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WikiParma: Boys Parma 1977

Boys Parma 1977 was founded on 3rd august 1977 in Osteria “Parma Rotta” by a group of fellows that used to go to Tardini Curva Sud and that would like to open a new way of supporting, different from the Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs one.

Since then, generations by generations, the tradition continued in Curva Nord, still remaining the only Ultras Group in Parma. Over 40 years of longevity means that the Group has been capable of surviving to generation turnover, both natural or forced.

The history of the Group can be divided into four main periods:

1977 to 1986: this era is characterized by the beginning of an Ultras movement in Parma and the definition of an identity for the Group. Like another group called Danè did before, were chosen for Boys yellow and blue colors (the town colors) even if the Club used to play with a white black-crossed jersey at that time. First big generational turnover took place after the consequences of fights during a derby with Reggiana on 4th may 1986.

1986 to 1994: who remained after post-derby repression had the hard responsibility  to bring on the Group name and banner. This generation passed throught winning days, Wembley historical experience, until the second “breaking point”, after another derby against Reggiana on 6th April 1994, when the feeling among many was that Parma let Reggiana win to allow them stay in Serie A. This caused a total split in the group between who would stop supporting the team on following matches and who would like to sing anyway, as it happened. After Copenaghen Winners’ cup final on 4th may 1994 the break was clear: following away match in Napoli was attended just by 25 Boys.

1994 to 2005: Since 1994 derby, a second group called “Potere Crociato” was born, composed mainly by the older Boys, and for 10 years Curva Nord was sadly split. The opening of an headquarters – in via Calestani –  has been the important turning point that helped to merge the Group and  integrate the new generations that joined the community.

2005 to nowadays: After winning playout against Bologna the current era started and is characterized by a big opening to the town and the rest of the fan base. If before the Group was more self-referential now it acts feeling that sort of responsibility that comes when a big part of the town feels identified with you even if not officially member of Boys. This is why, during last 10 years and especially during the bankruptcy, Boys have been the only bastion, the only certainty while everything was collapsing.

Boys Parma 1977 was recognized in 2007 by Parma town with “Premio Sant’Ilario”, a recognition to meritorious citizens and institutions, both for numerous charity ventures organized and the dedicated presence on the territory.

After the dramatic death of Matteo Bagnaresi in March 2008, Curva Nord was named after him and the chorus “Curva Nord Matteo Bagnaresi” together with the blue banner with two yellow stars and the text “Boys” mark the Boys presence in every appearance of the Team. Since 2017 they moved into a new headquarter in Parma.

Boys Parma 1977: 43 years and counting of Ultras history in Parma, self-financed even for the bigger choreography, with no political colors, depending on nobody – not on presidents not on sponsors – stubbornly free, proudly free.

Boys Parma website:

Boys Parma Facebook Page: CrUsAdErS

(This WikiParma article in based on material collected on Boys website and from an interview by Matteo Falcone published on SportPeople – that we officially thank – in august 2018)

WikiParma: Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs (CCPC)

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs (CCPC) is the association – recognized by Parma Calcio 1913 – that gather all Official Parma Fans Clubs. It was born in 1981 thanks to the impulse of Riccardo Sogliano, historical Parma sport director under Ernesto Ceresini presidency.

CCPC board is composed by 15 members, 2 vice-presidents and on President, chosen every 3 years. Current President is Angelo Manfredini, elected in 2018. All associated to CCPC are volunteers.

Main activities of CCPC are: organization of every away match travel, in Italy and in Europe; organization of Tardini bars and collaborations with stadium stewards thanks to a big group of volunteers; promote and endorse activities in support of Parma Calcio cheer. CCPC is the point of reference for all the Parma fans.

CCPC use to support various charity activities, never with direct money deposit but always with material. In last years most remarkable activities were: buying equipment for Parma Hospital for leukemia patients and for Parma Children Hospital, ambulance for parma First Aid, sustain to communities hit by natural disasters (in Lunigiana, L’Aquila, Livorno, Lentigione…), just to mention some.

