonstration of Love we taste it personally.

So, happy Valentines, Parma fans.

Here the complete Lucarelli farewell speech and in the video below the moment in which he pronounced, touched, the words you just red in front us, his fans, his second family.

Thanks to Lorenzo Cattani to let us use the pictures and to StadioTardini.it for the video.

We remember you that crowdfunding for documentary on Lucarelli history is still running, read here.



Un capitano. No, two.

credit to: www.francescabocchiafotografia.it

credit to: www.francescabocchiafotografia.it

Yesterday in Tardini Stadium took place the first Meet&Greet – hoping it was the first of a series – of the season in which Captains Alessandro Lucarelli and Bruno Alves took photos with fans and signed pictures, t-shirs and… a flag!

We asked Captain Lucarelli to sign our flag dedicated to him and that was also the occasion for us to give him a special t-shirt we made before Parma vs Juve match with a The Plin in the back:

“Everybody is talking about Cristiano, but one day his brother, Alessandro Ronaldo, a defender, will come and make history more than him” [referred to the arrival of Captain brother, Cristiano Lucarelli, to Parma one year before him]

It is nothing against the great champion, Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is our way to underline  that for us NOBODY would be better than Alessandro Lucarelli. 

We gave a t-shirt to Bruno Alves to, as good omen for the season and for the captain role handover. Maybe will give it to Cristiano, who knows 😉


6>7: Math is a matter of LOVE

If being a fan would be a matter of numbers or victories everybody in Italy would be Juve fan and fan of Real Madrid worldwide. It is almost like that but not for everybody.

Being a fan is a matter of passion, love, irrationality, sometimes the result for casualties.

Before Parma vs. Juventus we made a simple thought: for us, our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli is the most important ever. What he did for us – guaranteeing our survival in 2015, defending the club in courthouses,  standing with us also in serie D and leading us to coming back to Serie A, being a support and a friend before being a player – is unique. We would never exchange him with anybody. Neither with CR7.

Mathematics is easy when love is involved, so:


Alessandro Lucarelli is better than Cristiano Ronaldo


6 is more than 7

We would like to tell this to everybody and we made a t-shirt to fix the concept.

If you are interested in write at info@parmafansworldwide.com

In the back you can have a known The Plin: “Everybody is talking about Cristiano, but one day his brother, Alessandro Ronaldo, a defender, will come and make history more than him” [referred to the arrival of Captain brother, Cristiano Lucarelli, to Parma one year before him]

ps: we know in 2015 Juve scored us 7 goals but, you know, we don’t give a s**t. They will never have a man like him.

Whip round for Alessandro Lucarelli gift

pic credit: passionedelcalcio.it

You red correctly.

As during high school time, we are collecting adhesion for a special gift for our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli, to be ready before Christmas time.

It is not a matter of money, we will not ask for that, but of a bit dedication.

If you are looking for a way say thank you to this man, you probably found how to.

Write us on info@parmafansworldwide or on usual social channels and, please, keep the secret with Alessandro!

These Football Times talking about Parma Calcio

We would like to report a very complete and accurate article about our recent history on These Football Times written by Gary Thacker @All_Blue_Daze , that we would like to officially thank.

Soon it will be listed on a specific section of our website that we are preparing dedicated to Parma Calcio best reportages and articles.

“Alessandro Lucarelli: Parma’s selfless hero who took them from the fourth tier back to Serie A”


Waiting for someone making a movie about Parma Calcio 1913, enjoy these words and realize that history can’t be deleted, and it is all to be written.

Scarrozzati loves Parma

credit to Lorenzo Cattani

You surely already heard about them if you followed Serie D through ParmaFanzine.it. Gli Scarrozzati is a theatrical comic company made by members of Istituto Sacra Famiglia in Inzago (Milan). The institute cares about people on wheelchair (after accidents, due to Als or other) and theater activity is a way to joke on their situation and most of all to express themselves.

Paolo De Gregorio is the head of the project and a huge Parma fan and when he contacted Parma Calcio in summer 2015 – in the middle of our crisis – he anyway received Captain answer as a demonstrations of interest. Few months later Captain Lucarelli went to their show in Inzago then the friendship started and involved other players and members of Parma staff and fans. During that year Scarrozzati assisted to some match and Baraye also dedicated a goal to them: unfortunately that episode costed him a yellow card that let him loose last Serie D match against Delta Rovigo.

credit to: Gazzetta di Parma

Do you remember Captain t-shirt to celebrate the record of scoring in 4 different catergories with the same colors? It was made as fund raising for Scarrozzati an their Institute.

credit to: Lorenzo Cattani and ParmaFanzine.it

Since 2016, Scarrozzati bring one of their show in Parma province and all the time it ends with a new song made by Il Plin. Last year Captain Lucarelli sang with his wife Cristiana and Il Plin a Parma edited version of Ricchi e Poveri “Che confusione”- VIDEO – and this year?

Who will step on the stage to sing Parma edited version of “We are the World”?

We will discover it on Sunday 9th at 4 pm cest at Crystal Theatre in Collecchio. Entrance 10 euro, kids for free. Reservations at +39 3341062955

To support Sacra famiglia Foundation and Gli Scarrozzati you can donate at this link:





Lucarelli against Lucarelli

pic from Itasportpress.it


Match streaming will be available here: https://t.co/ceSFZ4HBIP?amp=1

It is not a remake of Dustin Hoffmann movie but what will happen on Friday 7th September, even if two Lucarelli brothers won’t be on the pitch.

On 7th september at 3 pm CEST in Tardini Stadium there will be the friendly match Parma vs Livorno. As you know Alessandro Lucarelli, Parma Club Manager, is from Livorno and his brother Cristiano is the coach of Livorno (italian serie B). Parma already played against Cristiano Lucarelli when he was Tuttocuoio coach in Serie D season.

At the beginning of the video you hear Cristiano say, referring to his younger brother Alessandro, to journalists: “He poses for pictures but he never invite for dinner in restaurant”

Tickets will be at 5 euros and available on Listicket circuit or at the box office.

Match streaming will be available here: https://t.co/ceSFZ4HBIP?amp=1

As you know Cristiano Lucarelli was a Parma player before his brother and was him to ask Alessandro to come. The rest is history. This make us remember a recent Plin, to be more precise Plin #6. that we published before Juve match in Tardini about CR7 hype.