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Ferrari remembers us that we are made for memorable feats

Yesterday Marco Ferrari published on his Facebook page a post to show his support for the Team and where he remembers us some truths and that it is in bad times that we use to show the best of us. Because we have never been a “normal” team, so nothing is prevented.

“It is when you are down and all the others think you are dead and laugh at you that the will to get up and fight should rise strongly. We have never been a normal team. Parma is synonymous of bad falls, but also of memorable feats. And it is in worst moments that we often could give the best of us. It is time to find that spirit. We can’t accept any destiny that is not the one we can still write by ourselves. Parma Calcio is a great group, made by strong players, led by a manager that is a stone in the tempest, prepared by a staff that would jump into the flames for Parma and supported by a great President, full of energy, resources, grit and enthusiasm. We need nothing more than this to go to war. And I would not exchage any of this elements with our opponents.

Come on Parma! Ten fights to write another piece of history.

Forza Parma. Sempre.”

We endorse all of it.

Online Meet&Greet with Darmian

Covid emergency measures gives an opportunity for all the abroad fans to take part to the first Parma Calcio online Meet&Greet with Matteo Darmian.

This kind of events were usually organized in the Tardini store, giving the chance to people to take pictures and ask questions to players, but this time all will happen online, on the Zoom platform.

To take part to the event – scheduled on Thursday 11 June 2020 at 14:30 CEST. you have to send the request by filling the form at this link:

In the field “Perchè vorresti partecipare al M&G” you have to write the reason why you are interested in taking part to the happening.

Boys: 30 years from that 27th may and a limited scarf to celebrate it

We share the communication of Boys Parma 1977 published on their website and Facebook page. Who is interested in the scarf and can’t contact Boys directly can write us. We will do our best to help:


Two months have passed since the last trip to Turin. Two months without headquarters, without parts, without aggregation. In the face we have the prospect of remaining for a long period without stages, with a thousand uncertainties as to what it will be like when they reopen, and if we could go back to experiencing them from Ultras as we have always done. The first step will be to reopen the headquarters, return to live and reason from the Group, find the incentives and motivations to survive, try to reach all our activities, those that we will manage a rate anyway, increasing those extra cheering, to get to next year to still have the stimuli and the need to continue to keep the headquarters open. In August there will be 43 years of the boys’ life, 43 years in which the boys became communities, developing belonging to the young Parmigiani and becoming the reference point for all Parma fans. Now it is everyone’s job to remain united, to continue to be a community, not individual fans, to preserve traditions and defend, we remember that what we have earned and where we have come in these years. We will try to organize aggregation moments, as soon as possible, in order to find ourselves again, and not to lose the sense of aggregation and friendship that has been created over the years, cheering together in the Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi.

On May 27th will be the thirty years of our first promotion in Serie A. We had plans to celebrate this day, but unfortunately nothing can be done, it is not the right time. However, we thought of a way to remember the 30 years of the promotion, a day like Vicenza, 4 May 86, Wembley, the Bologna playoff, the bankruptcy, the promotion in Spezia, the days that made our community great.

We decided to make a scarf for May 27, to fix one of the most important days lived by the boys and our city in history, a memory for those who come, despite everything, want to continue to keep our values, our traditions alive and the ideal Ultras of our city: THE BOYS PARMA 1977.


This date will always be special for Parma, from more than 30 years it is tattooed in our town history. A day that elevated Parma, his Ultras and his fans to a pure pleasure state, a day that gave us the first memorable promotion in Serie A, that launched us into following 30 years, full of satisfactions, from both ultras and football points of view. A day that gave us the most important trophy, the Ghetto banner, main symbol of hated Reggiana cousin. […] We were in Tardini, not in Wembley, but what Parma lives that 27th may 1990, it was maybe the best day for Boys Parma 1977 in our 43 years.

We decided to celebrate 30 years from 27th may 1990 with a scarf that could honor both conquers and keep those memories alive.

The scarf is a limited edition and who is interested in it can write to Boys Facebook page:


A gift that touched Parma Calcio


As we published yesterday in advance, a group of Chinese fans sent a pack with 2000 mask to Parma Calcio at Collecchio training center.

