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Lucarelli match worn items on eBay

Parma collectors, this is big chance to get a worn armband (or anyway a personal Lucarelli item) with an inscription from the Captain.

Il mestiere del Capitano documentary production company put on eBay a lot of material received directly from Alessandro Lucarelli in person almost a month ago in Collecchio.

All this campaign is in support for the Documentary project on Lucarelli felt and rebirth with Parma Calcio.

If requested, Lucarelli will write an inscription to the buyer on the item.

Items list:

Former Barcelona Methodology Director Clinic in Parma

Joan Vilà Bosch, almost 50 years experienced Barcelona Masia former Methodology Director, one of the most important contributor to blaugrana program for young players training and education will be for the first time in Italy for a 2 days clinic lesson.

On 9th and 10th April, in Parma, the author of methodology and style of play of Cantera will teach many themes like strategical development, young players training and education and a global planning of a Football System.

It will be a great chance to discover the Barcelona methodology given by Parma Academy in association with Parma Calcio Youth teams.


Last matches date and time


We are sure many of you were hardly waiting for this. Finally the date and time of last Parma matches of this season are out. And they are quite good because home matches are on Sunday at 3 PM that means we avoided risk for Monday night match: the only Monday evening (!) match of the season will be the one in Bologna. Round 38 (Roma vs Parma) will be decided last minute, after round 37th matches end.

Here the matches:

ROUND 34: Chievo vs Parma on Sunday 28th April at 3 PM CEST

ROUND 35: Parma vs Sampdoria on Sunday 5th May at 3 PM CEST

ROUND 36: Bologna vs Parma on Monday 13rd Mat at 7 PM CEST

ROUND 37: Parma vs Fiorentina on Sunday 19th May at 3 PM CEST

ROUND 38: Roma vs Parma TBD

We know many of you are coming for both home matches, especially with Sampdoria, because of the gemellaggio between the two Clubs. We suggest to contact us right now – by email, Twitter, Messenger or Whatsapp in order to let us have time enough to organize better reception possible for you and to organize fans meetings and maybe some special “extra”.

Com’on Crusaders, season is about to end, don’t wait too much, book the flight, Parma Family is waiting for you.

Choreo for Bagna

credit to Boys Parma 1977

On Sunday 31st Parma vs Atalanta match day, Boys Parma 1977 will realize a special choreography dedicated to Matteo Bagnaresi in Curva Nord, the beloved Boys tragically passed away 11 years ago today.

After the match all the fan base is invited to Casa di Matteo headquarter, the association founded by Matteo Bagnaresi parents in via Saragat 33 and that we talked about for the Ultras and social network meeting.

Casa di Matteo is a precious place that give practical help to kids with school problems and that organizes receptive activities. The website (in italian):

To testify the strength of the link between Boys and the memory of a brother like Matteo Bagnaresi – Curva Nord is named after him – nothing more clear than Boys Parma voice: “We are a community, Parma fans, a sort of big family, Matteo memory moved us even more close together and strengthened that ideal that link us since 42 years, thanks to which we met each other and make us proud of being Boys Parma 1977

Atalanta stand sold out

The low price for away fans area policy, the project we talked about past days and that was tested for Parma vs Atalanta tickets got a great answer by Atalanta fans that will fill all the Tardini away fans area.

In few hours, thanks to low prices (15 euro normal ticket, 5 euro for under 14) and to the well-known passion of fans from Bergamo, the 3800 tickets went sold out.

We hope, as said, this will be the beginning of a spread routine also in other stadia.

Who is coming to Parma for the match and need some advice for tickets or fans meeting, please contact us via mail or WhatsApp.

Helgi Kolvidsson is a Parma fan

Credit to Helgi Kolvidsson

Helgi Kolvidsson, Icelandic Leichtenstein coach, is a Parma fan due to what reported by

As he said during press conference before Italia vs Leichtenstein match of Tuesday 26th march (8:45 PM CET) that will be played in Tardini, he has already been 5 times in Parma, last one when Crusaders played in Serie C, two years ago.

A special match for him then.

Welcome back in Parma, Helgi! If you have time, send us a #travellingparmigiani picture, it would be really precious for our photoalbum.

Parma in Viareggio Cup Semifinal

Parma Primavera (under 19), will play today at 2 PM CET against Genoa in Viareggio Cup Semifinals, one of the most important competition for under 19 teams in Italy.

In Italy you can follow the match live on Rai Sport + HD on TV and online at this link:

If in your country, due to TV rights, the streaming is not working you will probably watch it on Parma Calcio Youth Division YouTube Channel next days, where you can find full Quarter Finals winning game against Fiorentina.

This result has been surprising since Parma is in low ranking in Primavera 2 league but Fiorentina is fighting for the title in Primavera 1 league and was one of the most accredited for the Cup victory.

The Viareggio Cup official website in English:

To be up-to-date about Primavera leagues we suggest you to follow Mondo Primavera an important source – unfortunately only in Italian – for youth teams infos.

Iconic Crespo on Haarlem wall

pictures credit:

Kamp Seedorf is a street artists collective that realizes football focused artworks.

Recently they realized in Stationsplein, Haarlem (the Netherlands), close to the train station, a big iconic Hernan Crespo. If you are around there look for it and send us pictures!

For Dutch fans we remember you we have a proper Facebook group for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Here you find all the links to follow Kamp Seedorf works:

Facebook: @KampSeedorf

Instagram: @kampseedorf

Twitter: @KampSeedorf


Ancelotti and Parma: a family meeting

After Sunday match, Napoli manager, Carlo Ancelotti, joined a small representation of   Parma in Tardini Museum, where Museum association organized a temporary exhibition in his honor.

Ancelotti, former Parma player and coach, received from Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs a prize for his past in Parma Calcio and as a sign of never ended friendship.

Lead by Parma Calcio marketing manager, Ancelotti had a tour inside the Museum where all Crociati history is guarded and stopped few minutes to sign some memorabilia before jumping on the Napoli bus.

Happy to be back were we deserve to be.

Happy to find some old friend or, better, some old Family member again.

Tv program on Tomas Brolin

Tomas Brolin and his wife on 25th October 2019 in Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – credit CCPC

Tonight at 8 PM on Swedish TV4 will be broadcasted a special program on Tomas Brolin career made by Gunde Svan, Swedish legendary winter cross skeing that dedicates his program to great champions stories.

Once available, the show can be streamed onå-gunde-svan

Tomas Brolin and Gunde Svan passed – of course – in Parma to record the episode in October and that was the chance fro Brolin to meet some old friend.