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Don’t forget #13


This is not the kind of post we like to write, because we do it every time after lost matches but it is important to remember all where we come from.

Curva Nord yesterday did.

On 0-4, yesterday, entires minutes singing and showing up flags and scarves. Here is just a few seconds video, but believe us, were minutes.

Nothing better than that to be watched – or experienced – by a young supporter that is tempted to give up after one loss, or during a already lost match.

Parma Calcio lost yesterday. But Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi didn’t.



Curva Nord chants

We would like to make a resume of Parma Curva Nord chant without pretending to be definitive. We are sure that can be of some help for who come to Tardini one time per year and can’t hear Curva Nord voice from the streaming.

In recent history we had one new chants for every season that talks about hope in promotion.

SERIE D – “Dopo anni di vittorie”

“After winning years we now are in D, but when Parma plays we are always here.

Street will be long and we have to suffer, but if we keep being united we will be back in Serie A”

[Dopo anni di vittorie, siamo finiti in D, ma quando gioca il Parma, noi siamo sempre qui. La strada sarà lunga, da soffrire ci sarà, ma se restiamo uniti, torneremo in serie A]

SERIE C – “Alè Alè oh oh”

“Alè Alè oh oh, Alè Alè oh oh

And I already know that next year we will be playing on Saturday… “

(serie B plays on Saturday)

[Alè Alè oh oh, Alè Alè oh oh E tanto già lo so che l’anno prossimo gioco di sabato]

SERIE B “Finché vivrò ti sosterrò”

 (on disco song Amour Toujours by Gigi D’Agostino)

“Until I’ll live I’ll support you. Always by your side, I’ll never leave you.

Maybe, who knows, it will work: sing with us and we will back to Serie A.”

[Finchè vivrò, ti sosterrò, sempre al tuo fianco mai ti lascerò. Forse chissà, succederà, canta con noi che torniamo in serie A]

During 18th may night, since we went to Serie A thanks to a Foggia player named Floriano goal against Frosinone, spontaneously was born this:


“Din Don, Din Don, I take the spech from Frosinone since Floriano scored “ (Using the typical radio commentary way of taking the line)

[Din Don, Din Don, Intervengo da Frosinone, che Floriano ha fatto gol]

On this channel you find lots of chants.

In our heart there is this, sang in Curva Nord by our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli during his last goodbye as a football player


“On 25th April a bi**h was born and they called her A.C. Reggiana… Reggio s**t, Reggio, Reggio s**t…”

[Il 25 aprile è nata una puttana e l’hanno chiamata AC Reggiana. Reggio merda, Reggio, Reggio merda]

25 April is the day Reggiana, the team from Reggio Emilia, which whom we have the bigger rivalry, was founded. They are now failed and relegated to Serie D with the name of Reggio Audace.


Three years ago



Today is exactly three years since Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images took this pic that is on Parma Calcio Facebook wall.

This was the second friendly match of new Parma Calcio 1913 in a village few kilometers from Parma: no official shirt on, some incredulous face, some determined. The Captain, of course, and some face we would learn to be used to: Ciccio Corapi, Lauria, Giorgino, Zommers, Cacioli… Boys of Curva Nord always there, everywhere.

We come from here.

Don’t forget it after the first, after the second, after the third match lost.

Thank you to Dario for making us remember this moment.

#weareparma #thisisparma

Tardini is ready, and you?


credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com

If you are following us also on Facebook you already know – thanks to Canovi Coperture and Parma Calcio account – that works on Tardini are completed.

Tonight there will be first official match against Pisa and we can’t wait to see guys step new pitch on serie A again, next Sunday.

Look how beautiful it is, there is also a brand new screen!

To have a resume of all the works done you can recap reading this article on Parma official website.

Remember that if you want to come to see a match in Parma we will give you all the possible support, of course, for free. From fans to fans.

Just mail us at info@parmafansworldwide.com or send a message trough one of our Parma Fans Worldwide social channels.

credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com
credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com
credit to http://www.parmacalcio1913.com