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Parma VS Inter Milan tickets



Next Parma home match in Tardini will be against Inter Milan on 9th February at 830 PM.

Tickets will be for sale starting from Friday 1st February at 10 AM only in Italian Listicket circuit box offices, no online sale. Available tickets will be:

  • Tribuna Centrale Petitot 150 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Tribuna Laterale Petitot 100 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Tribuna Laterale Ovest 70 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Settore Ospiti 30 Euro (5 Euro Under 14) –> at the moment with need for Inter fidelity card
  • Curva Sud 25 Euro (5 Euro Under 14) –> only in Parma province Listickets box offices.

Curva Nord and Tribuna Est are sold out with seasonal tickets.

If you are planning to come, contact us for help with tickets, suggestions and fans meeting: there will be dozens abroad fans and it will be a great chance to join Parma family.

Tardini map and price info also here: https://parmafansworldwide.com/parma-calcio-tickets/

Juventus tickets IMPORTANT update


Despite what announced by official communications, Parma fans area tickets for Juventus VS Parma Calcio 1913 match on Saturday 2nd February will NOT be sold online. We are sorry for what we announced previously.

This is weird and unfair, and made us think the worst things about the System and about the lack of care towards supporters.

We spent months explaining fans they had to make expensive and almost useless Fidelity Cards (8 euro + at least 19,99 shipping costs in Europe) just for this match , that they could trust and buy flight tickets to Turin, book hotels, transfers, etc… and they can’t buy a ticket to watch the match together with their Gialloblu brothers and sisters?! Do they want that they buy a 150 euro tribuna ticket?! Do they want that they stay at home watch on TV?

This is a shame for Italian Football.

Fortunately, Parma is a Family and us, as Parma Fans Worldwide, and all the kind people in town are available to give abroad fans all the necessary support to get their entrance in away fans area.

Contact us and will give you all the possible support: info@parmafansworldwide.com

Barcelona: a ticket model to follow


Thanks to an article on Sportsmedia.com we discover Barcelona is going to adopt a new ticket selling model that will allow fans to buy tickets much more in advance that how it is possible now.

This feature will be available for last matches of the season and will follow another important choice of the club: rewards for seasonal tickets holder that return tickets for matches they will surely not attend in order to let them available for other fans.

We think this model can be really interesting since it can be a way to make easier to go to  the stadium, being sure for having the ticket enough in advance to book a flight, and not having empty places for missing seasonal tickets holders.

A model to follow.

Juventus vs Parma tickets


Juventus vs Parma will be play on Saturday 2nd February at 830 PM CET

Tickets for away fans area in Turin Allianz Stadium will be on free sale since Saturday 26th January at 10 AM CET 

If you live outside Emilia Romagna region you have to be a Parma Fidelity Card holder to buy the away fans area ticket (almost 1500 seats,), that you will be allowed to purchase from this TicketOne link: https://sport.ticketone.it/event/it/42642/90600124/juventus-vs-parma-serie-a-tim-2018-2019

Price is 45 euro.

For help or fans meeting contact us as usual using our social channels or email.



Tickets and meeting for Udinese match



Since this morning tickets for away match in Udine are available also for Parma fans area with no need for fidelity card.

You have time until Friday evening to buy them.

This is the link where to choose the place “SETTORE OSPITI” (20 euro), register, and pay:


Remember to print the confirmation email with the bar code.

In Udine there will be a lot of fans from abroad (Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia…), if you need to contact them, organize a meeting or travel together, get in contact with the network by email – info@parmafansworldwide.com – or via social channels (Here the list)

Easy travel for Cagliari away match



On Saturday 16th February Parma will face Cagliari in Sardinia Arena at 6 PM CET.

For the access to away fans area Fidelity card will not be needed and tickets will cost 25 euros. It is possible to buy them – “TRIBUNA OSPITI” – online from this link: https://sport.ticketone.it/event/it/44089/90600482/cagliari-vs-parma-serie-a-tim-2018-2019

So, consider a travel to Sardinia on time since Cagliari Airport is served by many international low-cost flights – mainly Ryanair and Vuelig – from and to: London, Barcelona, Krakow, Warsaw, Zurich, Malta, and many other destinations.

Schedule often allow to arrive on Saturday and leave on Sunday but, of course, if you have more time it can be the chance to discover a wonderful town.

Remember that you will never be alone because there will be other Parma supporters and because Parma Fans Worldwide will be there too in order to give you all possible advices for traveling, meeting other fans, getting a ticket, transfer to the airport.

Contact us at info@parmafansworldwide.com for any need.

Advice to get a Juventus Stadium Ticket


In the moment in which we write it is still unknown when exactly will be return Serie A match against Juve in Juventus Allianz Stadium. The match is fixed for the first weekend of February week-end but can be fixed on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or even Monday.  The exact date and time will be fixed probably during Christmas holidays.

