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A Parma Academy in Panama: next stop Champions League Final

credit to all pics: Parma Academy Panama

It seems to be back at those glory times, when Parma had relationships in many countries around the world – also thanks to the Parmalat commercial links – and could include football schools in every continent, hotbeds of talents. We are starting rebuilding it, finally, and this is a great news especially for abroad fans.

Today, Parma Academy Panama, the first intentional Academy project for the reborn Parma Calcio, will be hosted in Tardini and will step the pitch before Parma vs Milan. Those young football talents, lead by Alexis Gomez, Sport Director, have been traveling trough Europe and visited Collecchio training center where they met CEO Luca Carra and all the players and had a taste of what we all hope it will be their future training center.

Boys visited also Madrid and they could touch the Champions League for the first time… who knows if the second time they will touch it will be… Good Luck, guys!

We wish all the best to Panama young talents, to Parma Academy Panama and to this International project that we hope will have more extension.

Next stop: Champions League final 2029!

First Parma 2019/20 matches

Lega Serie A just released the schedule for the first matches of the season, that will start on Sunday 25 August weekend and that will have three Wednesday matches – 25/9, 30/10 and 22/4 – three breaks for national team – 8/9, 13/10, 17/11 and 29/12 – and Christmas break from 24/12 to 4/1.

Parma will face Juventus in Tardini in the first match of the season.

Campionato will end on 24th May 2020.

The complete schedule (date is referred to Sunday but marches could be on Saturday or Monday too)

1^ Parma-Juventus (25.08.2019)
2^ Udinese-Parma (01.09.2019)
3^ Parma-Cagliari (15.09.2019)
4^ Lazio-Parma (22.09.2019)
5^ Parma-Sassuolo (25.09.2019)
6^ Parma-Torino (29 09.2019)
7^ SPAL-Parma (06.10.2019)
8^ Parma-Genoa (20.10.2019)
9^ Inter-Parma (27.10.2019)
10^ Parma-Verona (30.10.2019)
11^ Fiorentina-Parma (03.11.2019)
12^ Parma-Roma (10.11.2019)
13^ Bologna-Parma (24.11.2019)
14^ Parma-Milan (01.12.2019)
15^ Sampdoria-Parma (08.12.2019)
16^ Napoli-Parma (15.12.2019)
17^ Parma-Brescia (22.12.2019)
18^ Atalanta-Parma (05.01.2020)
19^ Parma-Lecce (12.01.2020)
20^ Juventus-Parma (19.01.2020)
21^ Parma-Udinese (26.01.2020)
22^ Cagliari-Parma (02.02.2020)
23^ Parma-Lazio (09.02.2020)
24^ Sassuolo-Parma (15.02.2020)
25^ Torino-Parma (23.02.2020)
26^ Parma-SPAL (01.03.2020)
27^ Genoa-Parma (08.03.2020)
28^ Parma-Inter (15.03.2020)
29^ Verona-Parma (22.03.2020)
30^ Fiorentina-Parma (05.04.2020)
31^ Roma-Parma (11.04.2020)
32^ Parma.Bologna (19.04.2020)
33^ Milan-Parma (22.04.2020)
34^ Parm-Sampdoria (26.04.2020)
35^ Parma-Napoli (03.05.2020)
36^ Brescia-Parma )10.05.2020)
37^ Parma-Atalanta (17.05.2020)
38^ Lecce-Parma (24.05.2020)

Parma is Social Networks Champion

An important agency specialized in monitorizing Football account social networks interactions, Social Media Soccer, just announced the results of his analysis through the whole Serie A season.

Parma Calcio won the Twitter Challenge with the best points performance ever. This competition calculates interactions generated by Serie A clubs Twitter accounts in real time during the league matches and put in relationship with the followers base.

Parma won the challenge by overtaking even Juventus, the italian club with the biggest fan base. This important result testify the great work of Nicolò Fabris and his communication team and is it a fundamental analysis that confirm the value of our Club for the sponsor’s interest.

The great results on Twitter are supported by the whole social networks collaborations: Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, where Parma had an impressive rise.

The innovative collaboration with Spotify – a huge brand – and the Parma App restyling are also interesting weapons to Parma Calcio communication arsenal and a desire by the Club to interact as much as possible with his fanbase.

Here all Parma Calcio Channels:

 Parma Calcio 1913
 Parma Football Academy

 Parma Calcio 1913 Facebook:

 Parma Calcio 1913 Italian

 Parma Calcio 1913 English

 Parma Calcio 1913

Well done, guys!

Let the Team feel our support

Boys Parma 1977 asked all the fan base to meet at 1 PM in front of the Tardini gate to receive the bus of the players arriving to the stadium and let them feel all our support for a crucial match of the season.

