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Talking about you in Parma


We proudly announce that next Tuesday 19th February at 5:45 PM we will be guest of Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs to have a speech about Parma abroad fans, together with Giuseppe De Cristofaro (Parma Calcio 1913 Brand and Digital Marketing), Michele Galli (Museum Association President), Angelo Manfredini (Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs President), Giuseppe Squarcia (Parma Calcio 1913 Supporter Liaison Officer) and Massimo Zannoni, President of Parma Club Mediolanum and organizer of the event, that we would like to thank you for inviting us.

We already knew that, but this is an additional demonstration of interest and openness by Parma town and Parmesan fanbase toward people like you that, even if from far and with obvious distance and language obstacles: follow, support, love Parma Calcio.

If you have been in Tardini lately you surely notice it. Sometimes there could be some understanding problems due to different languages, but if you have the precious chance to get deeper inside the surface, talk to people, share experiences together, you’ll recognize that we are all part of the same yellow and blue Family.

We have the presumption to think that such “kind of magic” is not everywhere and is not for everyone. If you are a Parma supporter you probably didn’t follow the most winning team in football history, nor the one with bigger stadium or fanbase. You just found your cup of tea. Especially from abroad, you can not born Parma fan, nor became. You just discover you are (and probably always has been).

We hope this meeting will be an important step to build an organized, recognized, respected Parma abroad fans network.

Thanks again to Massimo Zannoni and Parma Club Mediolanum for the invitation and to all of you for supporting Parma Fans Worldwide project.

Far from bringing back football to fans


Bad news for abroad fans that would like to purchase a ticket for Parma fans area in Stadio Azzurri d’Italia in Bergamo on saturday 27th October.

Even if there is no particular disposition regarding security, Parma fans area tickets “settore ospiti” is on sale only in listicket italian box-offices (excluding Bergamo province).


That means that if a Parma fan wants to watch the match with his mates cannot buy the ticket in advance. He is supposed to buy a flight, reserve a hotel, rent a car without being sure that he could watch a football match together with his/her club mates. And, if he will arrive, for example, the day before the match in Orio al Serio airport – one of the few italian airport with dozens of cheap flights destinations – he is supposed to move outside the Bergamo province, look for a listicket box office, and buy the ticket hoping that who is in front of him/her will understand some English.

We are miles away from giving back football to fans. Damn.

If some of you is in the awful situation we just described write us an will do our best to provide you the ticket you need. Or at least to suggest you an english speaking listicket box office. This is a joke.

Write us. The fans network will help you.


Next matches tickets info and fans gathering

After the total success of last match fans gathering during Parma vs Juve, when we met with Austrian, Bosnian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Swiss fans coming in Tardini for the match, it is now time to organize next matches.

If you are interested in watching some match in the stadium and you don’t have idea about how to get tickets, contact us as soon as possible and we will give you maximum help possibile, from fans to fans.

Write to info@parmafansworldwide.com or look for us on Social Network.

Next matches to think about:

Inter Milan vs. Parma on 15 september at 3 pm (RUN)

Parma vs. Cagliari on 22nd September at 3 pm (RUN)

Napoli vs. Parma on 26th September at 9 pm

Parma vs. Empoli on 30 September at 6 pm

Genoa vs. Parma on 7 October at 1230 pm

Parma vs. Lazio on 21 October at 3 pm (BIG ABROAD FANS GATHERING)

Atalanta vs Parma on 27th October at 3 pm

If you already know you are coming for a match, even if out of this list, write us.

We will help you with tickets, practical informations about store or museum, meeting other fans and Collecchio training hours.

We are fans like you, maybe just a bit more experienced.

Inter vs Parma tickets


credit to: sansiro.net

For anyone interested in tickets for Inter Milan vs Parma match at San Siro stadium, on 15th September 2018 at 3 PM CEST read here.

At the moment for away fans area – third ring blue, price 21,90 euro – it is requested Tessera del Tifoso (fidelity Card). We say “at the moment” because the commission who have to decide about it will probably deliberate on the week-end. Rumors says it won’t be necessary, but are just rumors.

