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Do you remember when we called a whip round for a gift for Alessandro Lucarelli?

We made it.

Together with satyrical Parma commentor Il Plin, that realized the lyrics on the Toto Cutugno song “l’italiano”, we asked abroad Parma fans to sing an italian song to say thank you to Alessandro Lucarelli and send him their personal messages.

Tonight we finally presented the video to him and all the club.

This is our way to let people know that Parma fans worldwide are a lot and that care the Club even after relegation to serie D and, even more because of that, they want to let hear their voice, their love, their thank you.

Parma Calcio is not like other Club. Will never have same number of fans as some other most known team, but even if less , they are definitely “something special”.

And part of the Parma Family.

Thanks to all those Hidden Crusaders: Aleksi 🇫🇮, Amr 🇪🇬, Andrea 🇸🇮, Andrea 🇮🇹🇦🇺, Andreas 🇦🇹, Antonis 🇬🇷, Brian 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Christian 🇦🇹, Dave & Emilia 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Dario 🇧🇪, Dejan 🇭🇷, Dejan 🇸🇮, Diego 🇪🇨, Donny 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Dimitris 🇬🇷, Dmitriy 🇷🇺, Ernest 🇭🇰, Fkin 🇲🇴, Flora & Galina 🇭🇷, Gio 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿, Giovanni 🇮🇹🇮🇱, Gino 🇨🇦, Guðjòn 🇮🇸, Gusti 🇮🇩, Hana 🇭🇷, Hidehiko 🇯🇵, Hrvoje 🇭🇷, Ieva 🇱🇻, Jose Esteban 🇪🇸 🇩🇪, Keung 🇭🇰, Krisztian 🇭🇺, Luka 🇭🇷, Łukasz 🇵🇱, Marko 🇷🇸, Nenad 🇲🇪, Nick 🇬🇷, Nikica 🇲🇰, Panos 🇬🇷, Parmagiani Indonesia 🇮🇩, Parma Fans Worldwide Greater China 🇨🇳 🇭🇰 🇹🇼 🇲🇴, Raphael 🇧🇷, Robert 🇭🇺, Samir & Ema 🇧🇦, Semir 🇧🇦, Tamas 🇭🇺, Tazzy 🇹🇷, Toni 🇷🇴.

Here the extended version:


And here the short one:



Sampdoria VS Parma tickets


Due to a special agreement between Sampdoria and Parma Calcio, tickets for the Sunday match (at 3 pm CET) for away fans area in Marassi, will cost only 10 euro (5 for kids)

Between the two clubs there is a long-standing friendship – you remember that we made the first official friendly after Serie A promotion this summer? – and an historical gemellaggio between Boys Parma 1977 and Sampdoria fans.

A part from the result it will be a great football day.

If you are planning to come and need some help with ticket purchase or fans meeting, contact us. We will be glad to help you, from fans to fans.

Tickets on sale online with no need for fidelity card at this link, Parma fans area is “Settore Ospiti”:


Santa’s Little Crusader Helper

Christmas gifts are always an hard job, especially if you have no time to look around.

Here a list of helpful suggestions to surprise your Parma fans friends.

A part Parma Calcio official merchandise shop, you surely already cleaned out and the predicted suggestion to support your local Parma fans Club get inspired here:


TWINNER PRO Tomas Brolin Edition – Did you know that Tomas Brolin is co-owner of a vacuum company? At this link you can order a Brolin signed vacuum.

This is not a joke, follow Twinner Pro Instagram page to believe.


CRUSADERS FC MERCHANDISE – Yes, man. this is the official Crusaders FC merchandise. Not Parma team, but Northern Ireland Crusaders.

Check it out here:


BELLELLI TEE – Parma satyrical page “I Più Bellelli” t-shirt is available at this link. Their Facebook and Instagram channels will be difficult to understand if you don’t know italian but…


TINO CONDOMS – This is well-know worldwide: Tino Asprilla produced condoms. We are not sure about the available sizes but we hears many stories about him, so better check before buy.

In Condoneria shop in Bogotà at the moment they are out of stock, unfortunately. Hope they will order more.


NOSTALGIA CASE – You can order your phone case with the Parma jersey you prefer and browse all the catalogue:

10% discount with PARMAFANSWORLDWIDE code.


CRUSADER COSTUME – Surprise your friends and choose the last innovation for stadium apparel: a real Crusader costume. Don’t miss it at this link.

We suggest you not to waste money for sword and shield because we are pretty sure you will have problems in take them into Tardini.