We have to let feel the team all the support possible during the match. As Alessandro Lucarelli said few days ago: “Fiorentina have to feel they are playing against not just a team, but against a whole town“.

We with the voice, you with the heart… We’ll win!

Parma and Sampdoria: an historical celebration

Rumors where right at least this time, this is something historical, that will make jersey collectors go crazy.

Probably for the first time in Italy two football clubs will exchange theirs kits before the match instead than after.

On Sunday 5th May in Tardini Parma will play with a blucerchiata shirt and Sampdoria with a crociata jersey, properly designed by Erreà and Joma in a maybe unprecedented attempt to celebrate a friendship that last since season 1990/91 and that was started by fans – because fans are always who make football being Football – and took on by Clubs marketing department.

The match worn jerseys will be sold on charity auction: selling of Parma shirts profits will go to Genova Gaslini Children Hospital and selling of Sampdoria shirts will support Parma Children Hospital.

Can’t wait to see them on the pitch. There will be a bit of confusion at the beginning, maybe, but surely a good time together for the fanbases in Tardini.

You can find the blucrociata and a special box with both shirts on Parma Calcio website:

Season tickets holders have a 20% off in Tardini shop and online.

#blucrociati riddle

Blucrociati, this is the hashtag (and the claim) of and unknown venture by Parma Calcio and Sampdoria that will be announced this afternoon at 530 pm CEST on Parma social channels. It is a mix between the word blucerchiati, a way to call Sampdoria fans due to their blue jersey with iconic circles, and crociati, Parma fans, obviously referred to the Parma Calcio crusader historical home kit.

As known, Parma and Sampdoria fanbases have a strong friendship born between Ultras Tito Cucchiaroni and Boys Parma 1977 during season 1990/91, when Boys made a banner with “A noi l’Europa, a voi la gloria: lo scudetto alla Sampdoria” [Europe for us, Glory for you: Scudetto to Sampdoria] congratulating for the victory of the league, the last time a non-mainstream club won a Serie A title.

Since then, the friendship extended to all the fan bases – it is quite common to see a blucerchiata shirt or a Sampdoria scarf in Tardini Curva Nord and yellow and blue colors in Marassi Gradinata Sud – and to Clubs. Friendship it is so strong that it is common to see great collaboration between Clubs for lowing ticket prices, making flags parade and… something else that we will discover this evening.

Stay tuned, we will update as the mystery, started when a full page on Italian main sport newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport appeared today, will be unveiled.

24 Hours to the end of Lucarelli match worn auctions

As announced last week, there are some Alessandro Lucarelli match worn armbands and some other items on eBay as a support to “Il Mestiere del Capitano” documentary project.

Still 24 hours before the auctions end: you can check all the items available and their stories at this link:

All items, if requested by the buyer, will be singed and inscripted by Alessandro Lucarelli.

Boys charity lottery winning numbers

On last Sunday Boys Parma 1977, with the help of some children, picked up the winning numbers of their charity lottery in support for  Casa Azzurra in Corcagnano.

The lottery was running since months as we told about it here and here.

So, if you came in Tardini in past weeks and bought a tickets, check if it is between the winning numbers:

1° – 5137 – 400 Euro discount in Comet shop, Parma

2° – 2573 – 5 kg of Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months

3° – 5228 – 200 euro discount in Centro Moda shop, Parma

4° – 0979 – entire Prosciutto di Parma

5° – 4903 – Curva Nord season ticket 2019/20

6° – 0943 – Curva Nord season ticket 2019/20

7° – 6035 – 2 cards of 50 euro at Space Cinema, Parma

8° – 1018 – 100 euro discount in Dolce Salato shop, Parma

9° – 5001 – 100 euro discount in Autofficina Fabio Olimpo, Parma

10° – 5658 – 100 euro discount in La valle dell’ecu, Parma

11° – 4337 – 1 month in Active Action Gym, Baganzola

12° – 5090 – 1 month in Active Action Gym, Baganzola

13° – 4528 – 100 euro discount in Tognoni Abbigliamento shop, Parma

14° – 2330 – Smartbox

15° – 5524 – Dinner for 2 people in Ristorante Romani

16° – 3722 – Dinner for 2 people in Ristorante Cacciatore

17° – 6732 – Travel for 2 people with Boys for an away match in 2019/20 season

18° – 5091 – 50 euro discount at First Point shop

19° – 6694 – Boys scarf

20° – 3604 – Boys scarf

Ajax: a case study

After the two days clinic with Joan Vilà Bosch, former methodology director of Barcelona, that explained, for the first time to an italian audience, the methodology behind blaugrana model, the Parma Academy project continues with a second training round.

Michele Santoni, Uefa pro coach, will explain dutch system studied during his five years long experience in Ajax to the Parma province coaches that will attend the clinic – both, theoretical and practical – on Monday 6th May. More infos writing to