How to go to Tardini from the train station

If you are arriving in Parma by train you have to know that to the Tardini it is almost a 20 minutes walk. You can also make it a bit longer passing thought the beautiful city center and piazza Garibaldi then turning into via Repubblica.

If you don’t want to walk there are some buses from the station, almost every 30 minutes:

number 21 (direction Sorbolo);

number 23 (direction S.Ilario, not on Sunday);

number 9 (direction via De Chirico).

During match day, due to the security traffic block, the stop for all these busses should be “Barriera Repubblica”, close to “Barilla Center” mall, where there is a big fountain in the middle of the road and from where it is 3 minutes walking to Tardini. Anyway tell to the driver or to people that you are directed to the “Ennio”.

Ticket costs 1,20 if bought in advance from a kiosk or 2 euro on the bus (bring exact amount possibly, driver should’t have)

To come back from Tardini, traffic is usually quite busy and it is better probably going by feet. In case you have few time to catch the train you could call the Taxi at this number: +39 (0)521252562 Better reserve it in advance and giving “Barriera Repubblica”, around the fountain as a meeting point, since it is already in the way to the station.

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