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Parmesan (and Emilian) food experience in London

Credit to “In Parma by Food Roots”

We know that many Parma supporters, when coming in town to watch a match, take the chance to have dinner in one of many amazing restaurants and trattorie spread in Parma town and province.

Last time we have been in London – for the First Parma Fans Worldwide Meeting – we decided to eat in restaurant suggested by trusted parmesan friends: In Parma in Fitzrovia, London. We felt the need to feel at home after more than one week around UK and, to be honest, to check if those praises to the restaurant were right.

They did.

Trust us when we say that if you feel the need to experience real, original parmesan food in London you can’t miss “In Parma” (10 Charlotte Pl, Fitzrovia, W1T 1SH, London) and sister restaurant “Via Emilia” (37a Hoxton Square N1 6NN, London), where you can find traditional dishes made with trustable original product from Food Valley.

Via Emilia is competing in these days to win the prize as Best Authentic Italian Restaurant in London 2019. To support it, vote here:

All Food Roots London restaurants links:

Via Emilia website: www.via–

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In Parma website:

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In Parma Instagram:

The first school day is a good day

Parma Calcio decided to donate a kit to every kid that started school in Parma town and province.

The venture, called “Forma la tua passione” [Cultivate your passion], is made in collaboration with Erreà and Ringo (young teams main sponsor) and consist in distributing a Crociata jersey to every kid – almost 3000 – that is starting primary school this week.

A great way to stimulate the support and testify the importance of youngers in Parma Calcio project, as made with low price ticket policy.

Get ready for a memorable choreography

Boys Parma 1977 together with Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs just released an official statement, that doesn’t happen very often, to communicate to all the fan base to be inside the stadium already during warm up in order to coordinate a Stadium-wide choreography.

All this is economically supported by the fan base (Boys Parma and Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs), that means that every contribution you will donate will be a real support for this kind of ventures. In every Stadium bar you’ll find a container for the fund raising.

Here the united statement:

“On Saturday a yellow and blue Tardini

A new season is coming an it will start with those 90 minutes that, for us, would never been as all the others.

A challenge that for us Crusaders has always been more than a match. A battle faced almost never in a fair way but that always saw US going out head up.

We would like to start again with the right step, to be hungry as when we wrote memorable pieces of history that nobody can forget.

We have the duty to support the guys, to let them feel all the town is with them. We will ask the participation of the WHOLE stadium, the participation of ALL the people, of ALL those who have Parma in their heart.

We are preparing a choreography that will involve all the stands, so that the guys will understand at the first sight that they will never be alone, that we fight together.

We printed thousands flags that will colour Ennio [Tardini, ndr]; at the entrance of the Curva, where we will distribute them we will ask everybody a small contribution to support the economical effort to colour Tardini with yellow and blue.

For what concern Tribunas you’ll find flags already on the seats and container for the offers in every stand’s bar.

We invite all our fan base to be on the stands already during the warm up in order to prepare as better as possible the choreography.

Now it’s our turn.

HOSTIS TUBERTUR QUIA PARMAM VIRGO TUETUR [motto on the Parma town logo: our enemy tremble because Virgo protects us]”

Boys Parma 1977

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs

There is audience but no broadcast

Parma vs Venezia, coppa Italia match will start in a couple of hours in Tardini – at 6 PM CEST – but unfortunately for the fans that will not be at the stadium the match will not be broadcasted.

Italian Rai television has the right for the Coppa Italia – that’s why the club cannot stream it in his social network – but will provide just the radio commentary of the match and not the live streaming.

This is a real pity considering the big international interest around Parma and Italian football in general, like the explosion of dozens podcasts, live shows and social account about Italian football testify.

In the picture one of our favourite venture, Hong Kong podcast on Serie A realized by Il campo di Serie A in cooperation with Sportsyeah. The commentor with the Parma Black Phoenix jersey is Ernest Kam, a well known Parma Fans Worldwide Greater China Official Fans Club member, and Chan Wai Yue, that we would like to thank you officially for their efforts.

We hope that who runs Italian Calcio will take much in consideration abroad fans thinking about match streaming of “smaller” matches and especially schedule planning that is a huge demerit for Serie A. It is a shame that the exact match dates of the serie A matches are still unknown: this makes impossible for abroad fans to plan trips to Italy and organize an Italian Calcio weekend.

