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Together, in Cagliari


Someone arrived in Cagliari by ferry boat, the most by plane from different airports to watch the match in Sardegna Arena: a 32 hours trip – 48 for the brave Polish – in which we spent time together – CCPC, Boys, spare supporters – ate great food, enjoyed incredible weather, listened to a song contest on the bus, had (probably) too many drinks and yes, also watched a football match. But in the end, it was quite less important than the rest.

Because when you experience this, the result it is almost a detail.

As said, the assumption that it was easy to travel to Cagliari revealed to be true. And we tasted one more time a true, 100% genuine, family experience. Thanks to a group of people that share the same footballistic passion, even if declined in different ways.

Mention of honor, a part for Lukasz, Parma Club Poland President, goes ex aequo to Giamma and to Rolando “Brio”, a 92 – ninety-two – years old supporter that left Parma by coach at 3 am Saturday morning and arrived back home 32 hours later almost without sleeping. If you don’t trust us is because you never tried to fall asleep on Cagliari airport seats: mission impossible!


Lizhang joined the capital injection

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Directly for Parma Calcio official website we know that also Jiang Lizhang, as Link International, joined the capital injection decided by the board on 16th december.

That means that the property quote will remain, for the moment: Nuovo Inizio srl 60%, Link International 30%, Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche (PPC) 10%.