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Baraye goodbye message

Also Yves Baraye send his message to Parma Supporters from his Instagram profile.

As said this morning, thank you for all, Crusader!

“After three years and an half it is greetings time.

And, believe me, it is not easy to say goodbye to the town that has been my second home. It is not easy to say goodbye to mates and Club. Most of all it is not easy to say goodbye to you fans.

I gave a lot to this town, but you and Parma Calcio gave me more. I grew up as a player, but mainly as a man. I will never forget three promotions, yellow cards for my celebrations, derbies goal and many other moments, This moments will be always in my heart.

Thanks to all Curva fans for you constant presence and most of all for Sunday banner. It has been really touching for me. Thanks also to the Club for these three wonderful seasons.

This is not a farewell, but a goodbye. In some way we will meet.

Grazie Parma.

J’ai une ame de vainqueur quand je tombe je me relève toujours ..Motakh ma ame fit 💛💙”

Thanks for all, Crusaders


As you already know on Parma Calcio website there is the list of winter transfer market movements. We almost never talk about this matter here. We don’t like jump into transfer rumors, joining polemics on who is good or who is not. We support the Club, trying being not taking sides.

But since our mission is bring Parma closer to abroad fans (and viceversa) we are always focused on news related with the most human perspective of supporting Parma Calcio, and the relationship between town, Club, players and fan base.

The reason of this post is to thank three real Crusaders that left officially yesterday. Our dream – as we wrote in our Santa Claus list of desire that probably got lost around North Pole – was to see them play in serie A with us. The happened only for Gianni “Worlverine” Munari for few minutes on unlucky home match with Spal.

This is football and we don’t blame anyone for this decision: professionals have to act as professionals. But, allow us to act like fans like we are and being sad for their departure.

Emanuele, Gianni, Yves, you will always be in our supporters heart.

Good luck and thanks for all, Crusaders.



Forse, chissà…

pic from Repubblica.it by Marco Vasini

We have total respect for coach D’Aversa and his staff decisions, and we also know that all this story is bothering him, that is such a work maniac professional, but what happened is amazing.

Ten days ago we posted as a joke on Instagram a picture with #giveYvesaChance hashtag. Then at the beginning of this week the Boys Parma 1977 appeal made us realize the dream of seeing Baraye play 5 minutes in Serie A was universally shared.

Most known Italian Facebook groups relaunched and amplified the appeal, adding #1minutoperBaraye [one minute for Baraye] hashtag and arriving to the most known local press: not just ParmaPress24, ForzaParma.it but also Repubblica.it Parma and Gazzetta di Parma, also in the paper version. Plus various radio and Tv programs.

A part for the virality of the appeal, the most amazing thing is the humanity that filters from every single support message: starting from the surprise party organized by Boys Parma 1977 last night to the fans that share their personal experiences with this Legend – yes, Legend – with pictures with him on the bleachers, in charity events or in training center that show a huge and respectful man behind a great player.

We don’t know if Baraye will play tomorrow, if he will score against juve or if he will never put Parma jersey on. We know we are proud of realize, once again, that Parma fans community, Parma Family, is so close and able to recognize clearly its own heroes and give them the proper recognition.

Still dreaming, anyway. #giveYvesaChance #1minutoperBaraye

Baraye for All, All for Baraye

Hong Kong, Indonesia, Poland, Greece, Macau, Austria and of course dozens of well-known Facebook page (Il Plin, I Bellelli, Gli Scarrozzati…) and normal fans decided to spread the Boys Parma 1977 appeal, relaunched by Italian Parma fans Facebook group An To Gnan Caghè, in support to the dream of seeing Yves Baraye at least for one minute in serie A this Sunday.

It would be a choice made by the heart, despite the Football world run on the other way.

Call us romantic, call us crazy. But we are not the only one.

In these hours the campaign is getting viral also Instagram and Twitter. Hashtag to follow: #1minutoperBaraye and #giveYvesaChance

Give Yves a chance


We prefer to use Boys Parma 1977 words, much more authoritative than ours, by supporting the dream to see Baraye, play at least on time in Serie A.

From Boys facebook page:

“After bankrupcy we restarted from zero, from humble and shy players, with the desire to win, that fought on every ball: today, these guys, are represented by Baraye.

How could we forget in season 2015/16 against Ribelle when scored under Curva nord celebrating with the balaclava or when he came with us by train to an away match in Forlì? Season 2016/17: same humilty of the previous season: he scores in both derbies celebrating under the Curva Nord with an unique energy. Last season, in Serie B, he has always been available for the team with passion and highest respect, and he became the protagonist for an unbelievable run: a guy that have to be an example for everyone! 

Today, back in Serie A, all the fans have a dream, a story that would like to be told, see him playing: Who wouldn’t be proud of such a thing? So, if inside the Club there are people that loves Parma, we invite them lo leave away professional football logics and listen to what their heart is suggesting them… Today, back in Serie A we ask Parma Calcio to let him play before he will leave!

That guy deserves to mark also this season!

Baraye is the symbol of a fairytale played like the main character!”


We could use no better words than these. And we are already crying just thinking about what could happen on Sunday during Parma vs SPAL.

Not just because the Hidden Crusader is our logo but because he represents our recent history, our renaissance, our passion: all of us.



Scarrozzati loves Parma

credit to Lorenzo Cattani

You surely already heard about them if you followed Serie D through ParmaFanzine.it. Gli Scarrozzati is a theatrical comic company made by members of Istituto Sacra Famiglia in Inzago (Milan). The institute cares about people on wheelchair (after accidents, due to Als or other) and theater activity is a way to joke on their situation and most of all to express themselves.

Paolo De Gregorio is the head of the project and a huge Parma fan and when he contacted Parma Calcio in summer 2015 – in the middle of our crisis – he anyway received Captain answer as a demonstrations of interest. Few months later Captain Lucarelli went to their show in Inzago then the friendship started and involved other players and members of Parma staff and fans. During that year Scarrozzati assisted to some match and Baraye also dedicated a goal to them: unfortunately that episode costed him a yellow card that let him loose last Serie D match against Delta Rovigo.

credit to: Gazzetta di Parma

Do you remember Captain t-shirt to celebrate the record of scoring in 4 different catergories with the same colors? It was made as fund raising for Scarrozzati an their Institute.

credit to: Lorenzo Cattani and ParmaFanzine.it

Since 2016, Scarrozzati bring one of their show in Parma province and all the time it ends with a new song made by Il Plin. Last year Captain Lucarelli sang with his wife Cristiana and Il Plin a Parma edited version of Ricchi e Poveri “Che confusione”- VIDEO – and this year?

Who will step on the stage to sing Parma edited version of “We are the World”?

We will discover it on Sunday 9th at 4 pm cest at Crystal Theatre in Collecchio. Entrance 10 euro, kids for free. Reservations at +39 3341062955

To support Sacra famiglia Foundation and Gli Scarrozzati you can donate at this link: