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Parma vs Sampdoria is coming

When Parma and Sampdoria play it is always a special match thanks to a friendship that from the fans spreads also to Clubs. In 2015, our last match in Serie A was in Marassi against Samp and their fans sang “Tornerete in Serie A” [You’ll be back in Serie A”]. Three years later, we were back for real and before the game all the ultras and normal supporters together made a mixed parade. Sampdoria welcomed Parma fans in away stand by lowing ticket prices to 10 euro and with a very special reception in Marassi.

All the clues let us suppose that Sunday 5th May match (at 3 PM CEST) will be an historical match, surely we have to expect something special both from the fans and from the Clubs so we suggest you, if planning to come, to get in touch with us in order to receive the best informations possible about tickets, fans meeting, Parma.

We are available by email at info@parmafansworldwide.com or on WhatsAppFacebook pageTwitterInstagramYouTubeTelegram.

We are waiting for you in Tardini, Tardini is waiting for you!

Parma vs AC Milan tickets

As for every “big match” ticket availability in Tardini is really really low because of lots of season ticket holders.

Even if Fidelity Card is not necessary – that is a good thing – there is no online sale due to a policy of the Club to avoid secondary ticketing that would be crazy when tickets are highly requested.

By the way, this is bad for abroad fans that have no chance to get tickets a part if having a friend in Parma province.

For the moment the only available tickets are Curva Sud ones (25 euro, 5 euro under 14) – the littles slice of Curva behind Milan fans stand – but just in Parma province box offices. Away fans stand are available in every italian box offices (40 euro, 5 euro under 14).

Only if Parma will publish an official statement about it, due to sponsors and opponent club request, there will be few Tribuna tickets on sale on Friday and Saturday at Tardini box office. Prices in that case would be: Tribuna Centrale Petitot 150, Tribuna Laterale Petitot 100, Tribuna Laterale Ovest 70 (Concession for under 14, 5 euro).

Our suggestion, as said many times, is to contact us as soon as possible for all the needs.

Parma vs Torino tickets

Parma vs Torino tickets match – Saturday 6th April at 3 PM CEST – are already for sale at this link:


Prices for Tribuna tickets go from 40 to 100 euro and for under 14, where not totally free, price is 5 euro. Curva Sud tickets (15 euro) are not available online. 

In this article you’ll find complete price list. Remember that we always suggest to contact us before purcharse the tickets in order to get the best suggestions possible.

As said many times by us and by Parma Calcio too, beware secondary ticketing.

On Facebook there is the event of the match where you can meet other fans and comment the game.

Contact us for any need and match day fans meeting in Tardini.

Frosinone vs Parma tickets

Despite what we talk about since months and especially lately when Parma declared the intention to find an agreement with other Serie A Clubs for low and fixed away stand price, not all the teams think this is the way to follow.

Frosinone vs Parma will be played on a Wednesday night – 3rd April at 9 PM CEST – and tickets for away fans area costs 29,22 for over 70, under 18 and women and 34,34 euro for others,

The braves that will go can buy tickets at this link, our stand is the red “Settore Ospiti”.


Our suggestion, especially if you’re already in Parma, is to contact Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs in order to travel by bus with them and at least save something on the travel costs. We can help in connect you with them if needed.

For who is not going, there is the Facebook Event where you can comment and share pictures with other Parma fans: “Frosinone vs Parma” https://www.facebook.com/events/1032137390299105/

Atalanta stand sold out

The low price for away fans area policy, the project we talked about past days and that was tested for Parma vs Atalanta tickets got a great answer by Atalanta fans that will fill all the Tardini away fans area.

In few hours, thanks to low prices (15 euro normal ticket, 5 euro for under 14) and to the well-known passion of fans from Bergamo, the 3800 tickets went sold out.

We hope, as said, this will be the beginning of a spread routine also in other stadia.

Who is coming to Parma for the match and need some advice for tickets or fans meeting, please contact us via mail or WhatsApp.

Fixed low price for away fans in Tardini

It is still an unofficial news, because Parma Calcio 1913 will confirm it only once the stay in Serie A will be sure but the Club already announced they are working together with some other Clubs on a deal for fixed low price for away fans area.

The project is a common price decided together with the Clubs that will accept the proposal to improve the reception of Calcio supporters and bring fans closer to Football.

