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Parma (town) for kids

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Mission of this page is to bring Parma – all “Parma world”, not just the Club – closer to abroad fans, in order to understand better that “kind of magic” all of us feel once we step into that bicycle busy streets.

This is one of the ventures we would like to bring to you: Parma Facciamo Squadra is a charity project born in 2013 thanks to the contribution of three local business Chiesi Farmaceutici, Fondazione Cariparma and Barilla Group (also part of  Nuovo Inizio, in the person of Guido Barilla) that donate one euro for every euro that the charity fundraiser gain from citizens (Multiplier Effect).


The money collected will be devolved in projects for kids in need: food and primary needs, education, sport and culture. The amount will not be given to only one association but distributes to the families really in the need that will be chosen by a council of association spread in Parma territory that works daily by this families side: Centro di Aiuto alla Vita, Rete dei Laboratori Compiti, Polisportiva Gioco, Emporio Parma, Famiglia Più, Portos, AUSER, Giocamico, Per Ricominciare.

This is why the name of the campaign is “Let’s team up”: the subjects involved are many and widespread.

There will be many fundraising ventures, the one the video – with Lucarelli, Faggiano, Carra and Piovani – refers to is “Anolini solidali”, a charity sell for handmade anolini typical parmesan dish – never call them “tortellini”! – in piazza Garibaldi next week-end.

You can also donate directly to Parma Facciamo Squadra project choosing the specific area of interest at this link:

All the info, in italian, on Parma Facciamo Squadra website.

Nuovo Inizio back at the helm of Parma Calcio

We are supporters, not journalists. Our mission is to bring Parma Calcio and Parma closer to abroad fans and, hopefully, vice versa, but we think all you outside Italy would like to know more about what happened yesterday: the Nuovo Inizio back at the helm of Parma Calcio.

Nuovo Inizio – a 7 parmesan businessmen group composed by Guido Barilla, Giampaolo Dallara, Capital B in the person of Mauro Del Rio, Marco Ferrari, Erreà in the person of Angelo Gandolfi, Giacomo Malmesi and Impresa Pizzarotti in the person of Pietro Pizzarotti – refounded together with Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, Parma Calcio 1913 after the failure. Nuovo Inizio had the intent to save Parma football team, restart football passion in Parma and entrust it in the hands of a reliable football specialized businessman that was found in Chinese Jihang Lizhang and Link International. Almost one year and an half ago they sold majority quote to the Chinese group, keeping the 30% (10% still in the hand of PPC, as you already know) and the promise of being the guarantee for Parma town and fans that they would intervene incase of need.

This happened yesterday. After Link International agreement non-fulfillment, due probably to Chinese government restriction on football investments, Nuovo Inizio exercised their rights and retook 60% of Parma Calcio. In their official statement and press conference they underlined intention of a capital increase and to keep being a guarantee for the Club future and, maybe future transfer to some real trustable investor, if there will be ever condition to. Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche will still have his role of citizenship representative and will keep having a member inside the board.

Just a quick overlook on who composes Nuovo Inizio. We will talk about them on WikiParma soon. A huge thank you to Facebook page Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria, for conceding us to use their pictures.

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Guido Barilla: Italian businessman and the chairman and CEO of Barilla Group, the world’s largest pasta company, which is 85% owned by Guido, his brothers Paolo and Luca, and a sister. (from Wikipedia)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Giampaolo Dallara: Italian businessman and motorsports engineer. He is the owner of Dallara Motorsports, a company that develops racing cars. (from Wikipedia)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Mauro Del Rio: founder and president of Buongiorno, a DOCOMO Company that develops apps and services for mobile devices. He is also, between other roles, chairman of DOCOMO Digital, the European holding of NTT DOCOMO. (from LinkedIn)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Marco Ferrari: former CEO and chairmen of Zodiak Active and founder of industrial holding NEXT 14. Former minority Parma FC owner from 2009 to 2013 when he left the board. (from ParmaLive)

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Angelo Gandolfi: founder and president of Erreà, sport equipment company supplier.

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Giacomo Malmesi: lawyer and former Parma Calcio vice-president.

pic credit Parma-Reggiana #maistatastoria

Pietro Pizzarotti: member of the Mipien board, the holding owner of 94,5 % of Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A., the construction company founded by his family more than 100 years ago. (from

Lucarelli against Lucarelli

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Match streaming will be available here:

It is not a remake of Dustin Hoffmann movie but what will happen on Friday 7th September, even if two Lucarelli brothers won’t be on the pitch.

On 7th september at 3 pm CEST in Tardini Stadium there will be the friendly match Parma vs Livorno. As you know Alessandro Lucarelli, Parma Club Manager, is from Livorno and his brother Cristiano is the coach of Livorno (italian serie B). Parma already played against Cristiano Lucarelli when he was Tuttocuoio coach in Serie D season.

At the beginning of the video you hear Cristiano say, referring to his younger brother Alessandro, to journalists: “He poses for pictures but he never invite for dinner in restaurant”

Tickets will be at 5 euros and available on Listicket circuit or at the box office.

