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Faggiano, Malmesi, Pizzarotti, Ferrrari, Lucarelli, Carra during 22nd October press conference – credit to

Article about Nuovo Inizio for WikiParma section is realized thanks to availability of Marco Ferrari, that kindly accepted to chat with us on their project and that we officially thank.

Nuovo inizio – “new start”, in English – is the partnership composed by seven parmesan businessmen that at the moment has the majority quote (60%) of Parma Calcio 1913.

Nuovo Inizio was born between February and March 2015, when was almost clear that Parma FC was about to fail and Parma risk seriously to disappear from every football world maps or start a difficult renaissance process like happens for the most of failed teams, under the impulse of Marco Ferrari that contacted and encouraged Parma business community to join the project.

The seven businessmen – Guido Barilla, Giampaolo Dallara, Capital B in the person of Mauro Del Rio, Marco Ferrari, Erreà in the person of Angelo Gandolfi, Giacomo Malmesi and Impresa Pizzarotti in the person of Pietro Pizzarotti – shared the assumption of responsibility to take charge of Parma football renaissance. Together with their mobilization, also some medium and little businessmen and normal citizens decided to do their part creating Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, the popular action that now has the 10% of the club. This assumption of responsability involved also the fans that subscripted more that 10000 seasonal tickets, an absolute record for a Serie D (fourth italian division) team. The motto they chose, “Noi siamo Parma”, (We are Parma in English) was definitely fitting.

In summer 2015 Nuovo Inizio refounded the club with the name of Parma Calcio 1913, with 70% of the quotes and 30% to Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche. In 2017 they sold the majority quote to Chinese businessman Jihang Lizhang and Link International but in October 2018 they re-took control on it after Chinese property agreement non-fulfillment.

Nuovo Inizio mission has always been “town-oriented” in order to preserve a Parma patrimony like the football club. The seven businessmen – who never looked for footlights – always declared don’t consider themselves as the Club owners but a sort of guarantors for the Club of us all. Without urgency, they will conceed majority quote to grounded investor, possibly parmesan, that will guarantee Club a bright future. Despite the fragmentary property, Nuovo Inizio demonstrate to be capable of strong decisions, as the renewal of management in 2016 or the defense of coach D’Aversa after a bad defeat in Serie B season against Empoli or, at last, their recent back on the helm of the Club.

Since they are again in control, they already announced some renovation in young team training center and very soon they will make an important capital increase. After that we will discover if Chinese quote will reduce and maybe know more about our close future with the certainty, demonstrated until now with facts, to be in good hands.

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