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What is Love

happy Valentines1200x.jpg

No, we are to the ones who send lovely messages on Valentines. Nothing against it, but it is just not for us.

We just thought about ignoring this day, but then we realized there are many kind of Love an probably the highest demonstration of Love we taste it personally.

So, happy Valentines, Parma fans.

Here the complete Lucarelli farewell speech and in the video below the moment in which he pronounced, touched, the words you just red in front us, his fans, his second family.

Thanks to Lorenzo Cattani to let us use the pictures and to for the video.

We remember you that crowdfunding for documentary on Lucarelli history is still running, read here.



It burns and will burn for long time

Stadium empty.

Just us there, and that feeling, that after 72h is still burning.

And will burn, for long time.

Something special happened Saturday. Not just because Barilla scored against Juve, Gervinho scored in the Hernan Crespo way (like 20 years ago, and we were so lucky being there too) and equalized at minute 93 against a team that since this stadium exist took 3 goals only agains Inter in 2012 and Real Madrid in 2018, not just because last time there we lost 7 – 0 and after that we restarted from the 4th division.

It is an inexplicable feeling.

But it burns. It burns and will burn for long time.

Thank you Parma Calcio for this.


Thanks for all, Crusaders


As you already know on Parma Calcio website there is the list of winter transfer market movements. We almost never talk about this matter here. We don’t like jump into transfer rumors, joining polemics on who is good or who is not. We support the Club, trying being not taking sides.

But since our mission is bring Parma closer to abroad fans (and viceversa) we are always focused on news related with the most human perspective of supporting Parma Calcio, and the relationship between town, Club, players and fan base.

The reason of this post is to thank three real Crusaders that left officially yesterday. Our dream – as we wrote in our Santa Claus list of desire that probably got lost around North Pole – was to see them play in serie A with us. The happened only for Gianni “Worlverine” Munari for few minutes on unlucky home match with Spal.

This is football and we don’t blame anyone for this decision: professionals have to act as professionals. But, allow us to act like fans like we are and being sad for their departure.

Emanuele, Gianni, Yves, you will always be in our supporters heart.

Good luck and thanks for all, Crusaders.



Our legendary tale, in pictures

Cacioli and Lucarelli family (2015) – credit Lorenzo Cattani and

We use to talk about our three straight promotions like a sort of legendary tale: falling into Serie D, non professional forth division, rebuilding the whole club from zero, playing into countryside fields where our fans didn’t neither fit on the bleachers, when there were bleachers, was something weird, dramatic but definitely unique.

Probably, due to the distance and the lack of media coverage, the most of you just followed the results on internet or some football app and you didn’t have the chance to really taste how totally amazing past seasons were, especially serie D one, talking about a human perspective.

We would like to invite you to follow these links to Lorenzo Cattani website.

Like the Phoenix (an introduction)

1) The end, the rebirth and the new beginning

2) Again with Pro

3) One step to Heaven (coming soon)

Lorenzo is a talented non-professional photographer, huge Parma fan, that followed almost all the matches in last three years, at pitch side, during supporters travels, day by day until the fortunately usual celebrations in Piazza Garibaldi at the end of the season.

You will find some unique and unreleased pictures, especially talking about a human perspective that help you understand how this fall into football hell has been a sort of rediscovering Football roots, human relationships and strengthen Parma Family.

This will make you understand once more the human and professional greatness of our Captain Alessandro Lucarelli and the special love that fans in Parma have for the players that, shoulder to shoulder, fought with us until the deserved promotions and that now are represented by the last survivor, Yves Baraye.

Thanks to Lorenzo Cattani for his amazing work, part of which was displayed on well-know fans website On his website you will also find the whole archive, match by match:

We invite you to follow his website/blog, like his Facebook – and send him comments directly or through us. And, who knows, maybe one day we could admire his picture in a book dedicated to our legendary tale.

Lucarelli on Cassano – Don’t forget #10

pic from Virgilio Sport

Never forget where we come from.

4 years ago, on 25th January 2015, we lost 1-2 against Cesena in Tardini.

That was quite a critical and crucial moment in our worst season and at the end of the match well known Ultras talked with Cassano to get explanation about what was happening (Lucarelli wasn’t in the field because disqualified, otherwise they would call him). We already talked about this event in these articles:

Where we come from 1st August 2018

We are still with Frambo 22nd August 2018

What the most of you maybe don’t know since English edition of Lucarelli biography is not available yet – and we hope it will be one day – is that in his book Captain talked about this episode and revealed important behind the scene:

