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Don’t forget #15

We are used to such kind of posts after every lost match. Most of the times we remind bankruptcy, the rough fields and stands in serie D, some epic match in Lega Pro. A “memory exercise” like this is what helps a community to keep united, in victories and in loss. Especially in loss.

Boys Parma 1977 knows well what a Community – write community, read Family – is. 42 years of “don’t forget” moments, lived together: fun, loss, screams, chants, travels, tears. Tears like the ones for Matteo Bagnaresi, the Ultras, the Boys member tragically passed away 11 years ago. Curva Nord is named after him. Every day, every match his memory is celebrated with the introducing chant: “Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi” is proudly screamed at the beginning of every game to the field and to the sky.

Yesterday a huge flag covered the entire Curva Nord with his nick name “Bagna” and the words “Model, undestructable symbol”.

Memory. Memory is important. Shared memories define a Community.

Never forget where we come from and who we are.

Don’t forget #14

You’re used to such kind of posts, but it is important not to forget where we are coming from: failure, restart from serie D, triumphs and defeats. Also bad defeats, almost knock outs.

One year ago the worst lost match of the season against a huge Empoli. Everything at that point seemed impossible, then you know how it went.

Don’t forget where we come from.

Don’t forget #13


This is not the kind of post we like to write, because we do it every time after lost matches but it is important to remember all where we come from.

Curva Nord yesterday did.

On 0-4, yesterday, entires minutes singing and showing up flags and scarves. Here is just a few seconds video, but believe us, were minutes.

Nothing better than that to be watched – or experienced – by a young supporter that is tempted to give up after one loss, or during a already lost match.

Parma Calcio lost yesterday. But Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi didn’t.



Don’t forget #12

After every lost match, don’t forget where we come from.

Bari, like us, restarted from serie D. Yesterday, they won an away match against Locri 0 – 3 and one of the scorers was present captain Valerio Di Cesare, who played with us in Lega Pro and Serie B.

We can’t stop watching the video, we just hope that the enthusiast Bari supporter didn’t hurt too much.

A curiosity is that in Bari play other two Parma fans known players: Luca Cacioli (35 matches, 1 goal in 2015/16) and Roberto Floriano, the former Foggia forward who scored the draw goal to Frosinone in Frosinone vs Foggia that let us been promoted and that won a personal instant chorus dedicated by Parma Fans.

An incomplete resume of Curva Nord chants you can find it on our website.

(thanks to Christian to report us the video)


Don’t forget #11

After every lost match we ask you don’t forget where we come from.

Starting from Serie D we have been able to keep the smile away from Juventus face for one night. It cannot always be like that Saturday, but don’t let you down.

We are back. We are back for real.

This is a little part of us, international fans from all over, that joined us in Juventus stadium away fans area. So proud of that.

Don’t forget #9

Especially after lost matches, don’t forget where we come from.

This is the historic Alessandro Lucarelli goal in Lumezzane: only Parma players to score in 4 different leagues: Serie B, serie A, Serie D and Lega Pro (Serie C).

See you next year, guys. Here and in Tardini, we hope.

Credit to il Plin

Don’t forget #7

AC Milan VS Parma from third ring green – credit:

Don’t forget that three years ago in Serie D we had to watch many matches from the ground level, stuck to a grid.

San Siro third ring is far from the ground but we step again into Scala del Calcio, and watching a Scala theatre Opera even from the highest gallery is a great experience.

Especially after lost matches, never forget where we come from.

Before AC Milan VS Parma – credit: