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Parmagiani official and trusted accounts


Since we know there is some confusion about this, we would like to list here the only official and trustable Parmagiani Indonesia accounts.

Website: www.parmagiani.com


Facebook Main Page: Parmagiani Indonesia https://www.facebook.com/ParmagianiIndonesia/

Facebook Group “Parmagiani Indonesia” (Lucarelli Picture wearing a Parmagiani armband): https://www.facebook.com/groups/1739833866273987/

Facebook account “Tifosi Parmagiani” (Social Media Division of Parmagiani Indonesia): https://www.facebook.com/tifosi.parmagiani.7


Instagram Main account: https://www.instagram.com/parmagiani/

Instagram Regional accounts:

Minang: @parmagianiminang

Yogyakarta: @PI_Jogja18

Palembang: @parmagiani_palembang

Bekasi Cikarang Karawang: @PI_Becek


Twitter Main account: https://twitter.com/parmaindonesia

Twitter Regional accounts:

Bandung: @PI_Bandung

Becek: @PI_Becek

Tangerang: @PI_Tangerang

Palembang; @PI_Palembang

Minang: @PI_Minang

Jambi: @PI_Jambi

Banjarmasin @PI_Banjarmasin


YouTube Official Channel “Parmagiani Indonesia”: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWXW52SoowGDgaSTo-xMGwQ


LINE Naver (Messenger For Chat)

ID: Parmagiani

Parma won a trophy

Are glory days about to come? Parma won a trophy yesterday. It was the Parmagiani Indonesia Cup, played by four team: White Crociati Parma (winner), Gialloblu Parma, Red Crociati Parma and Black Phoenix Parma.

Not so difficult to win you think? Probably, but for the moment White Crociati Parma have a new trophy in their showcase.

We always argued Parmagiani lives in a better world 🙂

[In the pics Rengga, top scorer of the tournament, an Iwan with the cup. Thanks to Rengga and to all Parmagiani for the video too]



Set alarm clock at 4 AM, there is Parma on TV


Think about this when your wife is bothering you because you spend couple of hours to watch your team on tv or dream about take a plane and flight to Tardini.

We talked many times about Parmagiani Indonesia, probably the biggest and best organized local Parma Fans community outside Italy. A part of chatting in social networks, organizing couple of national gathering per year, playing a football league with three different teams (5, 7 and 11 players) they do the most important thing: they meet up and spend time together.

This is a quick collection of pictures of last match against Inter meetings. Consider that in Indonesia the match was displayed live at 4 AM. Yes, you understood, they woke up to watch their team at 4 am. In some cases they watches in a bar – sometimes together with Inter fans, and this is great – in some other at home.

You can think three things, now:

1) that they are crazy, but at a closer look nobody is normal, you know

2) that you are proud of them, and we all are

3) that you are not the only one to set the alarm clock in the middle of the night to watch Parma on TV and that you need to find other crazy people like you to meet up. And we are here to help you in that.

As usual, well done, Parmagiani!

Parmagiani official team in EFFA league


Parmagiani Indonesia took their annual picture at the beginning of the year to present their new jersey.

This is the Parmagiani Jakarta region team that will compete in EFFA Competition in 2019 against other 20 European team fans club on football, mini soccer (7 players) and futsal (5 players) tournaments.

EFFA – European Football Fans Club Association in Indonesia – group together Indonesian fans club of European football teams and organize an annual football, fitsal and mini soccer tournament.

This picture will be available on Parmagiani Calendar about to be published.

EFFA contacts:

Instagram @effaindo

Twitter @effaindo

effa gruppo.jpg
credit @EFFAindo

Parmagiani Gathering and elections 2018/2021

pic credit: Abdul Rosyid AS (Parmagiani Indonesia)

As you should know, Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering, took place last week-end.

Parmagiani Indonesia is a big fans community, few of them ever been to Italy but the passion they have for the team is huge and represents a reason for meet up, share experiences and have good time together. This picture is more iconic and representative than every words. If you follow their social channels and they personal accounts you will realize that, for some reason, they live in a better world.

We translated, thanks to Google Translate, the post they made at the end of the event.

“Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering Yesterday went well … We, as the organizer committee express our gratitude to all participants who attended the event, especially those from the regions Lampung, Jogja, Surabaya, Bogor, Sukabumi, Brebes and Palembang. We also say thank you very much to the Donors who have been very helpful in this event. We ask sorry if there were any shortcomings regarding this event. See you at the Gathnas Jogja next year.
Thank you”

The National Gathering was also the change to make elections for the three years mandate (2018-2021) and this is the result from the poll:

Parmagiani Indonesia Management Structure Period 2018-2021

President: Yoga Pratomo
Vice-President: Rengga Aven Januadi
Board: Ahmad Ridwan, Deva Ikhwansyah, Slamet Saputra
General Treasurer: Doddy Adetya
Secretariat & Membership: Arie Arvianto
All Regional Chair: Iwan Saputra
Public Relations: Yohanes Efriyono, Abdul Rosyid, Ahmad Satria
Social Media Division: Rama Mulyadi, Paundra Karisma
Football Division: Enjang Nurcholis, Iis Nurrochman
Futsal & Mini Soccer Division: Merdiansyah Setiadi, Hendra Bagus Pratama

To contact them the email is tifosiparmagiani@gmail.com

Parmagiani Merchandise

credit to www.instagram.com/parmagiani/

As many of you already know, at the end of November there will be Parmagiani Indonesia National Gathering for the celebration of 9th fans group anniversary.

If you are interested in their merchandise can contact proper Facebook page Merchandise Parmagiani or Arie at the phone number +62 812-9360-0091

You find all their official social account in our Worldwide Network list.