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Grazie Capitano by Parma fans worldwide

Do you remember when we called a whip round for a gift for Alessandro Lucarelli?

We made it.

Together with satyrical Parma commentor Il Plin, that realized the lyrics on the Toto Cutugno song “l’italiano”, we asked abroad Parma fans to sing an italian song to say thank you to Alessandro Lucarelli and send him their personal messages.

Tonight we finally presented the video to him and all the club.

This is our way to let people know that Parma fans worldwide are a lot and that care the Club even after relegation to serie D and, even more because of that, they want to let hear their voice, their love, their thank you.

Parma Calcio is not like other Club. Will never have same number of fans as some other most known team, but even if less , they are definitely “something special”.

And part of the Parma Family.

Thanks to all those Hidden Crusaders: Aleksi 🇫🇮, Amr 🇪🇬, Andrea 🇸🇮, Andrea 🇮🇹🇦🇺, Andreas 🇦🇹, Antonis 🇬🇷, Brian 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Christian 🇦🇹, Dave & Emilia 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Dario 🇧🇪, Dejan 🇭🇷, Dejan 🇸🇮, Diego 🇪🇨, Donny 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Dimitris 🇬🇷, Dmitriy 🇷🇺, Ernest 🇭🇰, Fkin 🇲🇴, Flora & Galina 🇭🇷, Gio 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Giovanni 🇮🇹🇮🇱, Gino 🇨🇦, Guðjòn 🇮🇸, Gusti 🇮🇩, Hana 🇭🇷, Hidehiko 🇯🇵, Hrvoje 🇭🇷, Ieva 🇱🇻, Jose Esteban 🇪🇸 🇩🇪, Keung 🇭🇰, Krisztian 🇭🇺, Luka 🇭🇷, Łukasz 🇵🇱, Marko 🇷🇸, Nenad 🇲🇪, Nick 🇬🇷, Nikica 🇲🇰, Panos 🇬🇷, Parmagiani Indonesia 🇮🇩, Parma Fans Worldwide Greater China 🇨🇳 🇭🇰 🇹🇼 🇲🇴, Raphael 🇧🇷, Robert 🇭🇺, Samir & Ema 🇧🇦, Semir 🇧🇦, Tamas 🇭🇺, Tazzy 🇹🇷, Toni 🇷🇴.

Here the extended version:


And here the short one:



Lucarelli event complete video


The party for Alessandro Lucarelli biography release it has been a wonderful, familiar, fun event. On the stage and on the seats many people that crossed Parma Captain professional life: his brother Cristiano – that have been the right-hand and for announcer Alessandro Bonan, Sky Sport journalist – co-authors Nicolò Fabris, Mattia Fontana and Guglielmo Trupo, former team mates like Sebastian Giovinco, Daniele Galloppa, Igor Protti, coaches like D’Aversa and Apolloni.

It has been the chance to hear memorable stories on the private Alessandro and to have the further confirmation of his humanity. Did we really need confirmation for that?

Here you find the complete video. During the night is has been shown the preview of the teaser of Il mestiere del Capitano, the documentary on Lucarelli last three years career as a man and as a player. It has been a privilege for few but stay tuned because the fundraising campaign in support for the documentary project will start soon.

Documentary on Lucarelli Preview


“On June 22, 2015, after the failure of the Parma Football Club, the team automatically retires in Serie D. All players hurry to settle in other companies, except one. Alessandro Lucarelli, the Captain, remains in the newborn Parma Calcio 1913 and chooses to start again from the amateur championship, with the promise to bring back the historic Parma in Serie A. Today, only 3 years later and at the age of 41 he succeeded.”

This is the post that few months ago introduced a quite mysterious cinematographic project on Alessandro Lucarelli named Il mestiere del Capitano, “the art of the Captain”, by Davide Potente and producer Luciano Parravicini (Lux For Media).

We just got the news that tonight – during Lucarelli biography release event – we’ll finally discover some more about it. There will be a preview of the teaser, that will be officially launched in public next weeks, at the fundraising campaign start.

We can’t wait to discover more on a documentary that talk about Alessandro Lucarelli “as a man and as a captain, and of how both are inseparable, when to reach the goal is ‘one of us'”.

Stay tuned.
Here you find Il mestiere del Capitano social channels:

Facebook Page:


Lux for Media channels:




Memory, memories



For a day, let’s stop talking about the fairytale of a reborn Parma Calcio that need just to  survive in Serie A.

Just for today, as a joke, let’s dream a bit, because playing agains AC Milan in San Siro evokes great, historical memories. And dare to dream is not a mortal sin.

