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Hidden Crusader against Evil Forces

We are asking you the last effort to bring the Hidden Crusader to the top of the International Football Blogging Industry.

Hidden Crusader is you and for you Parma Fans Worldwide worked during all this season. We aimed to let people in Parma understand that abroad fans are Real Fans, and we reached. We aimed to let abroad fans understand that in Parma they are welcome and if some door seem closed, you just have to knock, and we reached.

For a quick resume of our story read “Parma: small town, big Family”

Now we arrived to the unhoped-for goal of having been nominated as Best Forum and Best International Content Creator at the important Football Blogging Awards. One last step to the international consecration.

If you believe that Football without Fans is nothing, support us!

Few hours until the voting closure at 23:59 of 21st April GMT, few hours to vote in for different ways:

1 – HERE:  You can click on the right bar (or bottom, if you’re using a mobile device) white widget putting 2 votes, one for “Forum” and one for “International Content Creator”.

2 – ON FBA WEBSITE choosing “Parma Fans Worldwide” in Forum and International Content Creator fields . You are not obligated to leave name and email. 

3 – ON TWITTER: paste this in a tweet 

“I am voting for @parmafansww in @TheFBAs for #BestForum”  (ready Best Forum tweet at this link


“I am voting for @parmafansww in @TheFBAs for #BestInternationalCreator” (ready Best International Content Creator tweet at this link)

4 – ON INSTAGRAM: head to the Football Blogging Awards Instagram pageclick on the relevant category (Best Forum and International Content Creator)  image, and tag our account @parmafansworldwide in the comments.Football is made by Fans, vote for Parma Fans Wordlwide at Football Blogging Awards!

Supporters are there in glory days and during the losing ones. So, anyway it goes, thank to all of you.

Parma vs Milan: when and how

Here is the traditional customized time zone map for Andy (England), Brazos (USA), Christian (Austria), Duy (Vietnam) and Nick (Greece), Parma Family members of the match.

All the others that are not attending live Parma vs Milan match in Tardini at 12:30 PM CEST can have a look at this link to discover where the game will be broadcasted country by country.

Who is coming to Parma can find suggestions where to park and how to go to stadium from the train station on the website.

There is also a Facebook event to comment and share pictures.

Forza Parma!

How to go to Tardini from the train station

If you are arriving in Parma by train you have to know that to the Tardini it is almost a 20 minutes walk. You can also make it a bit longer passing thought the beautiful city center and piazza Garibaldi then turning into via Repubblica.

If you don’t want to walk there are some buses from the station, almost every 30 minutes:

number 21 (direction Sorbolo);

number 23 (direction S.Ilario, not on Sunday);

number 9 (direction via De Chirico).

During match day, due to the security traffic block, the stop for all these busses should be “Barriera Repubblica”, close to “Barilla Center” mall, where there is a big fountain in the middle of the road and from where it is 3 minutes walking to Tardini. Anyway tell to the driver or to people that you are directed to the “Ennio”.

Ticket costs 1,20 if bought in advance from a kiosk or 2 euro on the bus (bring exact amount possibly, driver should’t have)

To come back from Tardini, traffic is usually quite busy and it is better probably going by feet. In case you have few time to catch the train you could call the Taxi at this number: +39 (0)521252562 Better reserve it in advance and giving “Barriera Repubblica”, around the fountain as a meeting point, since it is already in the way to the station.

Lucarelli match worn items on eBay

Parma collectors, this is big chance to get a worn armband (or anyway a personal Lucarelli item) with an inscription from the Captain.

Il mestiere del Capitano documentary production company put on eBay a lot of material received directly from Alessandro Lucarelli in person almost a month ago in Collecchio.

All this campaign is in support for the Documentary project on Lucarelli felt and rebirth with Parma Calcio.

If requested, Lucarelli will write an inscription to the buyer on the item.

Items list:

Collector’s Corner Forum

courtesy: Parma Locker Room


You started because one of your friends tried one time and convinced you. He said “Com’on it’s easy, it is not that expensive, you’ll enjoy”. So you got your first experience.

After that, you said to yourself you would never repeat it again. Because you don’t need it. Because one time is enough. But.

But your friends get more and more and you are there with only that one. So you say yourself “Why not? It is not dope. What can happen?”

Nothing. Nothing special but you now can’t stop it.

Do you have that La Spezia promotion red jersey? And the 1999 iconic yellow and blue? With Parmalat flower or without? There is difference. And Black Phoenix? With sponsor or without? Match worn? Really?

Nothing, Nothing special but you just can’t stop it.

Collecting can be like a drug. Every addict need a trustable dealer or at least someone that can give him good suggestions about the goods and who are sellers to trust. So we created the Collector’s Corner. A Forum – still in trial version, so be patient – where show your collection, meet other addicts and ask for suggestion about Parma merchandise originality, seller trustability and any kind of good advice needed.

Since the Forum will be a free space we ask everyone’s collaboration to start it up well and keep it an honest information exchange place between Parma Fans, not a marketplace.

In ParmaFansWorldwide style.

courtesy: Parma Locker Room

1st London Meeting

This could be an historical event, at least for Parma Fans Worldwide.