In 2018 affiliated to CCPC were 2800, spread in almost 30 Official fans clubs. In the moment in which we write, Official fans club are: A. Lucarelli, Amigh dal Parma, Aquila B. Longhi, Arci San Lazzaro, Arci Toscanini “E. cavalieri”, Australia, Balkan 1913, Banca Intesa, BAsilicanova, Black Phoenix Trecasali, Campora H. Crespo, Cariparma, Cinghiali Gialloblù, Cittadella Crociata, Collecchio Gialloblù, Crociati Balkan, Cuore Crociato Sala Baganza, D. Dessena, Ducato d’Europa, Farnese, Fedeltà Crociata Medesano, Giuseppe Verdi, Golena, Golese. Golese Tolasudolsa, Greece, Danè, Indomita, Hungary, La bella età, La grande ” C. Bozzetti”, Lecco Giallloblù, L. Apolloni, Mediolanum, Millenium, Monticelli “C. Giuffredi”, N° 10, Parma Fans Worldwide “Forestér”, Parma Voladora, Poland, Rapid, R. D’Aversa, Salsomaggiore Terme Cavallo, Toscana Crociata, Traversetolo,  Va Pensiero Gialloblù, Val Parma.

Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs is also member of FISSC – Federazione Italiana Sostenitori Squadre di Calcio, the federation that collects Italian organized supporters clubs in order to promote sport values under the motto “rivals on the field, friends outside”, which whom since years bring on campaigns like the one for low and fixed prices for away fans.

To get in contact with them, for any info or to create an Official Parma fans group, you find them in the little yellow building at the left side of Tardini main gate on match day,  and from Monday to Friday from 3 to 7 pm, by phone at +39 (0)521 941300 or mail

Website (Italian):

Facebook page:

If  you need support in get in touch with CCPC, ask us.

WikiParma: Nuovo Inizio

Faggiano, Malmesi, Pizzarotti, Ferrrari, Lucarelli, Carra during 22nd October press conference – credit to

Article about Nuovo Inizio for WikiParma section is realized thanks to availability of Marco Ferrari, that kindly accepted to chat with us on their project and that we officially thank.

Nuovo inizio – “new start”, in English – is the partnership composed by seven parmesan businessmen that at the moment has the majority quote (60%) of Parma Calcio 1913.

Nuovo Inizio was born between February and March 2015, when was almost clear that Parma FC was about to fail and Parma risk seriously to disappear from every football world maps or start a difficult renaissance process like happens for the most of failed teams, under the impulse of Marco Ferrari that contacted and encouraged Parma business community to join the project.

The seven businessmen – Guido Barilla, Giampaolo Dallara, Capital B in the person of Mauro Del Rio, Marco Ferrari, Erreà in the person of Angelo Gandolfi, Giacomo Malmesi and Impresa Pizzarotti in the person of Pietro Pizzarotti – shared the assumption of responsibility to take charge of Parma football renaissance. Together with their mobilization, also some medium and little businessmen and normal citizens decided to do their part creating Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, the popular action that now has the 10% of the club. This assumption of responsability involved also the fans that subscripted more that 10000 seasonal tickets, an absolute record for a Serie D (fourth italian division) team. The motto they chose, “Noi siamo Parma”, (We are Parma in English) was definitely fitting.

In summer 2015 Nuovo Inizio refounded the club with the name of Parma Calcio 1913, with 70% of the quotes and 30% to Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche. In 2017 they sold the majority quote to Chinese businessman Jihang Lizhang and Link International but in October 2018 they re-took control on it after Chinese property agreement non-fulfillment.

Nuovo Inizio mission has always been “town-oriented” in order to preserve a Parma patrimony like the football club. The seven businessmen – who never looked for footlights – always declared don’t consider themselves as the Club owners but a sort of guarantors for the Club of us all. Without urgency, they will conceed majority quote to grounded investor, possibly parmesan, that will guarantee Club a bright future. Despite the fragmentary property, Nuovo Inizio demonstrate to be capable of strong decisions, as the renewal of management in 2016 or the defense of coach D’Aversa after a bad defeat in Serie B season against Empoli or, at last, their recent back on the helm of the Club.