If you want to watch again some hisorical Parma match, have a look at Footballia. After a free subscription you can watch many historical football full matches from their huge database. There you can find also some not-to-miss Milan vs Parma like 1994 Uefa supercup final or 1999 italian supercup final.

This is the story behind that Asprilla goal the meme is about, thanks to Facebook page Parma – Reggiana #maistatastoria for remembering us.

“AC Milan vs Parma 0-1, 21st march 1993

It’s 58th minute of the match, kick off right out of the box for Parma: Asprilla never shot,  but this time ask to Osio permission to do it. He is his great friend but he answer no, because ‘otherwise Scala will get angry’.

Then Tino go to the bench asking Scala permission to shot, but the coach also reiterated the prohibition.

He goes back to Osio and when he ask him what Scala said Tino answers: ‘He told me to kick’

And he shot the perfect kick that trick Rossi and goes under the crossbar: “Unbeatable” invincibility ends here.

Simply, Faustino Asprilla.”


Here the video about the winning against the “Unbeatable”.


Lucarelli biography



Now is real, Alessandro Lucarelli biography is finally available (in italian)!


by Alessandro Lucarelli

with Nicolò Fabris, Mattia Fontana and Guglielmo Trupo

Ultra Edizioni, 176 pages, 11,90 euro

You can buy it here: 

or mail your local Parma club if you prefer.

All Lucarelli profits will be donate for charity.

On 30th November night, at 9 pm in Auditorium Paganini in Parma, there will be the official release event. The announcer of the event will be Sky Sport journalist Alessandro Bonan.

IMPORTANT: at the moment English or other languages edition is not announced. CONTACT US if you work for a publisher or have some contacts or suggestion linked with editorial world in your country. We want to do our best in order that the book is translated.

As Capitano use to repeat, HIS story is OUR story.

Let the rest of the world know who we are.



By Federico Ruffo side

from @ReportRai3 Facebook page


Federico Ruffo, author to the reportage about Juve we recently introduce you, has been victim of a try of attempt in his home in Ostia.

We are not a news website but we think is important to show our support to a great professional like him.

Here the non-professional translation of the Report post – here the original – made to introduce the video in which Federico explains how he noticed in the middle of the night strange noises thanks to his dog, that probably saved his and his family lives.


Report journalist Federico Ruffo has been victim of a try of incendiary attempt last night in his Ostia house.

Our colleague, author of a reportage on the death of a Juventus collaborator involved in scalping and on the relationship between ‘Ndrangheta, ultras and some manger of bianconeri, has been awaked around 4 am by unknown that scattered with gasoline first the entrance of the building where he lives with his family, then the landing and the entrance door of his apartment, with the apparent intent to burn.

Assailants escaped disturbed by the dog, but first they painted with a red spray a Cross on landing wall.

Ostia Carabinieri, that are investigating on the fact, after the routine surveys, obtained also the material related with the repeated attacks and death threats that Federico Ruffo and program presenter Sigfrido Ranucci have been victim of through social networks, both before and after the reportage “Una signora alleanza” was broadcasted.

During past weeks, moreover, Ruffo have been victim of bad episodes, obliged to leave some public place because of some unpleasant behaving directed to his person by some so-called juve fans.

By reiterating our nearness to Federico and his family, we consider fundamental to keep high attention around journalists security that, fighting in front line for information, are victim of an increasing violence and intolerance atmosphere. Towards these colleagues and to such serious facts it is necessary that all the category closes ranks.”

Ultras attitude


You surely have notice that yesterday in Turin there was no flags and banners in away fans are, almost no chants and many people without the scarf in sign of protest. Neither ultras group Boys Parma 1977 were there, even if they all already paid regular ticket they prefer to go back than gettin into without they symbols.

Facebook page “I ribelli degli stadi” summarized well the facts:

“‘Megaphone can’t enter’

‘Drum can’t enter’

‘Banner can’t enter’

‘And flags neither’

And so, in Turin, as protest, also Parma ultras stayed outside the stadium.”

You have to know that all of them had paid regular ticket and that they, after taking this pic, went back home. No public order problems at all around the town.

This is the translation of the post that Boys Parma 1977 published today on their website. We are not professional translator, you can find the original post at this link.

“What happened today is surreal, without any logic, without any common sense.

Down from the bus we walk to the entrance, with megaphones, drum and banner on the shoulders. They don’t let enter anything, neither Coordinamento banner [Coordinamento – CCPC – is Parma coordination group for non ultras fans clubs]. No hint of a dialog, we receive a strict NO.