On Monday 13th May at 6 PM UTC we are organizing the first Parma Fans Worldwide meeting in London to watch together the Bologna vs Parma match, that will be played extraordinary at 7 PM CEST, so 6 PM in London.

Meeting is set in Golazio bar – a well known Italian football (and food) specialized bar – that we want to officially thank for the great opportunity they are giving us.

Some fans that already gave their availability are coming from other Regions just for meet up, have a beer and a slice of pizza together and, for one time at least, watch a Parma match with other Parma fans and this encourage us a lot.

If you’re proud of being a Crusader and you’re around London on 13th may, no excuses, come there!

Golazio bar is in 59 Camberwell Road, London SE5 0EZ

Please, confirm you’re coming by email to or WhatsApp, and write us for any question trough our social channels: Facebook pageTwitterInstagramYouTubeTelegram. There is also a Facebook Event.

We will be on tour in UK since on Thursday 9th there will be Football Blogging Awards gala event in Manchester, where we have been nominated in two categories, if you still didn’t vote for us, do it now!

Al Tardini sono a casa [In Tardini I’m at home]

Christian is a life-long Parma fan and changed the lyrics of this italian song dedicating it to Tardini, Parma. His home. Simply stunning.

VITA DA CURVA NORD [Curva Nord life]

Cammino per la mia città indossando una sciarpetta [I walk trough my town wearing a scarf]

Ho parcheggiato un po’ lontano, quasi alla Crocetta [I parked quite far, almost in Crocetta (Parma neighborhood)]

Mi son scordato il segnaposto, ma chi se ne importa [I forgot seat marker, but who cares?]

Tanto poi entrerò lo stesso, come l’altra volta [I will enter anyway, like last time]

Appena dentro c’è lo steward, che mi fa la perquisa [Right when I’m in there is steward that searches me]

Mi fiondo a prendere una birra, come prima cosa [I run to get a beer as first thing]

Poi salgo in fretta quei gradoni, fi… ma che sudata [Then i go up from those bleachers, f**k I sweat]

E intanto in campo la partita è appena cominciata [Meantime on the field match is just started]

Si alzano i cori e assieme a loro tutte le bandiere [Chants rise and together all the flags]

Sia gialloblù che quelle bianche con le croci nere [both yellow and blue and the white ones with the black cross]

Qualcuno si lamenta, “qui non si vede più niente, [Someone complains “here i can’t see anything…”]

la vuoi abbassare si o no? Razza di un deficiente!” [“…take it down, sort of idiot”]

Che mi è rimasta poca birra e mezza sigaretta [few beer left and half a cigarette]

C’è già la fila sulle scale e devo fare in fretta [there is queue on the stairs and I have to run]

Che sta iniziando a diluviare, ed io sono in maglietta [It is starting raining and i wear a t-shirt]

Ma quando sono qui al Tardini, giornata perfetta [But when I’m in Tardini, it’s a perfect day]

Non so nemmeno il risultato, son stanco, sporco e ho anche bevuto [I neither know the result, I’m tired, dirty and also drunk]

Ma accanto a te sono restato, sempre in piedi e mai seduto [But I remained by your side, always standing, never seated down]

Non era meglio stare a casa, tu mi dirai senza capire [“Wouldn’t have been better staying at home”, you’ll tell me without understanding]

Che qui al Tardini è la mia casa, anche se c’è da soffrire… [But here in Tardini is my home, even if there is to suffer]

Original song “Torna a casa” by Maneskin

Parma vs AC Milan tickets

As for every “big match” ticket availability in Tardini is really really low because of lots of season ticket holders.

Even if Fidelity Card is not necessary – that is a good thing – there is no online sale due to a policy of the Club to avoid secondary ticketing that would be crazy when tickets are highly requested.

By the way, this is bad for abroad fans that have no chance to get tickets a part if having a friend in Parma province.

For the moment the only available tickets are Curva Sud ones (25 euro, 5 euro under 14) – the littles slice of Curva behind Milan fans stand – but just in Parma province box offices. Away fans stand are available in every italian box offices (40 euro, 5 euro under 14).

Only if Parma will publish an official statement about it, due to sponsors and opponent club request, there will be few Tribuna tickets on sale on Friday and Saturday at Tardini box office. Prices in that case would be: Tribuna Centrale Petitot 150, Tribuna Laterale Petitot 100, Tribuna Laterale Ovest 70 (Concession for under 14, 5 euro).

Our suggestion, as said many times, is to contact us as soon as possible for all the needs.

Travelling Parmigiani: Ferry in Parma

Parma European glory days memories are still alive. Ferry is a Vitesse fan and historian of his team that is writing a book about the story of his club around Europe.

To realize it, he is visiting the most important Clubs where Vitesse played and of course he made a stop in Parma, that faced Vitesse in the season of our first Uefa cup.

He attended the Parma vs Torino match and collected from Ultras and fans in town some very special memories for his book. He also donated to Centro Coordinamento Parma Clubs the original pennant of Arnhem game.

See you again, Ferry, in GelreDome, why not!