Since they are again in control, they already announced some renovation in young team training center and very soon they will make an important capital increase. After that we will discover if Chinese quote will reduce and maybe know more about our close future with the certainty, demonstrated until now with facts, to be in good hands.

WikiParma: Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche


We inaugurate a new section of the website dedicated to explain who are the main characters in Parma Calcio World: Nuovo Inizio, Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, Museum Association, Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs, etc.

First chapter is dedicated to Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche (PPC) that we had the chance to discover better during a chat with Franco Bardiani, that we thanks since now for his kindness.

At the end of 2014/15 season, a courthouse decided that Parma FC had officially to disappear due to failure procedure that was the consequence of Ghirardi/Leonardi administration. In two months, just two months, two different entities was born and took charge of Parma Calcio rebirth: Nuovo Inizio, a 7 Parmesan businessmen group about whom we will talk in next chapters, and Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche, the popular action started from Parma citizens.

Due to the impulse of Giorgio Orlandini and Marco Ferrari – that was also one of the “Magnificent 7” businessmen of Nuovo Inizio – PPC was born in July 2015. The idea behind it was absolutely innovative for Italy: bring a group of fans to have a quote of their football club. At the very beginning it was almost a sort of pact between friends to which various kind of people took part: not just businessmen but many normal citizens that decided to participate even with one singular quote of 100 euro value, that represented their personal brick to rebuild Parma Calcio.

The first subscription involved 144 people that contributed with different amounts – starting from 100 euro, one action cost – and that represented the 30% of the newborn Parma Calcio 1913. The remaining 70% was by Nuovo Inizio that participated with almost 2 millions euros. PPC represents Parma town and Parma fanbase inside Parma Calcio 1913 board: one of the 9 member of the board is Paolo Piva, lawyer, PPC council member. Having small percentage of a society doesn’t mean to have a huge voice in decisions but it is a way to have a look to what happens inside it, to be a sort of guarantee for Parma fans and citizens.

After the joining of Chinese new majority owner Desport (Hope group) that now got 60% of Parma Calcio 1913, the percentage of Nuovo Inizio is 30% and PPC has a 10%.

Despite the obvious quote percentage reduction due to new investment needs linked with fast promotions, the number of subscribers of PPC action is increasing until almost 900 people. Between them, not just citizens of Parma but also people from Canada, Israel, United States, Switzerland, France, UK…

If you want to have more infos about how to join Parma Partecipazioni Calcistiche you can write to this email address – – or visit their website:

History is a door

We know that all of you when go – or when will go – to Parma bring back home some memorabilia. The ticket is not enough and the Official merchandise neither: you need something more personal. Something that would tell you about that specific moment: Curva Nord Boys fanzine, stickers, advertisement poster with a Parma logo on, etc. because these object would represent a piece of history, a piece of your history in Parma.

Objects are guardians of our memories, especially for away fans like us that can’t follow the team every week, but once or twice a year.

Walking in Collecchio Training center or in Tardini restricted areas is an experience, and who had the luck to do it can confirm it. Think about how many players and coaches walked there, changed before a match, talked, fought, had fun.

Think about all the players and coaches that spend part of their life there: how many times they changed in Tardini locker room ? how many laughs or fights did that walls see?

In Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs – CCPC offices, the little yellow building at the left of Tardini Gate that some of you started to know because is the place where we met with all the abroad fans before the matches, there is one of these “memory objects”. It is a door. That door was threw away during some Tardini locker room renewal and people of CCPC found it and decided to use it in their office, creating specifically a wall for it.

That one, was the old Parma locker room door and on it you can read the signatures of some of most famous names in our 90s history. Some of them are clear: Taffarel, Brolin, Buffon, Di Vaio, Simplicio… If that door could speak!

To be honest inside that place there are plenty memory objects and most of all there are people that are the real Parma Calcio memory guardians, and they are more than kind. If you go there for visit in Parma bring and italian dictionary and knock at their door. If they have free time they surely be happy to tell you some story about Faustino Asprilla or Hernan Crespo. And we are not talking about some newspaper gossips, but about real life stories because the majority of these champions were – and still are -for real part of Parma family and memory guardians are there to testify it.