In front to such upstanding enforcers, that with the system by their side let us pay for banners on Superga got into during their derby, with Juventus connivance. Today they do their duty forbidding any kind of freedom.

With unnecessary arrogance. The same one that forbid Federico Aldrovandi face.




Far from bringing back football to fans


Bad news for abroad fans that would like to purchase a ticket for Parma fans area in Stadio Azzurri d’Italia in Bergamo on saturday 27th October.

Even if there is no particular disposition regarding security, Parma fans area tickets “settore ospiti” is on sale only in listicket italian box-offices (excluding Bergamo province).


That means that if a Parma fan wants to watch the match with his mates cannot buy the ticket in advance. He is supposed to buy a flight, reserve a hotel, rent a car without being sure that he could watch a football match together with his/her club mates. And, if he will arrive, for example, the day before the match in Orio al Serio airport – one of the few italian airport with dozens of cheap flights destinations – he is supposed to move outside the Bergamo province, look for a listicket box office, and buy the ticket hoping that who is in front of him/her will understand some English.

We are miles away from giving back football to fans. Damn.

If some of you is in the awful situation we just described write us an will do our best to provide you the ticket you need. Or at least to suggest you an english speaking listicket box office. This is a joke.

Write us. The fans network will help you.


Un capitano. No, two.

credit to:
credit to:

Yesterday in Tardini Stadium took place the first Meet&Greet – hoping it was the first of a series – of the season in which Captains Alessandro Lucarelli and Bruno Alves took photos with fans and signed pictures, t-shirs and… a flag!

We asked Captain Lucarelli to sign our flag dedicated to him and that was also the occasion for us to give him a special t-shirt we made before Parma vs Juve match with a The Plin in the back:

“Everybody is talking about Cristiano, but one day his brother, Alessandro Ronaldo, a defender, will come and make history more than him” [referred to the arrival of Captain brother, Cristiano Lucarelli, to Parma one year before him]

It is nothing against the great champion, Cristiano Ronaldo, but it is our way to underline  that for us NOBODY would be better than Alessandro Lucarelli. 

We gave a t-shirt to Bruno Alves to, as good omen for the season and for the captain role handover. Maybe will give it to Cristiano, who knows 😉


Bomb reportage on Juve


It could seem off topic but this could be something so big it is important to be spread.

A bomb reportage about a mysterious suicide of a Juve fan is about to be broadcasted by Italian Rai 3 well-know TV program “Report” on 22nd of October. Behind that, as anticipated via twitter by Report account, “relationships between spies, ultrà, mafia and players. Unpublished documents reveals some prestigious football managers hypocrisy”


In the teaser you see Beppe Marotta – that in these days officially left Juve – avoid journalist Federico Ruffo @FedericoRuffo question about the death Juve employee.

The journalist wrote this yesterday on his Facebook public profile by presenting the teaser. ***this is a not professional translation, to see original post screenshot at the end of the article***

We want to officially thank you Federico Ruffo for his professionality and his strength.

So he wrote: “I write it now, knowing that next month will be tough, full of hate, insults, insinuations, knowing that for years I will be known as the ‘mercenary bastard that sully Juventus because: 1- is a Roma fan; 2-  wants to rise the audience; 3 – he is paid by anti-juve lobbies. I AM JUVENTINO. since always. I grew up studying the unnatural and elegant Platini pelvis twisting. I stared at ball fixed to Baggio foot against all physics laws, until believing that football wouldn’t have any relevance after him. Behind my eyes I still have fragments of Del Piero scoring, Zidane infinite levers, blind and uncontrolled Nedved fury, Trezeguet sly smile, laboring Conte Juve, until the unnatural fight to re-emerge from serie B.

I still feel the bitter of tears after Borussia, after Mijatovic gol, after Manchester penalties.

I am juventino, since always. In Rome, where being a juve supporter should be prized with a medal.

I am juventino, and I believe that the jersey goes beyond men and historical moments, a part from who track, write, engrave history.

I am juventino but before everything else I’m a journalist. And as a journalist I know that this reportage has nothing related with football: there is a man who lost his life, leaving a 10 years old son full of rage and questions and all of them deserves answers.

Here is talking about money, ‘Ndrangheta, stadium criminals and manager with a double ethics. It is one of most important works I ever made in years of career, brought on for love of sport, the true one, and for love of support, the one that doesn’t need to make money on other people’s passion.

Watch it.

Soon, really soon we will be back on TV.”

from Federico Ruffo public profile