Messenger group chat in English and Spanish



We just created a Messenger group chat in English for commenting matches live and, maybe, other needs. To join you have to be member our Facebook Group “Parma Fans Worldwide – Facebook Network”.

We also created a Spanish messenger group, for the moment reserved to the members of the group Parma Fans Latinoamérica (Español).

For mutual travel help, from fans to fans, there is also an open chat in Facebook group Parma Fans UK, of course, just for UK members.

We hope you will appreciate all these efforts to make the community stronger and we ask you to follow three simple rules otherwise we will have to close these chats:

1 – Respect

2 – Forza Parma

3 – Respect

We remember that all Parma Fans Worldwide official channels, global and local groups are listed here:



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