It is possible to purchase this kind of tickets only on Vivaticket.it or, with our intermediation, through Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, that also organize bus service from Parma leaving at 10 am cest at total cost (ticket + bus) of 35 euros for who is a member of our Parma fans club (Parma Fans Worldwide) or another official Parma club. Otherwise cost will be 45 euros. Places on the buses are not unlimited.

If you want to watch the match from another area of the stadium you can buy tickets directly from Inter website at this link: https://www.inter.it/en/biglietteria . Tessera del Tifoso, at the moment, is required only for Parma province residents.

Remember that Inter Milan hottest fans area is second ring green and all the green area. It would be risky and not respectful to go there with our colors on.

Our suggestion is to contact us before purchasing the tickets. We can give you suggestions and maybe we can organize a fans meeting or make easier your coming to the stadium from the airport or the train station.

Write us an email at info@parmafanswordwide.com or look for us on social network, here the channels list.




Making first steps

Parma vs Udinese represents a milestone in PFW history. It was the first time we organized a meeting with abroad fans, in which we helped some of them to get tickets, in which some of them joined officially a Parma Club and used the membership card for discount in Tardini shop.

Little things for the most, important for us: the network is growing.

We met some fans from UK, Slovenia and Croatia in CCPC office, an historical place at Tardini gate, where some trophies are guarded. We made purchase in Official merchandise shop with 10% discount, join Official Parma Club Crociati Balkan member – born from historical Parma Boys Balkan Facebook group – to watch the match together, even meeting player after match for pictures signing.

A long day, ended with a coming back home in late night for someone, early morning for someone else.

Thanks to everybody, these are our first steps.

Maybe you can’t sleep (again)

Again, yes.

Thought we could but no. Maybe we are scared of awakening. And if all that was a dream? Awakening can be frustrating.

How many things today?

Drinking a coffee in front of Winners Cup, meeting people from abroad that we helped with tickets, got a scarf as gift from Angelo Manfredini, tie Crociati Balkan banner with Dejan, meeting players after match, driving home and discover that New York Times – NEW YORK TIMES – dedicated a reportage to Parma Calcio. To US.

There again after more or less 1000 days. Using Rory Smith words:

“There is a sense of order being restored, that everything is in its rightful place once more, that things are — at last — how they used to be.”

That. Nothing less. Maybe something more. We are sure there is probably something more now, but we exactly don’t know what it is.

Maybe tomorrow we will understand. If we could ever get sleep.

Join an Official Parma Fans Club




If you always dreamed of being member of an Official Parma Club and you didn’t know how to, it is easier than you can imagine and almost for free.

You could join PARMA FANS WORLDWIDE, Official Parma Fans Club.

If you are interested in knowing how to get a membership card like this or, even more, becoming supporter of Parma Fans Worldwide write us an email at info@parmafansworldwide.com or contact us through our social channel.

We will explain you all the benefits – like discounts on official Parma Calcio merchandise – for Parma Club members and our projects for Parma Fans Worldwide.

To be clear: it is not a membership card that certify you as a Parma fan but it is a way to support fans ventures.

6000 fans and all the channels growing



We just reached 6000 fans on Facebook page where everything started from… thank you!

Our dream to create a network of all Parma fans outside Italy is everyday getting more real… follow us, write us, knock – info[at]parmafansworldwide.com – if you are there… we need you, Parma needs you!

We quickly jump out from Facebook and opened other channels we resume here, but stay tuned because soon, really soon, great news are coming.

English News Feed: www.swite.com/parmafansworldwide

English News Feed on Facebook: www.facebook.com/parmafansworldwide

Facebook closed group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/637005296640150

Twitter: www.twitter.com/parmafansww

Instagram: www.instragram.com/parmafansworldwide

Travelling Parmigiani


We know all of you, when traveling, when on holiday, bring a piece of Parma with you. To feel at home or just to mark your territory 🙂

What we ask you now is a contribution to a new section on the site that we would like to launch: Travelling Parmigiani !

Send to info[at]parmafansworldwide.com your pictures and a quick report (few lines are enough) to tell us where and when you brought a piece of Parma with you.

Contribution will be published here and in our social channels.

Thank you all!

#weareparma #thisisparma

ps: in the email, please specify you authorize us to publish your pictures and text in the website and socials.