Tickets for away fans area are not for sale at the moment and will be available almost a couple of weeks before the match BUT if you would like to buy it you have necessarily have a Parma Fidelity Card. This will be the only match in all the season in which Parma Fidelity Card will be necessary regardless police commissioner security decision.

So, if you don’t have one, organize on time: is possible to make Parma Fidelity Card on Ticketone.com at the price of 8 euro + 1,50 commission + Shipping costs. These shipping costs are awfully high from 9,99 Euro in Italy to 49,99 euro for Europe extra EU. No possibility of combined shipping.

As an alternative, if you are coming to Parma, you can make it almost instantly and with no commission – paying just 8 euro – at Centro Coordinamento Office in front of the stadium, almost every working day from 3 pm to 7 pm. Contacting them in advance maybe also on home match day.

What we suggest you is to contact us to receive precise advices.

Remember that having the Parma Fidelity Card will not give you any preferential option on online ticket purchase but will be surely necessary for away fans area tickets in Juventus Stadium. If you already have one, control the expiration date.

Think about it on time.

Far from bringing back football to fans


Bad news for abroad fans that would like to purchase a ticket for Parma fans area in Stadio Azzurri d’Italia in Bergamo on saturday 27th October.

Even if there is no particular disposition regarding security, Parma fans area tickets “settore ospiti” is on sale only in listicket italian box-offices (excluding Bergamo province).


That means that if a Parma fan wants to watch the match with his mates cannot buy the ticket in advance. He is supposed to buy a flight, reserve a hotel, rent a car without being sure that he could watch a football match together with his/her club mates. And, if he will arrive, for example, the day before the match in Orio al Serio airport – one of the few italian airport with dozens of cheap flights destinations – he is supposed to move outside the Bergamo province, look for a listicket box office, and buy the ticket hoping that who is in front of him/her will understand some English.

We are miles away from giving back football to fans. Damn.

If some of you is in the awful situation we just described write us an will do our best to provide you the ticket you need. Or at least to suggest you an english speaking listicket box office. This is a joke.

Write us. The fans network will help you.


Tickets for next away matches


If you are looking for informations about next away Parma matches, here you find some updates. If you are coming, contact us for fans meeting and any kind of help other fans in the network can give you.

Unfortunately it is not possible to buy tickets with a lot of advance but we suggest to trust Parma Calcio and the will to support abroad fans. If you have to book a flight and need confirmations for ticket availability, write us. Tessera del Tifoso (Fidelity Card) should be not needed due to last matches instructions.

We remember to contact us directly for Tardini matches.

Our email for every communication is info@parmafansworldwide.com or you find us through your social channels

Next away matches are:

Genoa vs Parma (Sunday 7th October 2018 at 1230 pm)

On sell from Listicket.com starting from 2nd October 10am CEST

—> Parma fans in “SETTORE OSPITI”. Price for Adults 21 euros. Possibile to purchase one tickets per session. NO FIDELITY CARD NEEDED.

Atalanta vs Parma (Saturady 27th October 2018 at 3 pm)

On sell on Listicket.com 

Parma fans area on sell only in italian box-offices (not in Bergamo province): contact us in case of need.

Torino vs Parma ( Saturday 10 November 2018 at 3 pm)

On sell on Vivaticket.it almost one week before the match, price around 20/25 euros (high availability)

Ac Milan vs Parma (Sunday 2nd dicembre  at 1230 pm)

—> Big abroad Parma fans gathering, write us to know more.<—

On sell almost one week before the match. Parma fans area will be third ring green, price almost 25 euro (high availability)

Little sad story

Two old friends, one Parma fan and one Inter fan, would like to bring their kids (aged 5 and 7) to watch a match at the stadium, now that finally Parma is back to Serie A.

They go on Inter website to choose the right place and realize that the areas with tickets concession for kids are few (and bad located). Anyway they decide to go there, not to spend too much money, and for the match they spend 60 euro each family, in a quite lateral place, almost the cheaper place possible.

Then they realize that with the SAME MONEY you can go in Parma Tardini Tribuna Est, watching the match lot much close to the pitch, because kids under 8 have free tickets in ALL areas (under 14 price is 5 euro all areas). Also have a walk in city center after the game because Tardini is in the town.

And if they would choose Curva Nord with 60 euro there would be : 2 curva nord tickets for adults (2×25 euro), 2 tickets for kids (free), 2 beers and maybe 2 ice creams.

This is what we mean when talking about PARMA FAMILY.

In an historical moment in which the System is keeping people and, most of all, families far from the stadiums, Parma Club bring on a family friendly politics. Consider that seasonal tickets for under 14 in ALL areas was 40 euro – yes, seasonal ticket 40 euros – and that – a part for 5 big matches – women have 30% discount on daily tickets.

#thisisparma #weareparma