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Replay Parma matches



World Wide Web is constantly growing and probably this list is not complete but check out here if you need to watch again last Parma Calcio match you missed on TV. Not all of the website listed have all the matches but maybe at least one will contain the game you are looking for.

Best websites for full matches and highlights replay:

Full Matches and Shows Latest Highlights Videos

Highlights Football – Football Match Highlights, Soccer Goals and Shows

Football Origin

Football Replay

HD Matches

Full Match Video – (big archive, expecially for South America, but no Serie A at the moment)

This article will be updated and listed in a proper section of the website dedicate to WATCH PARMA CALCIO MATCH

Watch Serie A in your country


To link https://www.livesoccertv.com/it/competitions/italy/serie-a/  or this one www.liveonsat.com you can discover which channels broadcast Parma (and other serie A) matches.

Thanks to Parma Fans Worldwide – Facebook Network group – thank you to all the guys who contributed – here is the list of where to, legally, watch Serie A in your country:

🇦🇹🇩🇪 Austria and Germany – DAZN

🇧🇦🇭🇷🇷🇸 Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia – Arena Sport

🇬🇷 Greece – Novasports

🇮🇸 Iceland – 365 Sport

Middle East – beIN sports

🇵🇱 Poland – Eleven sport

🇩🇰🇳🇴🇸🇪 Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) – Strivesport.com

🇸🇰 Slovenia: Šport TV

🇨🇭Swiss – Teleclub

🇬🇧 UK – Eleven Sports

[list to be updated]

We would like to remember you, if you prefer Parmesan Radio commentary, to download Radio Bruno App in Play Store and App Store for free where you can find the match transmission with Parma fan journalist Luca Bertelli:

Click on “more” button -> scroll to “sport” -> select “Parma”

How to follow Parma vs. Udinese



In Italy, match is available for DAZN subscribers and is not available for free.

What it is available – as we already anticipate – is Radio Bruno radio commentary with Parma fan journalist Luca Bertelli. At the moment in which we write – we are in Tardini now – they confirmed at 90% streaming will be available.

Link should probably be this: https://www.radiobruno.it/team/parma-1913/

If not found, easier, there is also Radio Bruno App in Play Store and App Store for free where you can find the match transmission:

Click on “more” button -> scroll to “sport” -> select “Parma”, enjoy 🙂

How to follow Parma vs Pisa


Yes, we wrote “follow” for a reason: Coppa Italia match Parma vs. Pisa won’t be televised, unfortunately. Due to television rights neither Parma official channel can stream it. They will publish highlight during the night of Monday morning on official Parma Channels.

But, if you want to follow the match don’t lose heart, there is another option and for one time it can be fun too: Radio.

Yes, radio! Italian fans learned to get used to it in low leagues years and, believe us, it saved us many times from getting crazy updating some mobile app that never worked well.

Probably you can find radio commentary also on Rai Radio but we would like to suggest you Radio Bruno, the one that saved our lifes past years with full coverage of Parma matches by journalist Luca Bertelli.

Today Bertelli parmesan commentary will not be available but Radio Bruno will give Coppa Italia result updates form his Tuscany section on this link:

Radio Bruno Sport Toscana Streaming

Match will start at 830 CEST

We suggest you to remember the name because Radio Bruno will provide full radio commentary of all Parma Serie A matches. It will be a chance to get used to Italian language.

When you will come to Tardini you will already know Curva Nord songs.


How to watch Parma – Sassuolo LIVE



Today in Carate Brianza (CO), Parma will play against Sassuolo and Folgore Caratese (Italian Serie D) Third edition of Sportitalia Cup in “Stadio XXV Aprile” in Carate Brianza (via XXV aprile, Carate Brianza – Google Maps link)

There will be three 45 minutes matches and all the matches will have about 30 minutes delay since at 630 pm there will be Folgore Caratese official team presentation for next season.

Matches will start at 630/7 pm with Folgore Caratese vs Sassuolo, then Parma vs Sassuolo at 730/8 pm and last match will be Folgore Caratese vs Parma around 9 pm (always CET).

Matches will be broadcasted by Sportitalia, well known italian sport channel and Folgore Caratese main sponsor, at this link www.sportitalia.com,

This one will be our last friendly appointment with a free streaming transmission before the beginning of official season.

Parma vs Sampdoria on live (and delayed) streaming



Parma vs Sampdoria, awaited friendly match against our Ligurian long time friends in Trento will start at 6 pm (Rome Time), in few minutes…

Match will be available on Parma official Facebook as usual, well done guys!


The other news is that the match will be televised by Telenord at 10 pm (Rome time), with 4 hot delay. We really hope will be available on streaming on website of the Genova channel. Since now we didn’t have answer, and will update this post as soon as we get one by the Telenord. If you lost the live you have, probably, a second chance to watch it!

Here is the link: