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Don’t forget #2

It is not a precautionary “don’t forget”. We told we would post one after every lost match and we still didn’t lost against Juve.

Take it as a “breaking don’t forget”

We are in Correggio for Correggese against Rolo for Coppa Italia Eccellenza (fifth league). We can’t reveal why we are here since it is a surprise we are keeping for Friday.

Well. With all due respect to Correggese, three years ago we were playing here.

Don’t forget where we come from.

Don’t forget #1

After every lost match we would like to refresh your memory and remind where we come from.

After bankruptcy we felt in Serie D an we played on pitches like this. Sammaurese vs. Parma on 8th may 2016. Almost 2 years ago our team – that played in Wembley, San Siro, Bernabeu – step a field with lines like that. It is not an image distortion.

With all due respect to Sammaurese, don’t forget where we come from and what we passed through.

#thisisparma #weareparma

Thanks to Alessandro Braga for the pic.

Three years ago



Today is exactly three years since Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images took this pic that is on Parma Calcio Facebook wall.

This was the second friendly match of new Parma Calcio 1913 in a village few kilometers from Parma: no official shirt on, some incredulous face, some determined. The Captain, of course, and some face we would learn to be used to: Ciccio Corapi, Lauria, Giorgino, Zommers, Cacioli… Boys of Curva Nord always there, everywhere.

We come from here.

Don’t forget it after the first, after the second, after the third match lost.

Thank you to Dario for making us remember this moment.

#weareparma #thisisparma