We are proud of these policies since one of many problems Italian Football attendance have is the ticket price, expecially for away fans that a part for bearing the cost for traveling they sometimes have difficulties in buy tickets with high prices (in bad stands). This season Parma fans found very various prices during away matches: from 10 euro in Marassi against Sampdoria to 30 in third ring against Ac Milan in San Siro to 45 in Juventus Allianz Stadium.

A fixed price for away fans would be an important step for demonstrating that Clubs cares about fans in stadium. We hope this project will succeed and that will be followed by many Serie A Clubs that will adopt family friendly politics and more in general, supporters friendly policies.

Football is made by Fans. Dont’ forget it.

Parma Fans Treble

It’s time to make some travel plan and why not make a treble!

We already told you about next Parma matches fixture list and that unfortunalely we still don’t know the exact time of last matches of the season but what we do know is that in 7 days you could have the chance to watch 3 straight Parma matches.

Parma will play against Atalanta in Tardini on Sunday 31st March at 12:30 PM CET, then in Frosinone on Wednesday evening and again home against Torino on Saturday 6th April at 3 PM CET: 7 days for 3 matches.

Consider that coming to Parma by plane you have plenty of different options – flying to and from Bergamo, Bologna, Milan or even Parma – and to go to Frosinone for the night Wednesday 3rd April game, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs organize really cheap travel by bus (match ticket included) from Parma.

Let us suggest to consider this option since during these home matches we already know there will be many other abroad fans coming to Tardini. These are not big matches so Curva tickets cost only 15 euro and as always under 14 enters almost for free in every area. Couple of abroad supporters already planned to add Frosinone away match to experience the unique atmosfere of an away travel with Parmesan fans. We can not guarantee it will be like when we were together in Cagliari, but surely a great experience for a supporter.

Write us for every curiosity about the matches, organization, ticket info. We are here for that.

We will never stop repeating: Parma is a small town but a big Family. You are already part of it but probably you still don’t know.

Experience it.

Parma VS Inter Milan tickets



Next Parma home match in Tardini will be against Inter Milan on 9th February at 830 PM.

Tickets will be for sale starting from Friday 1st February at 10 AM only in Italian Listicket circuit box offices, no online sale. Available tickets will be:

  • Tribuna Centrale Petitot 150 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Tribuna Laterale Petitot 100 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Tribuna Laterale Ovest 70 Euro (5 Euro Under 14)
  • Settore Ospiti 30 Euro (5 Euro Under 14) –> at the moment with need for Inter fidelity card
  • Curva Sud 25 Euro (5 Euro Under 14) –> only in Parma province Listickets box offices.

Curva Nord and Tribuna Est are sold out with seasonal tickets.

If you are planning to come, contact us for help with tickets, suggestions and fans meeting: there will be dozens abroad fans and it will be a great chance to join Parma family.

Tardini map and price info also here: https://parmafansworldwide.com/parma-calcio-tickets/

Juventus tickets IMPORTANT update


Despite what announced by official communications, Parma fans area tickets for Juventus VS Parma Calcio 1913 match on Saturday 2nd February will NOT be sold online. We are sorry for what we announced previously.

This is weird and unfair, and made us think the worst things about the System and about the lack of care towards supporters.

We spent months explaining fans they had to make expensive and almost useless Fidelity Cards (8 euro + at least 19,99 shipping costs in Europe) just for this match , that they could trust and buy flight tickets to Turin, book hotels, transfers, etc… and they can’t buy a ticket to watch the match together with their Gialloblu brothers and sisters?! Do they want that they buy a 150 euro tribuna ticket?! Do they want that they stay at home watch on TV?

This is a shame for Italian Football.

Fortunately, Parma is a Family and us, as Parma Fans Worldwide, and all the kind people in town are available to give abroad fans all the necessary support to get their entrance in away fans area.

Contact us and will give you all the possible support: info@parmafansworldwide.com

Barcelona: a ticket model to follow


Thanks to an article on Sportsmedia.com we discover Barcelona is going to adopt a new ticket selling model that will allow fans to buy tickets much more in advance that how it is possible now.

This feature will be available for last matches of the season and will follow another important choice of the club: rewards for seasonal tickets holder that return tickets for matches they will surely not attend in order to let them available for other fans.

We think this model can be really interesting since it can be a way to make easier to go to  the stadium, being sure for having the ticket enough in advance to book a flight, and not having empty places for missing seasonal tickets holders.

A model to follow.