“Everything felt down at the end of January after match against Cesena. We was in total chaos, last in the ranking and with no salary. We started talking about opportunity to ask for a default, at least to give a signal. On Thursday, I talked to the team and said what I thought it was the best to do: “Guys, don’t make troubles now. Because if now we say they don’t pay us and we loose against Cesena we bring all the shit on us. Let’s prepare this match at our best, let’s put our soul in it and let’s shut up. After the match we will talk and explain the situation in which we are obligated to work”. Everybody agreed. And talking about everybody I mean also Cassano. But something went wrong. After my words it was training time in which Donadoni use to choose the eleven for the match. And Antonio, by the jersey distribution understood he would not start from the beginning of the match. Good heavens! Past season in January transfer session he made troubles because Sampdoria let him understood they were interested in him. This time, with the winter transfer market session still open, he decided to make some press declaration to denounce the situation of the missing payments. Unfortunately the day before he guaranteed me he would not talk about it. He did this without telling it to anybody, just for his benefit. He would like to leave and that was why he made troubles, On Sunday, the crash. I was in tribuna because disqualified, he was in the bench because Donadoni already decided so. Fans, thought Donadoni decision was a punishment for Cassano condemnation words and so started to ask for him, making chorus for him. What made me totally get angry was when I saw him going under the Curva Nord at the end of the match, such a thing he always refused to do at the end of every single match. This time, since it was for his personal benefit, he went to talk to fans and became protagonist of an affair that the day after was on all the newspapers. When I saw that I literally got mad. Because I knew that was personal interest made on people that was silently eating shit. There are not heroes neither fake heroes, it is a all-together fight. As a Team. I left the tribuna jumping on the bleachers and bursted into the locker room through a secondary entrance. As entered, I heard Mirante, a usually quiet person, screaming to Cassano: “You don’t have to act as a Phenomenon!”. That was enough for me to jump toward that team-mate that betrayed our trust. I had just the time to scream at him: “you are a bastard, you are a piece of sh*t”. Then Luca Bucci, goalkeeper trainer, got into the fight […] he understood the situation and lifted me bringing me into the showers. I punched the shower breaking it, but they didn’t let me get off until Cassano left. Soon he would break the contract. […] Our relegation was inevitable. Lost against Cesena was a condemnation. The rest was made by the Milan come back against us in San Siro.”

(badly translated from L’ultima bandiera, Alessandro Lucarelli, Ultra sport, pp. 119-120)

If you are linked with publishing world or can facilitate in some way the translation of just released Lucarelli biography, contact us.

Every Parma and Football fans should have the chance for reading it.


Juventus tickets IMPORTANT update


Despite what announced by official communications, Parma fans area tickets for Juventus VS Parma Calcio 1913 match on Saturday 2nd February will NOT be sold online. We are sorry for what we announced previously.

This is weird and unfair, and made us think the worst things about the System and about the lack of care towards supporters.

We spent months explaining fans they had to make expensive and almost useless Fidelity Cards (8 euro + at least 19,99 shipping costs in Europe) just for this match , that they could trust and buy flight tickets to Turin, book hotels, transfers, etc… and they can’t buy a ticket to watch the match together with their Gialloblu brothers and sisters?! Do they want that they buy a 150 euro tribuna ticket?! Do they want that they stay at home watch on TV?

This is a shame for Italian Football.

Fortunately, Parma is a Family and us, as Parma Fans Worldwide, and all the kind people in town are available to give abroad fans all the necessary support to get their entrance in away fans area.

Contact us and will give you all the possible support:

Forse, chissà…

pic from by Marco Vasini

We have total respect for coach D’Aversa and his staff decisions, and we also know that all this story is bothering him, that is such a work maniac professional, but what happened is amazing.

Ten days ago we posted as a joke on Instagram a picture with #giveYvesaChance hashtag. Then at the beginning of this week the Boys Parma 1977 appeal made us realize the dream of seeing Baraye play 5 minutes in Serie A was universally shared.

Most known Italian Facebook groups relaunched and amplified the appeal, adding #1minutoperBaraye [one minute for Baraye] hashtag and arriving to the most known local press: not just ParmaPress24, but also Parma and Gazzetta di Parma, also in the paper version. Plus various radio and Tv programs.

A part for the virality of the appeal, the most amazing thing is the humanity that filters from every single support message: starting from the surprise party organized by Boys Parma 1977 last night to the fans that share their personal experiences with this Legend – yes, Legend – with pictures with him on the bleachers, in charity events or in training center that show a huge and respectful man behind a great player.

We don’t know if Baraye will play tomorrow, if he will score against juve or if he will never put Parma jersey on. We know we are proud of realize, once again, that Parma fans community, Parma Family, is so close and able to recognize clearly its own heroes and give them the proper recognition.

Still dreaming, anyway. #giveYvesaChance #1minutoperBaraye

Barcelona: a ticket model to follow


Thanks to an article on we discover Barcelona is going to adopt a new ticket selling model that will allow fans to buy tickets much more in advance that how it is possible now.

This feature will be available for last matches of the season and will follow another important choice of the club: rewards for seasonal tickets holder that return tickets for matches they will surely not attend in order to let them available for other fans.

We think this model can be really interesting since it can be a way to make easier to go to  the stadium, being sure for having the ticket enough in advance to book a flight, and not having empty places for missing seasonal tickets holders.

A model to follow.

Baraye for All, All for Baraye

Hong Kong, Indonesia, Poland, Greece, Macau, Austria and of course dozens of well-known Facebook page (Il Plin, I Bellelli, Gli Scarrozzati…) and normal fans decided to spread the Boys Parma 1977 appeal, relaunched by Italian Parma fans Facebook group An To Gnan Caghè, in support to the dream of seeing Yves Baraye at least for one minute in serie A this Sunday.

It would be a choice made by the heart, despite the Football world run on the other way.

Call us romantic, call us crazy. But we are not the only one.

In these hours the campaign is getting viral also Instagram and Twitter. Hashtag to follow: #1minutoperBaraye and #giveYvesaChance

Osvaldo Casanova in UEFA headquarter


He is used to bring his amazing works in great exhibition centers like in past September in Milan Triennale.

This time Osvaldo Casanova, the talented illustrator that realized our Hidden Crusader logo, brought his art directly to the European Football heart: Nyon UEFA headquarter.

His 20 illustrations exhibition – realized in collaboration with Gate 11 – Art & Sports – is focused on UEFA Champions League and European Championships history.

You can taste Casanova art, mainly on football themes, on  his website and his facebook pages. Here you can find his stunning illustrations on Parma Calcio.

Congratulations, Osvaldo!