What we still didn’t tell is what was inside the pack [translated from this article on Official Parma website]: ”Many support messages under the same motto ‘Chinese fans are with you against Corona Virus’. Here some example of permanent memories for every fans that lives far away his football love: pictures that represents those chances in which they could get in contact with what they care. Someone taking a pic with D’Aversa, some other with some legend of the past, someone proudly wearing a scarf or a crusaders jersey. A great gesture that, we can assure you, moved everyone. Thansk Nevin, thanks Parma Fans from China

Calaiò on Instagram

2017-02-05 – Parma – Pordenone 3-2

As you know we don’t use to talk about current players, but we do like to remember and follow former players, especially if they wrote important pages of our history.

Talking about recent history, one of them is Emanuele Calaiò, the Archer, that finally appeared on Instagram with an official account. It is almost the first time we hear from him since his farewell letter to the fans. Yesterday he posted the video of the goal in the extra time against Pordenone -perfectly frozen by Lorenzo Cattani in this pic – what a memory!

He is already been listed on our “Former players social accounts” list, where you can find many others of our football legends.

L’amore ci ha sorriso, la vittoria ci sorriderà

🇮🇹 Il Parma club China (qui il link alla pagina Weibo) ha inviato 2000 mascherine al Parma Calcio come gesto di sostegno in questo particolare momento con l’intento di far sentire la propria vicinanza alla comunità di Parma.

Sul pacco, consegnato oggi, Un riferimento a Verdi e l’Aida: “L’amore ci ha sorriso, la vittoria ci sorriderà. Forza Crociati”

Grazie, Crociati!

(Eccoli qui)

🇬🇧 Parma club China (Weibo page link here) sent 2000 masks to Parma Calcio as support in this particular moment with the objective to let feel their support to the Parmesan communty.

On the package, delivered today, a reference to Verdi and his Aida: “Love smiled us, Victory will smile us too. Com’on Crusaders!”

Thanks, Crusaders!

(Here they are)

Agreement to cut wages

We report from Parma Calcio Official website the news about a wages cut:

“Parma, 15th april 2020 – Parma Calcio 1913 communicates that all his members (managers, first team staff, sport director, collaborators, and all the players) gave availability to reduce annual emolument – in the measure of one monthly salary – because of the sanitary emergency that is stopping every sport activity causing huge economical loss to the Club. The integration to the individual agreements, that will not involve youth team areas and that will be applied from a minimum annual threshold, will be perfected as soon as possible, in respect of the laws.

Parma Calcio 1913, waiting to understand if sanitary condition of the country will let or not a restart of professional activities this season, would like to thanks all his member for the demonstration of sense of responsability in this difficult moment, that needs common sense and a constructive spirit by all the company characters.

In this, it enters the solidal project ‘Banca Ore’, activated in past weeks and that see the possibility for all the employees not members to donate to the colleagues vacation hours, so that a internal holiday plan will be re-organized not asking for the social safety nets, until now not asked to the Government.”

100.000 euro to the Hospital and refund for season ticket holders

Parma Calcio will refund season ticket holders for the closed doors matches due to Corona Virus emergency.

Fans will have the chance to get the money back or decide to devolve their quote to The Strongest Team in Parma, the intuitive in support of the Infectious Diseases and Intensive Care wards of Parma’s Ospedale Maggiore that is facing a big emergency. 

The Club will guarantee a donation of 100000 euro to the Hospital.

You can find more details for season ticket holders on Parma Calcio website.

To discover how to support Strongest team in Parma click on the link below:

Support Strongest Team in Parma

Support strongest team in Parma

Original pic: Lorenzo Cattani

Covid-19 emergency is spreading all around Europe and it hit first and strongly Northern Italy and Parma province. To front all this situation hospitals are making huge efforts to keep guaranteeing the standard services and, most of all, to assist properly Covid-19 affected people with critical care equipments.

Parma Calcio launched a campaign called “Support strongest team in Parma” [Sostieni la squadra più forte di Parma] in order to collect money for the local hospital infectious diseases department.

To contribute donating please make a bank transfer to:

IBAN: IT 39 R 03069 12765100000046031 

BIC/Swift code: BCITITMM

Bank: Intesa San Paolo – filiale di Parma

Company: Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Parma

Reason (copy and paste exactly, otherwise the transfer will not arrive properly): La squadra più forte di Parma – Reparto Malattie Infettive

Together we will win.