Parma Fans Club Hungary on TV

credit to: Barnabas Berta

During last weekend, two delegates of Official Parma Fans Club Hungary were invited to the Hungarian TV channel Digisport to talk about Parma Calcio.

The presenter asked to Tamas and Barnabas – president and vice-president of the fans club – about recent past events and the future prospects with the return of the Nuovo Inizio magnificent 7 at the helm of the club and some other technical question about our club.

At the end of the show, Tamas and Barnabas gave the presenter a jersey with n°12,  that symbolizes all Parma supporters.

In Hungary, the interest for Parma Calcio is high since nineties: fans are not a lot but, for sure, well represented. Thanks guys, for keeping our colors high!

Parma Club Hungary Facebook group:

You can see the video at this link:

Parma (town) for kids

pic from:

Mission of this page is to bring Parma – all “Parma world”, not just the Club – closer to abroad fans, in order to understand better that “kind of magic” all of us feel once we step into that bicycle busy streets.

This is one of the ventures we would like to bring to you: Parma Facciamo Squadra is a charity project born in 2013 thanks to the contribution of three local business Chiesi Farmaceutici, Fondazione Cariparma and Barilla Group (also part of  Nuovo Inizio, in the person of Guido Barilla) that donate one euro for every euro that the charity fundraiser gain from citizens (Multiplier Effect).


The money collected will be devolved in projects for kids in need: food and primary needs, education, sport and culture. The amount will not be given to only one association but distributes to the families really in the need that will be chosen by a council of association spread in Parma territory that works daily by this families side: Centro di Aiuto alla Vita, Rete dei Laboratori Compiti, Polisportiva Gioco, Emporio Parma, Famiglia Più, Portos, AUSER, Giocamico, Per Ricominciare.

This is why the name of the campaign is “Let’s team up”: the subjects involved are many and widespread.

There will be many fundraising ventures, the one the video – with Lucarelli, Faggiano, Carra and Piovani – refers to is “Anolini solidali”, a charity sell for handmade anolini typical parmesan dish – never call them “tortellini”! – in piazza Garibaldi next week-end.

You can also donate directly to Parma Facciamo Squadra project choosing the specific area of interest at this link:

All the info, in italian, on Parma Facciamo Squadra website.

We made it

Credit to: ParmaFansWorldwide – Greater China Facebook Page

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for the network”

It’s too big words, we know but we are really proud of what happened on Sunday.

In San Siro we had a meeting with fans from Official Parma Club Crociati Balkan, some different fans groups from UK and, as announced in a previous post, a live video call with our “Greater China” division that organized together with Hong Kong Milan Fans Club – that we thank you officially – an event together to share time and watch the match.

Some other little steps to create the abroad “Parma Family” fans network.

This is the link to join ParmaFansWorldwide – Greater China Facebook Page

Thanks to the Tencent journalist that dedicated some place to us. Here the complete Chinese article:


Don’t forget #7

AC Milan VS Parma from third ring green – credit:

Don’t forget that three years ago in Serie D we had to watch many matches from the ground level, stuck to a grid.

San Siro third ring is far from the ground but we step again into Scala del Calcio, and watching a Scala theatre Opera even from the highest gallery is a great experience.

Especially after lost matches, never forget where we come from.

Before AC Milan VS Parma – credit:

In San Siro or in Hong Kong the reason is yellow and blue



We don’t know it it will be the first time ever but for us it will be surely a first preview. Our bigger step since now was international whatsapping while watching a match, so today we will definitely step up.

As usual since the beginning of the season there will be a mixed abroad fans gathering during Parma match. In San Siro there will be mainly Balkans – almost always present! – and UK fans joining other Parma supporters in Scala del Calcio third ring green.

On the other side of the world, in Hong Kong, recently born and very active Parma Calcio supporters group “Parma Fans Worldwide – Greater China” – a joint venture between HK and Macau Parma Fans – organized together with AC Milan Hong Kong fans club an event. They will meet and share time together, playing Fifa, eating, drinking and, of course watching the match.

What we will try to do, if 4G will work good, is a live video call from San Siro stadium during the break. Just to say “hi”, share few minutes together and realize that we are all there for the same reason: with different stories, yes, but with the same passion for yellow and blue. And especially contributing create a network of people that like to share time together even if far away.

Here are all the channels to join our network and find other Parma fans in your country and worldwide:

“Parma Fans Worldwide”

All other Parma supporters channels: