Former Players Accounts

thanks to all of you, champs!

List regards just official public accounts and of course is incomplete.

To add a missing one, write us!


📷 Instagram

🐦 Twitter

📲 Facebook (Page)

👻 Snapchat


📷Instagram @adrianoimperador

Matias Almeyda

📷Instagram @peladoalmeyda

Faustino Asprilla

📷Instagram @eltinoasprilla

🐦Twitter @TinoasprillaH

Dino Baggio

📷Instagram @dinobaggiofficial

Yves Baraye

📷Instagram @yvesbaraye23_officiel

Antonio Benarrivo

📷Instagram @benarrivo_3

Alain Boghossian

📷Instagram @boghossianalain14

Jorge Bolaño

🐦Twitter @jorgebolano6

Tomas Brolin

📷Intagram @tomasbrolin11

🐦Twitter @tomasbrolin11

Gianluigi Buffon

📷Intagram @gianluigibuffon

🐦Twitter @gianluigibuffon

Emanuele Calaiò

📷Instagram @emanuele_calaio9

Fabio Cannavaro

📷Instagram @fabiocannavaroofficial

Benito Carbone

📷Instagram @bennycarbo10

Giuseppe Cardone

📷Instagram @giuseppecardone74

Francesco Corapi

📷Instagram @cicciocz85

Hernan Crespo

📷Instagram @hernancrespo

🐦Twitter @Crespo

Sebastien Frey

📷Instagram @sebafrey

🐦Twitter @SebastienFrey

Riccardo Gagliolo

📷Instagram @riccardogagliolo

Marcello Gazzola

📷Instagram @marcellogazzola23

🐦Twitter @GazzolaMarcy26

Alberto Giladino

📷Instagram @albertogilardino

Sebastian Giovinco

📷Instagram @sebagiovincoofficial

Massimo Gobbi

📷Instagram @massigo18

🐦Twitter @MassiGo18

Simone Iacoponi

📷 @simone_iacoponi

Dejan Kulisevski

📷 @dejan.k10

Alessandro Lucarelli

📷 @ale6lucarelli

🐦 @ale6lucarelli

Marco Marchionni

📷Instagram @marcomarchionni

Nando Marques

📷Instagram @marques32f

Patrick Mboma

📷Instagram @patrick_mboma10

Domenico Morfeo

📷Instagram @domenico_morfeo

Gianni Munari

📷 Instagram @giannimunari11

Roberto Mussi

📷Instagram @roby.mussi

Marco Osio

📷Instagram @osiomarco

Andrea Pisanu

📷Instagram @a.pisa82

Cristian Rodriguez

📷Instagram @cristiancebollarodriguez

Giuseppe Rossi

📷Instagram @beppe787

Cristian Zaccardo

📷Instagram @cristianzaccardo

Kristaps Zommers

📷Instagram @kristaps_z

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