Match streaming will be available here:

As you know Cristiano Lucarelli was a Parma player before his brother and was him to ask Alessandro to come. The rest is history. This make us remember a recent Plin, to be more precise Plin #6. that we published before Juve match in Tardini about CR7 hype.

Because we love each other

Yes, the one on the left is Captain Lucarelli and yes, his wife, Cristiana, sings very well and no, the man on the right is not Tom Selleck son.

One year ago, on 15th October 2017, Cristiana, Alessandro and Plin, sang this song as the end of Gli Scarrozzati show in Collecchio’s Crystal Theater.

We will talk more in detail next days about Gli Scarrozzati, a comic theater company composed by actors on wheelchair, since this Sunday 9th September in Collecchio there will be their new comic show.

For the moment enjoy this masterpiece on the music of Ricchi e Poveri “Sarà perchè ti amo”, that for the occasion Plin transformed in “Sarà perchè ci amiamo” that in English should sound like “Because we love each other” and Captain in this inconsuete singing version.

Here the complete Lyrics:


What a confusion For who supports you

We never know In which Serie you play

But Parma is strong, much more than the Cousin (Reggiana now Reggio Audace),

And for us is fine, Every time we beat them


I sing in rhyme but you’re always in retreat

Every damn summer We postpone holidays

You are a star, But not Messi indeed

Well, who cares? Anyway I love you


And with Parma we know Higher and higher we go

Com’on fly with me Football is crazy indeed

Where there is not love A season is enough

In the hands of an evil And we all know how it ends.

And with Parma we know Higher and higher we go

Com’on fly with me Football is crazy indeed

Love is all around here Like in past season my dear

Fear against Pordenone Then a big party.


And after all What is it so strange?

It is a song Maybe because I love you

If Parma falls, We don’t leave him alone

If Parma falls, We will bring him on


Hold me stronger and stay closer and closer

You’re fascinating, but not a young anymore

If football is crazy What is it so weird

Crazy fo crazy At least we love each other


And with Parma we know Higher and higher we go

Com’on fly with me Football is crazy indeed

Where there is not love A trash can in your hand

And we all know how it ends.

And if Parma succeed Is because we love each other

And soon back to Serie A Is because we love each other

We will say to those two (Gherardi and Leonardi, NDT)

You see how strong we are?

We don’t care We have the Capitano!

Interested in Inter Milan vs Parma in San Siro?


The day of the match is Saturday 15th at 3pm because Inter Milan have to play in Champions League on next Tuesday.

If you are interested in watching the game in San Siro with other Parma fans, contact us and will give you maximum support possible. From fans to fans.

We can help you with tickets but it is better to organizes as soon as possible. For this match and for others to come.

A minister with Black Phoenix

credit to Franco Bardiani

In this picture took outside Dall’Ara stadium before SPAL vs Parma match you can see a delegation of Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche – the society, made by fans, that has a minority percentage of Parma Calcio and that anyway have members in the board of direction as a guarantee of control and transparency – with italian Agriculture and Forestal Politics Minister, Gian Marco Centinaio, the man with Black Phoenix t-shirt.

Thanks to Minister and Franco Bardiani of PPC to let us use the picture.

To discover more on Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche and join you can find all the infos in Italian on their website, .

In case of particular interest write us and will be your intermediary to contact them.

Parma shortlist at transfer market closing

This is Parma shortlist at transfer market closing on 17th at 8:01 PM CEST

We remind you that free players can still be signed and also is possible to sell or give on loan players in Serie C or abroad.

List is composed by 29 “over”. Serie A rules oblige to have no more than 21 over plus 4 over players that grew in our youth team (at the moment Gazzola and Sprocati) and unlimited under 22 (at the moment Da Cruz, Dimarco, Bastoni, Sierralta and Bagheria). Not considering Calaiò that will join in January for well known reasons, D’aversa have to choose 5 players to leave out of the team.

Goalkeepers: Fabrizio Bagheria, Pierluigi Frattali, Luigi Sepe,
Defenders: Bruno Alves, Alessandro Bastoni, Valerio Di Cesare, Federico Dimarco, Riccardo Gagliolo, Marcello Gazzola, Massimo Gobbi, Simone Iacoponi, Giovanni Pinto, Luigi Scaglia, Francisco Sierralta
Midfielders: Antonino Barillà, Alessandro Deiola, Jacopo Dezi, Alberto Grassi, Gianni Munari Luca Rigoni, Matteo Scozzarella, Leo Stulac, Antonio Junior Vacca,
Forwards: Yves Baraye, Jonathan Ludovic Biabiany, Emanuele Calaiò, Fabio Ceravolo, Amato Ciciretti, Alessio Da Cruz, Antonio Di Gaudio, Gervinho, Roberto Inglese, Luca Siligardi, Mattia Sprocati.

Thanks to for its data and fundamental work.

From we discover Parma is the 8th team for expenses this transfer market session.