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In Beijing against Argentina

Two years ago we talked about them for a great gift that touched Parma fans in a difficult moment for the community. Now we are talking about them for the beginning of the football season.

Last August 20, Parma Chinese Fans Club played a friendly match with the Argentine Chinese fans in Wangjing Sports Park in Beijing.

The match was their debut in 2022 season, and despite the 3-4 loss it has been a great chance to stand on the pitch again.

Well done, guys!

Mi smo Parma: 2500 km for Parma Calcio (and food)

I am Dejan from Croatia, president of the official group “Balkan“, associated with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs. I go to Parma Calcio matches once a month, never alone. My mission is to bring there as many fans from ex Yugoslavia. Last month, against Monza, I made company to guys from Montenegro, Miloš and Uroš, two long time Parma fans that came for the first time ever in Tardini.

Did you know: Parma is the first italian city rewarded by UNESCO for gastronomy! There are some interesting “close to the club” restaurants.
Few hundred meters from the stadium you can eat pizza & more in “Don Alfonso”. Surprise is expecting you at the door: owner is Domenico Morfeo, legendary attacking midfielder. He is not just a boss: he’s the one who could bring you the dessert at least. I saw pleasure on his face when I asked him to sign his old match worn shirt from my collection. At the end he get outside with us, smoked one cigarette and we chat a little.

In the other part of the city, closer to Cittadella, we had a dinner in “dal Capitano”. Our eternal captain Lucarelli let us eat in his VIP room at the basement. He went there just for us, he always find a time for fans and this is incredible. We had a gift for him (our MI SMO PARMA shirt), he honoured us with one extra dish included in a fish food menu. “Sala del capitano” is something really special, kind of his personal tavern for friends and museum of his career. Miloš and Uroš gave to Ale a special Montenegrin wine and brandy, very appreciated!

Unfortunately at one point is time to come back home, and complete a 2500 kilometers travel by car. Anyway it was, as usual, unforgettable!

Pozivam sve navijače koji pričaju moj jezik da mi se jave!

My tremendous experience at the Tardini

It starts now a new se section of our website dedicated to your experiences in Parma or with Parma Calcio. We are sure it will be an useful feature for who aim to come for a match or for a visit. We remember all of you to contact us for any need for a Fans-to-fans (non profit) help.

Who wants to send his contribution is welcome!

And thanks to Camille for breaking the ice!

“Hello! I’m Camille, a high school English teacher from Belgium. My passion for “il Parma” started quite a long time ago when I was still a teenager – back in the late nineties. That time is still called “the Golden Decade” but as other years went by – more difficult for the club with failure or bankruptcy even followed by a relegation in serie D – I grew even fonder and fonder of il Parma. Coming to Parma to see the Crociati play in their own stadium has been a dream for so long.

This summer, my husband and I booked a trip to Italy (visiting some northern cities) and when I heard Parma was going to play a friendly match at the Tardini while we were in italy, I couldn’t miss the chance! So, I reached out to my dear friend Paola who directly put me in contact with Parma Fans Worldwide. Both of them gave me all the information and advice I needed to make my dream come true! In fact, it is quite easy to get tickets or to find a safe parking space.

The atmosphere at the stadium is really welcoming, like a big Italian family. My husband and I were truly happy to be at the Tardini last Sunday ! We had a blast ! We met many friendly and awesome people and found ourselves truly welcomed.

I really encourage all Parma fans around the world to enjoy such a wonderful experience!”

Parma Fans HK won the fans league

(By Ernest Kam)

Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong claimed the Serie A Hong Kong Fans’ Super League winner after defeating Fiorentina supporters in Hong Kong and Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club.

The tournament was organized by Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club, held on the 22nd May,2021 in Hong Kong. Four Hong Kong Fan Club including Inter Club Hong Kong, Fiorentina supporters in Hong Kong, Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong and Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club competed for the title.

Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong draw its first match with Inter Club Hong Kong 1-1 and secured with a 4-0 victory over Fiorentina supporters in Hong Kong and won 2-0 over Hong Kong AC Milan Fan Club to hold on the title.

Tournament leading scorer Chun Yin, from Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong, scored five goals in three matches. Coco, another Parma Fans Worldwide Hong Kong player, kept two clean sheets in the tournament which means he won the Golden Glove Award.

Congrats, guys!

Double Giovanni in the air

Little by little, Parma is jumping into podcast/radio landscape. After the milestone Mani Djazmi “World Football” dedicated to the Resurrection of Parma, recorded in the end of 2018, this week two important podcast talked about Gialloblù and in both of them Crusaders voice has been Giovanni Dougall, founder of Solo Parma (website, Instagram, Twitter)

Giovanni was interviewed in Episode 13 of Calcio Connection, a podcast about italian football co-hosted by Alex Donno (sports radio host in Miami) and Jerry Mancini (writer for TheLaziali and World Football Index) about our 2019/20 season and recent years. You can listen to Calcio Connection on Apple Podcast, Google Play, Spotify and follow their tweets on

Our Scottish fan was also the protagonist of brand new podcast about abroad fans called Far Away Fan Pod, that we talked about during past days. In his episode Giovanni talked more intimately about himself and the growing of his Parma passion, started with Buffon and encouraged by Alessandro Lucarelli. Here a resume of the contents:

Take your time and listen to it, we are sure many of you will recognize themselves in his words. Don’t miss it:, Twitter @FarAwayFanPod, Instagram @FarAwayFanPod

Listen to both and then write us if for you it is time to think about a Parma Calcio Podcast. We always look for suggestions and contributors.

There are friends

We translate and publish the letter that Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just sent together with a donation to Assistenza Pubblica di Parma. Proud to be, as Official Parma Fans Club, member of Centro Coordinamento. In WikiParma section yo can read our deepening on Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs.

There are friends that, as volunteers since always, every day, continually, are servicing Parma town and province […] for every need that is related with our Parmesan people health. They are the guys of Assistenza Pubblica di Parma, that are at our side in Ennio Tardini Stadium as first aid during Parma Calcio matches.

We always supported them, sometimes with important donations, like when we recently bought a fully accessorized ambulance, for the big relationship they created with Parmesan people.

In this moment, In which these friends of us are facing the bigger health emergency in last decades, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs decided to be once again by their side donating them 5000 euros.

This venture, like the donation of 25.600 euros to the Parma Hospital, was possible thanks to the support of the big Parma Family