Burnley match and fans meeting

Tomorrow Parma will play a real, international match. Even if it’s a friendly one it counts a lot for all the fans especially for who lives outside Italy.

We’ll be there with some other supporters coming from all over Europe and will meet before the match to cheers together.

If you’ll be there too, write us for details.

Tickets for Parma fans area will be for sale since Saturday morning at 9:15 at the box office in Harry Potts way. Our area is the block 8, lower level of James Hargreaves Stand.

Price is 15 pounds. 10 pounds for over 65 and under 22. 5 pounds for under 18.

Happy Birthday, Little P.

credit Il Plin

By il Plin

  • Hey, how are you?
  • I’m here with my son, you know, it’s his birthday.
  • Happy birthday! What is he doing now?
  • Well, he gave me great satisfactions, I have to admit it. He made incredible things, but maybe I’m not neutral in the judgement.
  • No, well, tell me
  • 3 degrees and one Master’s degree.
  • ohh, that’s unbelievable, many not even in a lifetime can do that. Amazing.
  • He also challenged the Italian most clever, at his place… and they draw, right in the end.
  • Great! Mine one was dismissed two times. You’re cousin’s son even more times.
  • Now he wants to travel into Europe, just to try finding his way, still they have to hire him.
  • It’s all good experience, the important thing is that he will not skip steps too much.
  • No, that’s not a risk: one thing I thought him is not getting ahead of himself. And to be honest.
  • Well said, even if too often, the better you are the more they try to throw mud on you.
  • I know it ver well, every year they start something new against him, poor kid. I would like to help him but in the end was he that helped me.
  • Yeah, I do remember how bad you felt in the months before he was born.
  • A lot, but I also learned a lot. And I promised myself I would never make same mistakes again with him.
  • You’re a god dad, you’ve no reasons to blame yourself. Then, with such a child, it is clear that some credit is also on you.
  • Thanks but he made all by himself. Since when he was born, since the first words. Studies, 3 degrees and the Master’s one. Now I could say he is almost a man.
  • Sorry for the question but… I lost the sense of time. All these incredible things you’re telling me… How old is your little Parma Calcio?
  • He is 4 years old today.

Thanks to Il Plin for this conversation that remembers us we all have something to celebrate today.

Happy Birthday, Parma Calcio.

All in

We believe that in the picture taken by Parma players, staff and board inside Tardini locker room after “Salvation match” we are ALL IN, because – let us be rhetorical – it is the truth that “we are Parma” all together, as a Family.

Yesterday we demonstrated it: the ball seemed to enter the goal pushed by the support of us all.

We would like to say thank you to the Club, a part for the great result on the pitch, for the recognition we received before the match for the work we are doing as Parma Fans Worldwide Network to help all the Parma fans outside Italy. This recognition have to be shared with all of you.

We cannot nominate one by one all the people we met this season in Tardini, during away matches or outside Italian borders, and the dozens with whom we chat daily. You just have to know that in that picture we are there all together.

Take a long breath now. We survived in Serie A.

We are safe and, after this season, we believe even stronger.

Microphones, balaclavas, dedications and Awards

We are not that good with microphones and speeches, this is a point. We had all clear in mind but then on the stage we mess up as usual.

Resuming for who missed what happened tonight: we won Football Blogging Award 2019 as Best Forum (judge vote) in Manchester Ethiad Stadium.

At the announcement, we jumped on the stage with the Hidden Crusader balaclava on and would like to be funny and smart and profound at the same time but basically what we would like to say, and didn’t, was just a big “Thank you”: to Alessandro Lucarelli and Marco Ferrari because without them Parma could not exist anymore; to Coordinamento Parma Clubs, Boys Parma 1977 and all the fanbase for being such a great Family; to my family; to Keung and Hong Kong and Macau crew for their amazing work with Greater China division; to all the already organized fans groups that trusted us, to every single fan that join us for a match or contact us to have someone to share the same passion with.

To you and to the next Hidden Crusader that will recognize himself in that gialloblu balaclava and join us.

We are so bad with speeches we also forgot to dedicate it. We want to dedicate this to Mirko the Fighter, in such a crucial day for him, and to all the little big heroic kids that, like him, have to fight a battle they did not choose to engage. If Football gives these kids a chance to smile, then Football should exist even just for this.

Again, thank you all.